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Levy's Date

The blond mage shifted in her cramped position behind a car, trying to stay hidden from her target. Her look of steel never left the person she was looking at, concentration was clearly apparent on her cute childish face. Even if it was still summer, it was getting cold and Lucy started to regret wearing only a spaghetti strapped summer dress and sandals as goosebumps climbed along her legs and arms. But even if snow would fall, she would not give up her mission of ultimate importance!

Making sure her best friend Levy's date would go well.

Of course, normally, Lucy would not be spying, er...checking on her friend in such a creepy manner. It wasn't really her intention when she learned that Levy was going on a date but she couldn't help being curious when she remembered the event from that afternoon:

Around noon, Lucy sit beside her blue haired friend at the Fairy Tail guild hall:

" Hey, Levy, wanna come at my place tonight? Erza, Mirajane, Lisanna, Bisca and Juvia are going to be there, it's a girls night!"

Levy gave an apologetic smile:

" Humm, sorry, Lucy-chan, but i can't go tonight. I... I got a date."

" What? How nice, who is it?"

Her friend seemed to flinch slightly and her cheeks got a little bit pink:

" It's... um, it's a blind-date. I dunno who he is but i heard a lot of good things about him..."

Lucy was about to ask for more details when Levy, who noticed Jet and Droy come into the guild, got up quickly and smiled nervously at her best friend:

" Well, i gotta go prepare myself for it so... I'll see you later, OK?"

Lucy waved at her friend with a confused expression on her face, she felt something was a little bit off, like if Levy wasn't being really honest...

"It's just to make sure it's not a weirdo", Lucy told herself. "It's not because I'm curious about who it could be..."

" Is her date here yet?" asked a serious voice beside Lucy that made her jump off her sandals and squeal.

" ERZA! Gosh, you scared me!"

The scarlet beauty apologized as she set her eyes on their friend who was seemingly waiting for someone in the park. Levy was nervously playing with the end of her hair while giving glances around her.

" He's late. It's almost 6pm", said Erza.

" Maybe he won't come."

" Maybe it was a prank."

" Maybe it's a psychotic killer who is waiting for night time to kidnap and torture her..."

Right at this moment, a shadow seemed to emerge from the right side of the park and Levy's face lighted up. A tall black haired man well known for his facial piercings came up to the blue haired woman and gave her a smile.

Erza made a surprised "oh" but Lucy's jaw made contact with the asphalt.

" G-G-Gazille? He's her blind-date?"

" Who would have thought?"

While the new couple linked hands and started walking and talking with enthusiasm, Erza moved from car to car to keep up with them, followed by the stellar mage who still was white as a ghost.

" She didn't seem very surprised to see him, if you ask me. Maybe it was planned."

Lucy groaned:

" I can't believe it, really. Levy should be the very last person who would date that guy."

The redhead was about to answer something but a joyous and a-little-bit-too-loud-for-spying-on-people voice reached them:

" Erza, Lucy, what are you guys doing here?"

Natsu and Happy were grinning and standing there, as standing up plainly in view of everybody, and looking at the two women crouching behind a car with eyes big as saucers. The swordwoman roughly grabbed the cat and the salamander and forced them in a flat position on the ground.

" SSHHHHHHH!", loudly whispered Lucy, " they will notice us!"

" Watchagurldooein?" Natsu managed to say while licking the sidewalk.

" We are on a mission of extreme importance", answered the scarlet haired woman who released them of her death grip.

" Is that why you're dressed like a ninja?" asked Happy.

Indeed, Erza looked like a typical ninja: whole black suit with boots, gloves, bandanna and ninja stars that hanged at her belt. Lucy sweat dropped as she took notice (a bit late) of her friend clothing.

" That's overdoing it a bit, no?"

" I don't see what you're talking about", deadpanned Erza.

Lucy looked side way and noticed that they were loosing visual contact with the targets. She made a sign at the redhead and they swiftly followed them at a safe distance, Natsu and Happy following like ninjas to be in the same mood.

