Invader Blue part 4 Dib

After Shcool.

Dib: Ha Ha ha ha ha i got you now Blue.

Blue: Oh no!

Blue Runs with Dib right behind her.

Dib: Heh heh heh

Blue runs faster then Dib trips on a rock.

Dib: whoa ow.

Blue: heh heh heh.

Blue makes it back to her base but Dib was coming closer.

Blue: Gray! Quickly turn on the security system.

Gray in his rabbit disguise turns on the security system.

Dib: I got you now Blue Heh heh.

a ray gun appears in front of Dib.


Dib who was now zaped decides to leave.

Dib: Ok you win i'm going home but i'll get you Blue.

Blue: Today was good Gray.

Gray: Good today.

Part 4 ends