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Levy's Date: the other version

Gazille smelled her before he even saw her. The distinctive scent of her skin, something quite difficult to describe no matter how many time he tried, was floating along the wind to him. She was already there, waiting for him, even if they had agreed to meet only at six. Her blue hair was held in place in a white headband, her face freed of make up and she was casually dressed: white long-sleeved coat, form-fitting jeans and cute feminine heels.

Her pretty face lighted up when she noticed him and he couldn't hold the smile that crept on his face.

Levy smiled at her lover, her nervousness disappearing almost instantly. Even though she made sure to keep this date a secret, or almost in Lucy-chan case, she was worried that Jet and Droy would find out about it. She told them earlier she was spending the evening at home to read the newest novel she had bought. It was a safe lie since Levy was the kind of girl that liked having time for herself from time to time, but she couldn't help feeling bad about lying to them. They trusted each other with their lives and were the best of friends however, the boys would never approve of her sentimental choice.

She cleared her mind of her worries and took Gazille's hand. Tonight, it was going to be just the two of them.

They started walking along the street, the sky clear of clouds and the temperature pleasant enough to enjoy the late summer evening. There was a good amount of people still outside and artists were already entertaining the crowd near the port, torches on fire flying here and there could be seen from the lovers point of view. Levy was already pointing at a restaurant a little further ahead:

" This is the place i told you about. They have the best peanut butter and maple syrup beef noodles you will ever eat."

The metal dragonslayer raised an eyebrow at that:

" Peanut butter beef... with maple syrup?"

" Yep, but it's dangerously addictive, I'm warning you."

He casted her a side glance, watching her face to detect any trace of humor or sarcasm but the blue haired girl just smiled at him, obviously amused by his reaction. He was about to ask her if she was pregnant (which would freak him out if that was the case since they hadn't been that far yet) when a mix of scents came at him from behind. Those scents he recognized easily as he smelled them on a regular basis at the guild: it was Bunnygirl, Titania, Salamander and his blue cat. He frowned slightly, wondering what they were doing around here. If Bunnygirl was there and had seen them together, there was a chance that the whole guild would know about their relationship in less time it took Stripper to get out of his clothes.

" Are you alright, Gazille?"

He looked at her and shook his head:

" Nah, it's nothing."

He was about to just forget about them when his ears picked something a little bit more unpleasant:

" SSHHHHHHH!, they will notice us!"

' Well, sounds like they noticed us...' thought the black haired man with a silent growl.

They arrived in front of an oriental-style take-out restaurant. Levy pointed at the giant board beside the window where one could order their food. Indeed, in chalk were the words ' Peanut Butter 'n Maple Beef Noodle Special.'

" Tsk, like hell I'm gonna eat that."

She giggled:

" It's your loss."

" We are NOT spying on Gazille!"

Fortunately, Levy went to the counter to place her order when Gazille heard Bunnygirl's yell or else, she would have noticed his eye twitching. Of course, he only heard them because of his good hearing but he kinda wished he was an ordinary guy right now. He wasn't known for being a patient man and if those morons kept this up, he couldn't guarantee that they would survive the night... Unfortunately, even an idiot knew that beating your girlfriend's best friend could have a negative impact on your relationship.

Speaking of best friends, wasn't that Lily's scent that just joined them? With Speedhat's and Plantboy's?

' Fantastic.'

They decided to sit on a nearby small brick wall to eat their lunch. Levy had chosen the strange beef noodles while Gazille had opted for a more traditional BBQ pork ribs. He slipped his arm around her fine waist and they savored their meals in pleasant silence. He looked at her for a moment as she was obviously enjoying every bite, her pink tongue licking the sauce on her chopsticks without reserve. The curiosity was slowly getting the better of him and he had to admit that her food had an appealing aroma. He sneakily stole a bit and quickly put it in his mouth, which prompted a muffled complaint (she had her mouth full) and retaliation: she stole a juicy piece of meat from his box and ate it before he could prevent her.

" Oi, don't take the best part!"

She smiled sweetly and scooted closer:

" Did you like it?"

" Would taste better with iron bits."

Levy rolled her eyes playfully while Gazille subtly looked the way the scents came. If he listened carefully, he could pick the deep voice of his cat talking about stabbing someone in the jugular with chopsticks. He would ask him later about it.