The unlikely duo were standing before an oriental-style take-out specialized restaurant and the young woman was pointing at something on the giant menu.

Lucy looked at them with a determined look, Erza looked at them with a frown, trying to find something suspicious and Natsu looked at what the girls were looking and made a disgusted face:

" Soooo... Why are you guys spying on Gazille?"

" We are NOT spying on Gazille!" screamed the blond before looking at the couple to see if they heard her. They didn't seem to as they were making their orders.

" Soooo... Why are you guys spying on Levy?" asked Happy with an identical face as his owner.

" We're not spying", Lucy said without letting the couple out of view.

The boys raised an eyebrow at that:

" How do you guys call what you're doing?"

" Following them without having them notice our presences", answered Erza.

" That's pretty much the same thing", said a deep voice that didn't belong to the dragonslayer.

The four of them turned around to see who talked but saw no one until they checked lower and noticed the black eksheed who was standing there like if it was nothing.

" Pantherlily, what are you doing here?" asked the stellar mage in a little voice.

The little black cat pointed at two young men nearby who were apparently at a loss of words. In a state of shock would be an understatement.

" They asked me to help them find their friend Levy and that led us here."

Jet and Droy were white as snow and their left eyes were twitching.

" And actually, i was also curious about his whereabouts", added Pantherlily,smiling, while giving a look at his 'owner' and the friendly bookworm. " I'm glad to see everything is going well."

The men from Shadow Gear seemed to choke on their saliva at this, especially since the couple decided to sit on a small wall near the shops and were virtually sharing the same spot. The metal dragonslayer slipped an arm around the petite woman
and sneakily stole food from her box, which made her retaliate by snatching some from his box, making him scowl and complain while she smiled sweetly and sit even closer if that was possible.

The dark haired man lowered his lips near his date's ear and whispered something that made her raise her eyebrows into her hairline. She seemed to consider something for two seconds then she nodded and said something that made him grin.

Some time went by and Lucy pouted since nothing really interesting was going on. Erza and Pantherlily were whispering among themselves about chopsticks and the use of them as weapons while Jet and Droy looked sick but refused to not look at Levy. Natsu and Happy were bored already, really, what was so interesting about Gazille to waste your Saturday night on?

The lovers got up from their seats and the hidden gang all ducked their head at the same time. They disposed of their empty boxes and started walking while holding hands.

" Aaawwww, they are so cuuuuute!" cooed a lovely voice near Lucy. A voice that belonged to a beautiful white haired woman in a pink dress.

" Mirajane!"

The waitress gave a sweet smile, obviously at a summum of happiness.

" I knew they were made for each other, didn't i say so?"

Lisanna nodded and squeezed herself beside her sister and Erza:

" You sure got a sixth sense for those things, Mira-nee! Who would have thought to match theses two?"

Mirajane squealed dreamily:

" Did anything juicy happen yet?

" NO!" Jet and Droy yelled.

Lucy sweat dropped at the increasing number of people joining this "spying" party. It was getting a bit crowded behind the car and since their targets were moving further down the road, they would have to move if they wanted to keep track.

Making sure they weren't seen, the little group slided along the walls toward their goal, except Pantherlily who was so small he wouldn't be seen anyway.

Gazille and Levy arrived near the port where they were boats decorated with lanterns and street artists juggling with torches on fire. They stopped near a soda vending machine while the spies hid behind crates and barrels not too far away from them. Natsu eyed the torches and his stomach growled loudly.

" This is so stupid", grumbled Jet.

The voice of Levy's laughter drifted to them as she enjoyed watching the metal dragonslayer eat the bottle caps like candies.

" I mean, what's so great about that dumbass?" he added that made Droy nod in approval.

" It's his attitude", said a feminine voice with a chuckle.

