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Chapter Five.

Jill sighed, running a hand through her short blonde hair, feeling her worry and concern steadily increase by the second. It had been 15 minutes since they had left the cabin and there was still no trace of the girls. Lindsay looked equally as stressed; worse case scenarios running through her mind like a video.
Suddenly Martha dashed off into the forest again, this time not returning.
"Martha!" Lindsay scolded as her and the blonde chased the dog through some trees, nearly running smack into Claire and Cindy.
"Oh thank god!" Jill cried, flinging her arms around the women in a big bear hug. She pulled back.
"What the hell happened?"
Lindsay grabbed Martha's collar, stroking her head to let her know she had done good.
"My ankle." Claire winced. Jill noticed how tired both women looked, and took Cindy's place on Claire's left as Lindsay offered her other side support. Claire sighed gratefully.
"We went for a walk." Cindy explained. About a mile from here we saw three men arguing. Next thing you know one of them pulled a gun out and shot another in the head. The two guys who weren't dead heard Martha bark and chased after us. Claire hurt her ankle trying to get away, but I think we lost them."
Claire noticed for the first time that Cindy was shaking, despite the warm afternoon sun. It hadn't occurred to her before that whilst she dealt with death all the time; saw it on her table every day, Cindy only wrote about it. It was a lot different to seeing a man die right in front of you. Even Claire was spooked. She was about to ask the red head if she was okay when Lindsay piped up.
"Where are they now?"
"We don't know. They stopped chasing us about an hour ago. They could be anywhere by now."
"They had motorbikes." Cindy added to Claire's statement.
"Trouble just seems to follow you around, doesn't it Lois Lane?" Jill joked, though she felt like doing anything but laughing at that moment. Cindy just grimaced in response.
"Bad joke, I know. I'm sorry. What do we do Lindsay?"
Lindsay was quiet for a moment as they concentrated on walking. "We get back to the cabin, inform the local authorities, pack up our stuff and get out of here."
"You do realise you two are now witnesses in a murder investigation?" Jill added, casting a sideways glance at the two.
Cindy sighed in exasperation. "Hey, I wanted to go to L.A."

Lindsay, with her keen Inspector eyes, was the first to notice.
"Shit! No. Fuck." She cried, leaving Claire to lean on Jill and running to her car. The others realised what she was upset about. All four tyres were slashed. Lindsay unlocked the car with the keys from her coat pocket and grabbed her gun from the glove box, clicking the safety off. She turned to her friends.
"Stay here." She warned, before slowly walking up the cabin steps and inside.
Claire, Cindy, Jill and Martha stood huddled around nervously, Cindy holding Martha's collar so she wouldn't follow her owner. They glanced around suspiciously at every sound they heard in the forest around them, too scared to talk or move.
After what seemed like ages, but was probably only five minutes, Lindsay came out and motioned them to come in.
"House is clear. Phone is down." The brunette said as if she was merely reading from a piece of paper. Before Jill could check her cell, Lindsay added, "No reception."
"So now what's the plan?" Cindy said softly as Jill helped Claire sit on the couch. Lindsay shut the door once Martha was inside and turned to her friends. She looked from the reporter, to the D.A, to the injured M.E. She felt so protective towards them, she loved them all so much. They all were looking to her to make a plan, to get them out of here. She was the cop, trained to deal with situations like these.
"I'm not sure..." Lindsay finally whispered, sounding more vulnerable than the girls had ever heard her before. Jill stood up and enveloped the Inspector in a hug. Lindsay briefly squeezed back before pulling away, feeling her strength return. It's amazing how a simple hug from a friend can make you feel so much better.

"We can't do anything till morning, it's too dark. Cindy, you take carer of Claire's ankle. Jill, you and I will make sure the house is secure."
Claire watched in concern as the tough homicide inspector walked off close all the doors, the blonde trailing behind her.
"Would you like me to wrap your ankle?" Claire looked up as Cindy knelt next to the couch, the first aid kit and a bag of frozen peas in her hands.
Claire nodded, taking the peas off her hands. "Yes please, sweetie."
As Cindy silently got on with her task Claire noticed that the reporter's hands were shaking. A warm brown hand clasped comfortingly over a pale one.
"Hey, are you okay?" The medical examiner said softly.
Cindy managed a smale smile and shrugged, fingers deftly taping the bandage.
"I've just never seen anyone die before. I mean, I write about it all the time... but it's a lot different to seeing up close like that..."
Claire nodded knowingly but before she got a chance to say anything else Lindsay and Jill came back into the room.
"Everything looks secure." Lindsay promounced, mouth pressed in a tight line. Claire sighed as she looked up at her friend. Seems she would have to talk to her aswell.
"Cindy, Jill, could you please go check that the doors are all locked?"
Cindy opened her mouth to protest. "But Linds and Jill..."
Recognising the tone in Claire's voice, Jill interupted the red head, taking her by the arm and pulling her out the room.
"Sure. Come on Missy."
After the girls were gone, Lindsay turned to Claire.
"I'm fine, Claire."
Claire merely arched her eyebrows. Lindsay sighed.
"Well, obviouly I've been better, but..."
"Linds, it's okay to be scared."
Lindsay narrowed her eyes. "Who said..." She seemed to think better of argueing, and instead said, "I shouldn't be. I deal with situations like this all the time. I need to be calm, and strong, The other girls are all looking to me to get us out of here."
"That may be, sweetie. But it's okay to be scared, it's human even. It means your still alive, and you haven't let the job take you over. You being scared? It's the reason i know we are all getting out of this in one piece."
Lindsay nooded, hastily wiping away a lone tear that fell and grabbing Claire's hand.
"Thanks, Claire."
Claire smiled, pulling the younger woman into a hug.
"Anytime, sweetie." She pulled back.
"What's happening? And i know you know, so don't give me any crap otherwise. I need to know."
Lindsay decided against objecting after noticeing the seriousness in the older woman's eyes. She swallowed nervously.
"What you and Cindy saw; they don't want any witnesses for. I think they tried to kill you then and there, but couldn't. So they made it impossible for us to find help so they could come back and finish the job. I think they are coming back tonight, and I think they are going to kill us."
Claire nodded, a grim smile on her face.
"I appreciate your honesty."