The metal dragonslayer thought for a moment then brought his lips near the pretty girl's ear and whispered:

" Just to let you know: we are watched at this moment."

Her eyebrows raised into her hairline then she closed her eyes, smiling:

" Jet and Droy?"

" Them plus Bunnygirl, Titania, Salamander, Bluecat and even Lily. They have been there for a while now."

She shook her head and sighed:

" It's not surprising, even if i was not expecting that from Lu-chan: in Fairy Tail, there is no such things like 'Privacy' or even 'Personal Space'."

" So? We pretend they are not there or..." he asked, wishing she would propose beating the crap out of them.

" I say we let them be. They will grow tired of it eventually. If they don't, we'll teach them a lesson."

She smiled in a way that kinda reminded him... of himself: a grin crept on his face, making him look more like his usual self. He couldn't help but think he might be having a bad influence on the girl.

When they were done eating, shortly after, they disposed of their empty boxes and linked hands again. They started walking toward the port where the sun was disappearing in the sea and the first stars were coming out. The blue haired woman whispered to her lover:

" Are they still following us?"

The black haired man, who could hear her perfectly, nodded:

" Yep and they even have two more with them."

" Who?"

" Barmaid and Barmaid Jr."

" Gazille, really, don't call them that." she said, laughing slightly. " But seriously, if Mirajane is there, we might have to take out the big guns. She's a romance maniac."

The man sighed quietly: she was right. Now it was a 110% chance that before the end of the night, the whole guild, no, the whole town of Magnolia would know about them as a couple.

They arrived near the port were there was a crowd cheering on juggling performers, torches on fire flying between them in an impressive manner. Levy spotted a soda vending machine and bought two bottles. Gazille opened them with ease and shoved the metal bottle caps in his mouth, which generated a good hearted laugh from his partner:

" I never get tired of seeing you do that."

He drank from his bottle to avoid looking at her sparkling eyes, convincing himself that his heart beat was not going faster than before. While they turned to the show, he mentally identified the new scents that came from behind them. The first was obviously Boozechick, followed by a humid odor: Juvia. There were two others who smelled like gunpowder. The metal dragonslayer frowned in concentration, trying to remember Fairy Tail members that used guns but no faces came to his mind. Then, barely a minute after, three more scents joined the group: Stripper, Girlie and Whitecat.

" What the hell? Is the whole guild going to come?" the black haired man grumbled. The young woman made a surprised face:

" There's more of them?"

" There's like fifteen of them now."

Levy sighed pretty much at the same time that the stellar spirit caller voice drifted to them:

"Gosh, this is starting to sound like a bad movie plot, with all this people appearing from behind us all the time!"

" Indeed", answered quietly the blue haired woman with an annoyed face. They may have been her friends but they were more and more invading. Plus, they seemingly weren't even trying to lower their voices anymore. She gave a glance at her lover and a smile came to her face:

" Gazille."

" Hm?"

" Grab my butt."

His face turned abruptly toward hers, his eyes wider than usual. She smiled at him and he slipped his hand on her backside, his eyes not looking at her. She knew he was embarrassed by this gesture: Gazille didn't like showing his more affectionate side in public, as it was hurting his hostile image that kept people away. This was the reason that even if they were dating for almost two months now, never he would go and hug her or even kiss her in front of the others. It was just recently that he accepted to hold hands with her on their dates. But since the whole guild would know about their relationship after this night...

She pressed her body against his slightly and made a little gesture of the head when he looked at her again. A blush came on his cheeks and he slid his hand lower to rest on her buttock. The gesture had the desired effect instantaneously:


Levy couldn't hold the snicker that escaped her, her boyfriend was still slightly flushed but even he grinned.

" You know, woman, if I didn't know better, I would say you may have grown a sadistic side, lately."

It was her turn to blush as she smiled wider and slipped her hand in his jean's backpocket.

They agreed that the torture had lasted long enough and they made their way in the crowd to escape the spies. The sun was already gone by now and the dark gave them the perfect cover to disappear. Gazille took the lead and in no time, they were alone on an different street, only streetlights and a few houses to keep them company.