All turned their heads to recognize Cana who had joined them, a flask of something unsurprisingly alcoholic in her hand. The tarot mage was sitting comfortably on a crate and seemed to be enjoying the show. Juvia, Alzack and Bisca were also there waving at them, at least, they were trying to hide.

" Levy is attracted to his badass attitude", added Cana: "the black clothes, the piercings, his steel abs, his alpha male aura, ya know?"

The Shadow Gear males looked like they were stabbed by each qualities the card mage enumerated, Lisanna, Lucy, Bisca and Erza were drinking her words and Mirajane was nodding at each (especially the abs part).

" Juvia likes Gray-sama abs better", said the water mage who was blushing and lost in her fantasy world the moment the words left her mouth. Everyone else sweat dropped then a voice called to them:

" What about me?"

Juvia blushed twice as much if that was even possible as Gray joined them behind the crates, followed by Wendy and Charle. Lucy face palmed herself in frustration:

" Gosh, this is starting to sound like a bad movie plot, with all this people appearing from behind us all the time!"

The ice mage got a confused look, Wendy waved at Mirajane and Lisanna while Charle gave Happy an annoyed look as he was saluting her and attempting to give her a fish from who knows where.

" Sooo... What are you guys doing here exactly?" asked Gray.

" They are following Gazille", started Natsu in an annoyed voice.

" We are making sure he won't lay a finger on Levy", finished Droy.

A second of silence:

" They are on a date?"

Mirajane nodded with enthusiasm. Another second of silence:

" And you guys are spying on them?"

" It's not spying", insisted Lucy, waving a hand in a dismissive manner.

" We are only watching their every moves in a silent and unnoticed way", the scarlet haired woman added.

" I would say it's more like stalking at this point", said the black ekseed.

" So far, they are only holding hands, it's quite boring", voiced Cana before taking another gulp from her drink.

As if on cue, the dragonslayer slipped an hand on the bookworm backside, just an inch away from being right on her butt.

" Heheh."

" He's touching her ass!"

" Actually", Alzack corrected, "his hand is still on her hip."

Gazille's hand moved south.

" Oh, now it's on her ass."

" Dammit!"

Levy's hand imitated her lover's and went inside his jean's back pocket. The Shadow Gear team groaned in unison while the others gave them a pat on the back.

Gray looked at his friends then at the couple and sighed. Natsu sneaked away to steal something to eat while Mirajane was thinking aloud:

" You know, Cana is right. They are only holding hands, it's not a very good progression in their relationship."

" He's grabbing her ass, how do you call that?" asked Jet in a strangled voice.

" What they need", she continued while ignoring the poor man," is something to stimulate them."

" Sex?" laughed the card mage while grinning.

Her friends blushed, even Pantherlily, but that went unnoticed.

" Actually, i was more thinking of a situation where Gazille would have to act heroically and Levy would fall in love with him."

Lucy was trying to follow her friend's line of thoughts:

" Like saving her from being hit by a car?"

" That's not very safe, what if she gets hit by the car?" said Visca.

" Ummm, no, indeed that could be dangerous..."

" How about the classic: the girl slips on something, like ice, and the guy catches her?" added Lisanna.

" It's still summer, there is no ice on the ground", Juvia said.

" How about Gray?"

" Don't look at me, I can't put ice on the ground from this distance and I surely don't wanna go close to them."

They started thinking, Jet and Droy asking themselves why they were still participating in this, and suddenly, Wendy spoke up:

" What if they were attacked by a bunch of bad guys?"

All looked at the tiny dragonslayer.

" That's a great idea!" squealed Mirajane, clapping hands in delight. "They will be attacked by a group of muggers."

" Who's under attack?" asked a certain fire breather.

" Where were you?" asked Lucy.

Natsu pointed to a lighted torch in his hand. Erza and Lucy looked at each other and nodded:

" Natsu", said Erza, "you will finally get something interesting to do."

Two groups of people were hiding along an adjacent street, the first group comfortably installed behind a vast flowery hedge of a small house, the second group grumbling in the shadows between two houses. The setting was perfect, the first group made of women were ready but among the male group, some people weren't that ready:

" Why am I doing this again?" whined an orange haired man.

" Golden opportunity to beat the crap out of Gazille's ass?" answered a drunk yet joyful woman from the first group.

The young man and his best friend sighed but rejoiced at the chance to prove to their female friend that her date wasn't so great.

The other young man that wasn't particularly enjoying the idea gave a miserable look at the woman he secretly loved:

" Do I really have to be in this group too? I suck at close-range combat..."

" Just 'drop dead' at the first occasion and you will be fine", answered the green haired beauty with an apologetic smile ( she didn't really want her friend in that group either but Erza insisted that the more, the better.)

However, the other two from the 'mugging' group were exploding with excitement, one of them literally!

" Can't wait to kick his ass!"

An angry voice came from the hedge:

" Natsu, you are supposed to L-O-S-E to him, ok? Don't you dare go all out!"

But Salamander was too busy imagining himself in the next fight to care about the instructions. Gray was grinning like it was his birthday.

Three flying cats came to them from the sky and dropped at the first group location:

" They are coming this way."

" Right! Remember your parts, boys, and make it believable. Put your mask on now."

The first group faced the second and gave them thumbs up, the second group put on their ninja masks (courtesy of Erza). It was show time!

Two sets of feet could be heard in the night air, one light and one heavier. A lovely female voice drifted along the street, a laughing voice that spoke of favorite desserts and best coffee shops. Her petite form was walking close to a taller one, her arm linked with his.

Suddenly, the man came to an halt, his body tensed while his extremely sharp senses picked the presence of danger. Indeed, five masked men came out of the shadows and surrounded the couple. The blue haired woman gasped while her companion made eye contact with their enemies with a threatening glare.

One of the muggers pointed with enthusiasm at the duo and spoke in a loud voice:

" Yo! Give us yar money or else we gonna kick yar arses, ya shit-heads!"

The dark haired man crackled his knuckles and gave a sadistic grin:

" Come get it if you got the balls!"

Two of the bandits rushed at the metal dragonslayer in a yell, however, they didn't last very long: it only took one kick in the stomach to finish the first one and one slap of the back of the hand to knock the second unconscious. A third one tried to attack the woman but she grabbed a pen from her pocket and yelled the name of the incantation she wrote in the air at the same time. A giant gust of wind violently slapped the bandit away and he fell on the ground, grunting, several feet away.

The bandit's leader came at the piercing faced man with obvious excitement but in opposition to his lackeys, he knew how to fight and soon it was an all-out war between the two men. Punches and kicks were being thrown at each other in a concerto of grunts, pants, yells and laughs.

The young woman bit her lower lip in worry, trying to figure out a way to help her lover in his fight against this strange maniac. She was so engrossed in the fight that she never noticed the fifth man sneak behind her and grab her arms to pin them behind her back.

The black haired man didn't even look back when she let out a yelp of pain, he pointed his right arm in their direction and transformed it into a giant metal pole that suddenly extended and crashed right into the bandit's face, barely missing the woman ear by an hair. She heard the sickening crack from something breaking and the hands that held her arms let go to follow the man in his fall, his complaint dying on his lips the moment he touched the ground.

The arm retracted and a solid punch landed on the leader's face, throwing him on the ground where he stayed, unconscious.

Levy was breathing heavily as she laid her eyes on the bodies around them. Gazille came to her to see if she was alright but it seemed only her nerves were affected. She looked at him and came closer to touch his bruised lips, he dismissed it at only a minor scratch. She sighed and snuck her arms around his waist, burying her head in his chest, he hugged her back for a moment before letting go. He took her hand and started walking again. She followed him silently for a couple of feet until she surprisingly fell side way in a undignified yelp. He spun around, looking for the source of danger, then he looked down to find the blue haired woman on her hands and knees, turning her head to her feet to see the reason of her fall:

" The heel broke... That's just my luck", she said with a smile.