Normally, Levy would never purposely walk on a lonely street when it was dark but when with him, she always felt more secure. She scooted closer to Gazille and linked arm with him, this simple gesture making her visibly relax. He gave her one of his real smile, the kind that was said to not exist when one was talking about the metal dragonslayer and her heart melted.

They walked in silence for a few minutes, none of them uncomfortable about it. It was him who spoke first, his voice calm:

" The Master has a new mission for me. I'll leave the day after tomorrow."

" How long will you be gone?"

" A week. Maybe two."

She didn't say anything. He left sometimes for those special missions the Master gave him, the missions only he could do. He had explained to her that he couldn't talk about them and she had understood. However, even if the logical part of her brain told her it was alright, the emotional part kept nagging her with doubts and fears when he was gone. Was he really going on mission? Maybe he was not who he claimed to be... Maybe they were excuses to go see another woman, somewhere? After all, she wasn't as big-chested as the other women in the guild and perhaps a man of his experience needed someone more 'female' to satisfy his needs... Especially since they haven't been intimate together yet...

" Stop that."

The blue haired woman raised her head in surprise. The piercing faced man beside her gave her a pointed look:

" You have that look again. Your imagination is making you think bad stuff."

She bit her lower lip and he stopped walking. He made her face him and he pulled her to him gently:

" You have nothing to be worried about, Levy. I'll be back before you even know it."

She smiled sadly to him and he cupped her chin:

" And you can be sure that I will come back. No way in hell you will be rid of me that easily, got it?"

She laughed and raised herself on tiptoe to share a kiss. In his ruff manner, he sure knew how to make her feel better. The kiss went on for a little while, her fingers stroking the metal studs of his arms while he kept a possessive grip on her hips. Before desire overcame them completely, they broke contact and resumed their walk, both of them short on breath.

Gazille smiled secretly: how ironic that it was her who was insecure about his love for her when she had a thousand reasons to choose another.

After a while, Levy seemed to have gotten over her little depressive moment and Gazille was glad for it. She was talking pleasantly of her hometown, a place where there was the best coffee shop in the world, according to her. He was promising her he would go with her there one day when he smelled it: their scents. All of them were a little further ahead, divided in two group apparently, the males to their right and the others to their left. The metal dragonslayer suppressed a groan, Levy and him were getting close and he really didn't feel letting go of this opportunity for a bunch of morons who had no sense of privacy. She was still talking pleasantly, oblivious to what was to come. The black haired man decided to leave it like that. If he was lucky, they would betray themselves and he would have a golden opportunity to beat some sense into them.

And that was when the heavens heard him.

He came to an halt, his body tensing as he smelled the rush of adrenaline from them before they even appeared. There was five of them and instantaneously, he correctly identified them: from right to left, Stripper, Plantboy, Salamander, Speedhat and the gunpowder-smelling dude he still didn't know the name. They were all wearing some kind of black mask that made them look like cheap muggers but Gazille didn't give a damn. Behind him, Levy gasped.

Salamander pointed at Gazille with enthusiasm and loudly said:

" Yo! Give us yar money or else we gonna kick yar arses, ya shit-heads!"

The metal dragonslayer cracked his knuckles and gave them his most sadistic grin:

" Come get it if you got the balls!"

Speedhat and Plantboy were the first ones to come at him and honestly, he didn't think they could have been worst if their arms were tied in their back. One kick and one slap, it was already over. While he 'fought' them, gunpowder guy rushed at Levy and he got blasted away in no time.

Salamander rushed at him, his excitement overflowing everywhere to which Gazille answered in kind. They exchanged blows with more and more passion, laughing and yelling.

He was enjoying himself when he heard his lover's yelp of pain. Without turning back, he trusted his hearing, changed his right arm into a metal pole and extended it fast behind him. With a blinding precision, he knew that it was a bulls's-eye when he felt Stripper nose crush on impact. He ended the fight, too quickly for his taste, with one good punch in Salamander's face that sent him to the ground.

Levy looked all around her, her breathing fast as her heartbeat. Gazille came to her and let his eyes roam all over her body to check if she was alright. When her eyes joined his, she noticed his lower lip that was slightly bleeding.

" I'm fine, it's nothing", he said when her fingers went to touch the wound.