He helped her back on her feet with an affectionate groan:

" You survive a mugger attack but you get owned by the asphalt. Are you for real?"

She gave him a playful punch to the chest. He shook his head while she was attempting to walk with a broken shoe. She looked ridiculous and he didn't hesitate to tell her: she pulled her tongue at him.

She decided to take off her shoes to walk barefooted but he got a better idea and picked her up to throw her over his shoulder, making her complain in indignation while he grinned like a madman.

When the couple was out of view, the first group emerged from the flowery hedge, some of them in panic while others highly amused by the turn of event.

Visca Moulin rushed to Alzack's side, he who had been flown away by the ancient rune specialist. She kneeled at his side and took off his mask to reveal the young man dizzy but otherwise safe. He gave her a lopsided grin:

" D-Did we get' em?"

She smiled at him:

" Yeah, you did great."

The 'leader' got up from his position on the floor, took off his mask and stretched his arms over his head, a giant grin on his face:

" Man, that felt good! I could have keep fighting the whole evening!"

Lucy, who was fanning Droy in an attempt at waking him up, threw the fire breather a glare:

" You almost blew it! You should have gone down way before you did! A good thing you didn't use your fire..."

Salamander wasn't listening, way too happy because he had a fight. Jet started moving, coughing a bit and holding his stomach:

" So much for kicking his ass..."

" You guys SUCKED!" happily said the blue cat to which the said men in question yelled back something not suitable for children.

Erza, who was holding Juvia in a death grip to prevent her to go slay the metal dragonslayer, smiled in victory:

" You did a good job, boys!"

She finally let go of the rain woman who looked still pissed off at the black haired man but quickly forgot about him when she heard Gray moan in pain behind her. He was trying to sit up while holding his heavily bleeding nose, Lisanna, Charle and Pantherlily helping him the best they could. Natsu came up to them and laughed at the ice mage while pointing a mocking finger at his face:

" You totally got owned, Gray!"

Gray answered in a nasal voice something that sounded like " Foquieew" while Charle called Wendy over, who was looking at the lovers retreating form, to come heal the poor ice mage. Cana was happily supervising the scene while Mirajane was facing their targets in silence, a little pout gracing her lovely face.

" What's wrong, Mira-nee?"

" That was a failure..." she whined sadly.

" Was it?" asked her little sister, surprised.

" He saved her from danger, that's what you wanted, no?" said the blond mage.

" She even slipped before him... and they hugged", added Lisanna again.

" But they didn't kiss", pouted the beautiful waitress. " I wanted them to kiss!"

Everyone sweat dropped at her but she didn't seem to notice as she turned to face them, determination set on her face, fists raised fiercely before her:

" I ain't leaving before I see them kiss!" She then added in a darker voice that sent chills down her friends spines, articulating each word perfectly. " And they WILL kiss even if it is the last thing they do!"

The group got up painfully and made a slow walk toward their goal, less and less enthusiast about meeting the metal dragonslayer and the bookworm again. The only one still in high spirit was Mirajane who was literally burning to get her wish granted. With the healing and planning, they were much more behind than previously and it took them almost ten minutes to find the couple again. The lovers were making their way toward the Fairy Tail female dormitory, Levy being carried piggyback style by Gazille, her head lying comfortably against his shoulder.

The spies hid themselves behind a fence not too far from the dormitory, only the tops of their head would be noticed if it wasn't so dark already. Lisanna, Pantherlily, Charle, Wendy, Erza, Mirajane, Lucy, Cana, Visca and Alzack were watching the couple with some interest while Jet and Droy were too exhausted to care anymore and Juvia and Happy were watching Natsu annoy Gray by trying to touch his nose to piss him off.

Gazille put Levy on the ground, right in front of the dormitory door where they stayed in touch with each other, talking quietly. He said something that made her shakes her head in a desperate manner, smiling.

Mirajane was very quiet, even her breath seemed to have stopped, but the look she gave the duo was like of a predator, Lucy predicted that if they didn't kiss soon, the waitress would transform into a demon, fly over them and forcefully make them melt together.

Fortunately, Mirajane wouldn't need to take the form of the devil: the blue haired woman pulled the fierce looking man down to her level and locked lips with his, burying her hands in his generous locks of dark hair. He closed the gap between their bodies by holding her close to him, their mouths dancing with more and more passion as seconds passed.

Over the fence, the white haired waitress discreetly punched the air with a whispered "yes" while the card mage and the white haired younger sister let a "aaawww" in satisfaction. The sword woman and the spirit caller were blushing furiously the more they watched, along with the two gun users who were finding the air quite hot for a late summer night. The white cat put her paws over the tiny dragonslayer's eyes and the black cat crossed his arms and nodded in approval.

Of the six other people present, four of them were totally obvious to the event, too absorbed in their quarrel that became a fight or watching said fight. The last two were not even watching, they already knew what was happening and couldn't find the spirit to torture themselves any more.

Before they started nosebleeding too hard, the group turned around and tried to stop the fight between the fire and ice mages. The moment they weren't looking anymore, the lovers slipped inside the dormitory without a sound, grins plastered on their faces.

The day after, Lucy came into the guild hall with a pounding headache as a companion. She didn't sleep very well the night before, the events turning around and around in her mind and everytime she fell asleep, disturbingly arousing images came to her mind. She went to the bar where an extremely bright and joyful Mirajane was standing, floating on a heart-shaped cloud. She gave a dazzling smile at the spirit caller and served her hot dark chocolate with toast before she even heard the young lady say a word. Lucy took a seat and gratefully took a sip of the delicious beverage while the waitress sighed in happiness, elbows on the counter and head in her hands.

Cana came to them and took place on the counter, back against the wooden pillar, thanking Mirajane for the alcoholic coffee she was being served. Lisanna, Wendy and Charle joined them soon after, both of them in a better shape than Lucy. Was she the only one who suffered from last night?

She received an answer from the heavens when she noticed Gray and Natsu at a nearby table, both of them still bearing the marks of the day before, the ice mage's nose was still swollen but at least it was no longer crooked. Juvia was hiding near them, eyes on the man of her dreams. As for Visca and Alzack, the blond couldn't locate them.

All were enjoying their morning treat when a young woman came to the bar and greeted everyone with a smile, her blue hair in her trademark headband. She ordered three set of coffee and toast and turned to her friend:

" How are you today, Lucy-chan? You look a bit pale."

The blond sweated a little:

" I am fine, just tired."

Mirajane placed the booklover's order on a tray and asked the famous question with a smile:

" So how was your date, Levy?"

The women all turned their head in direction of Levy who thought about it for two seconds before smiling again:

" It was great! I had a lot of fun... and i even learned something interesting."

Her best friend couldn't help herself:

" What did you learn?"

The blue haired woman took the tray and gave Lucy a mischievous grin:

" I learned that my friends have Peeping Toms tendencies."

Mirajane giggled and Wendy was confused but all the other females at the bar dropped their chins on the counter, eyes wide open and starring at Levy's retreating form. She navigated between the tables toward two young men who looked worst than Lucy and when she crossed path with a certain black haired, piercing faced man, her smile grew wider as his eyes followed her slender form pass by without fail.

Behind Lucy, another Fairy Tail normal morning started, with laughter, yells and cheers from their members who watched Erza and Pantherlily locked in a heated duel with chopsticks as weapons. While Cana was getting drunk again and Charle was trying to explain to Wendy what a Peeping Tom was, the blond beauty let her head hit the wood of the counter and groaned. She decided that last night events never EVER existed and would never EVER happen again if she could help it.

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