She let a sigh, trying to calm her nerves, and buried her head in his chest, arms around his waist. He hugged her back for a few seconds then took her hand to start walking again, without a word. She followed him but only managed to make it a couple of feet before the heel of her left shoe got stuck in a hole in the pavement. She tripped ungracefully, an undignified yelp escaping her lips. Gazille turned around in no time, his eyes scanning around for enemies but all he found was the blue haired beauty on hands and knees on the ground, looking behind her at her broken shoe:

" Shit, the heel broke... That's just my luck." she said, smiling back at him.

He rolled his eyes and helped her back on her feet, groaning affectionately:

" You survive a mugger attack but you get owned by the asphalt. Are you for real?"

" Hey!" she pouted comically while giving him a playful punch to the chest.

Levy started walking again but her pace was ridiculous, her body sinking lower on her left at each step.

" That will take you the whole year to get back at your place like this..."

She pulled her tongue at him, knowing full well he was right. She then stopped and managed to take off her shoes and walk barefooted. The ground was quite cold and uncomfortable but she figured if she walked fast enough, she would be fine. However, Gazille didn't think it was a good idea as she would obviously get sick like this. He picked her up so fast she was already head down over his shoulder when she realised what happened and he was already grinning wickedly when she started complaining:

" G-Gazille! Put me down!"

" Nah."

" Gazille!"

He chuckled while walking at a pleasant pace and she groaned in defeat. The blue haired woman threw her lover a death glare that went obviously unnoticed but her anger evaporated when her gaze met the one of a little dark haired girl in a pretty little dress who came out from a flowery hedge of a nearby house.

' Wendy?'

Indeed, Wendy was standing in the dark street, watching Levy and Gazille's back, a smile on her face. Behind her, the bookworm recognized some of her friends that were taking care of the ' bandits' that attacked them before. She smiled as realization hit her: of course, it was them. The cute sky goddess waved at her, Levy waved back. Then Charle's voice beckoned the little girl who ran back at her friends to help heal the poor man with a broken nose.

Levy held herself upright with her arms against her lover's shoulder and turned her head toward his:

" You could have told me it was them."

He glanced at her, a mischievous smile on his lips:

" What would you have done if you had known?"

" I wouldn't have fought them!"

" Why not? They attacked us."

" Well, yeah, but..." she changed the subject since she couldn't argue with that fact. " Who's nose did you break?"

" Stripper."

" What?"

" What? He asked for it."

She took her head in her hand, sighing. He then asked her:

" Is there gun users in the guild?"

She looked at him innocently:

" Yes. Bisca and Alzack use guns."

" Alzack... which one is that?"

" He wears a poncho."

He nodded for himself then his evil smile came back:

" Well, Poncho guy is the one YOU have beaten.

Levy sweat-dropped, ashamed. She hoped that Bisca wouldn't be angry at her tomorrow.

" Let's hope that it'll be the last time we'll see them tonight." she whispered.

The young woman switched position to find herself piggy-riding her lover's back, her head on his shoulder and arms joined near his chest, a contented smile gracing her lips. They were walking toward Fairy Hills, the sounds of the night life drifting to them. It was getting colder since the sun was gone but Gazille's body heat kept her warm. Her brown eyes studied his facial features: his sharp nose, his piercing eyes, the metal studs over his eyebrows, on his nose and on his chin... Even the shape of his ears was endearing. She smiled for the hundred time that day.

They made it in less than ten minutes, even tho the metal dragonslayer purposely slowed his pace to make it last, mentally cursing his long legs. He stopped at the dormitory door and let Levy down on her feet. However, he kept in touch with her body, not ready to let her go yet.

He was about to speak when two voices he knew well drifted to his ears:

" Does it hurt if I do this?" said the first voice with mockery.

" Don't touch it." the second answered with a nasal voice.

" Does it hurt?"

" Stop touching it, asshole!"

" He he he he he."

Gazille smiled at Levy:

" Guess who joined us?"

She shook her head in a desperate manner, smiling:

" Gosh, they are impossible."

Her hands climbed his arms to his shoulders and she sent him a sultry look. He barely heard her whisper something sounding like " Screw them" before she connected her lips to his, her hands plunging in his hair lovingly. He closed the gap between their bodies by holding her close to him, possessively claiming her mouth. They heard a faint sound over the fence that sounded like " aaawww" but at this point, neither of them was giving a damn anymore. Their mouths were dancing with more and more passion, their bodies sending clear desire signals that soon, they wouldn't be able to ignore.

When breathing became a necessity, their half-closed eyes met and the words she whispered sent him over the line of reason:

" Stay with me, tonight."

In a growl, he picked her up and entered the dormitory, their faces wearing matching grins, so swiftly that they didn't even hear the yells of a certain stellar spirit caller begging a fire and an ice mages to stop fighting.

The day after, when Levy met with her two male best friends, she had to hold a chuckle. Jet and Droy were sitting in a corner of the guild hall, both of them looking like they hadn't slept at all. She asked them about it but all she got for an answer was unintelligible mumbles. She smiled apologetically and told them she would get them breakfast.

She approached the bar where Cana, Lisanna, Wendy, Charle and Lucy were seated, all eating and chatting pleasantly. She joined them, smiling brightly at Mirajane and ordered three coffees and sets of toasts. The bookworm, while waiting for the food, looked at her best friend:

" How are you today, Lucy-chan? You look a bit pale."

Her friend flinched slightly:

" I am fine, just tired."

Levy smiled at her, not really hiding her amusement. She thanked the waitress for the food and the older woman in question asked her how was her date. She pretended to think about it while all the other women shifted their gaze on her.

" It was great! I had a lot of fun... and I even learned something interesting."

Lucy-chan got a confused look as she asked her about it. The blue haired woman took the tray with the food, gave her blond friend her most Gazillest grin she could muster and delivered the killing blow:

" I learned that my friends have Peeping Toms tendencies."

The words had the same effect than a full-powered Fairy Law spell. Levy quickly turned around and walked away to hide the huge smile on her face, satisfied of her sweet revenge. As she made her way toward the boys, she smiled even wider for the handsome, black haired, piercing faced man that crossed her path.

Sitting at her usual table, she sipped her coffee happily while watching the duel between Erza and Pantherlily. She thought back at the words Gazille had told her the day before:

" You know, woman, if I didn't know better, I would say you may have grown a sadistic side, lately."

Chuckling to herself, she agreed with him: she may have gotten a little bit more rebellious since they were dating. And he was all to blame for that... But she wasn't complaining at all.


It was a Wednesday night, at the Fairy Hills dormitory, that the Fairy Tail women decided to hold a pyjama party, for no particular reasons. Everyone was enjoying themselves in the bath, playing and splashing each others, laughing. Lucy was also there since she had been kindly invited, happy to have a chance to relax. She was soaking in deep water with her hair in a towel and her face creamed with an exfoliating lotion, her eyes closed and her mind far far away.

" Hi Lu-chan."

The blond mage jumped in surprise, she was so concentrated on relaxing that she never heard Levy come sit next to her, her hair and face in a similar state that hers. The blue haired woman gave her friend an apologetic smile:

" Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

" No, no. It's fine." she sweat-dropped.

Then her brain registered the information.

It was Levy.

Next to her.

The Levy she didn't even dare speak to since The Incident That Must Not Be Named.

Lucy felt the blush invade her face and neck in no time, the shame still burning fiercely in her mind even tho some time had passed since Levy's date. Her mouth dried out even if the air was quite humid, her mind blank, unable to find something to say. The petite woman chuckled a little but it wasn't mockingly:

" Still thinking about last Saturday?"

Lucy could only nod.

" I'm not mad at you, Lu-chan, you know? It was the kind of thing i would expect from Jet or Droy, or probably Mira, but not from you."

The blond woman hugged her knees and answered in a little voice:

" That kinda snowballed somewhere... Even I wasn't expecting it to end up like that..."

Levy seemed to take pity of her friend and laughed good-heartily:

" I apologize for teasing you like that. Even if I think you guys deserved it."

Lucy gave her a side glance and guessed what she should be saying:

" I'm sorry to have spied on you. It really was none of my business."

The blue haired woman smiled in satisfaction:

" That's good! I forgive you." Then she added with the mischievous smile again. " But never do it again."

" Ugh! No! Don't worry!" the spirit caller said with a disgusted face. " This is in my top ten Things I never want to experience ever again." She smiled back at her best friend:

" Still friend?"

" But, of course!" squealed Levy while hugging her with all her might.

Lucy hugged her back and let a sigh escape her lips. She would now be able to sleep again.

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