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Chapter 3: School

'Ugh, I hate mornings.' Harry thought as he walked down the stairs. It was 7:45 in the morning. He was already heading downstairs for breakfest. He was dressed is the school's uniform. It was nice looking. 'At least it's not ugly.' He arrived in the kitchen to see Sirius pinning Remus to the kitchen table, making out with him.

"Ah, come on I eat at that table. I'm gonna start taking my food in the living room."

Remus pushed Sirius off of him. "Sorry Harry. Sirius couldn't help himself. Breakfest is ready." He set a plate of eggs and toast on the table. Harry walked over and sat down at the table.

"Okay. I'll forgive you guys for now but do that stuff in your rooms. I use this table too." Harry laughed at Remus' face. He was a tomato.

"Leave Remus alone Harry." Sirius tried to look serious but a smile broke out on his face. "And eat your food. You have to leave soon."

"Yes Siri." Harry started eating his food. It tasted delicious. Harry didn't cook that much now that he wasn't forced to do chores for his aunt and uncle. The only chores he had was to keep his room clean, do the dishes, and take out the trash. He usually helped Remus make dinner. When he was almost done with his food there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" Remus called out as he walked to the door. Harry got up from the table and started to wash his dishes. "Yuki, why hello. I hope you are well."

"Yes I am fine. I came over to ask Harry if he wanted to walk to school with me."

"Of course I do." Harry walked over to the front door. He picked up his shoes from the floor and started to put them on. "Are we picking up Machi on the way?"

"Yes. You ready?" Yuki laughed as Sirius latched on to Harry's waist.

"Don't leave me Harry. Stay here. Down with school!" Sirius tried to drag Harry back into the house.

"Sirius let go. I wanna go. Do you want Yuki to go alone? Without my wonderful self to keep him company?" Harry watched as Sirius stretched out an arm and grabbed Yuki's arm.

"Harry's right Yuki. So you will stay here too. Yay now I have two sons to kee-" Sirius never finished his sentence. Remus had hit him over the head with a book. Which gave Harry time to get out of Sirius' grasp and pulled Yuki out of the door.

"Bye guys. Love ya." Harry and Yuki could hear Sirius behind them screaming for his babies to come back. Yuki laughed as Harry pulled him down the street. Once they were far away from Sirius, Harry slowed down and smiled at Yuki. "Isn't my family fun? So where is Machi's house?"

"It's not that far from the school." Yuki grabbed Harry's hand and dragged him down the street. "She is just about 2 blocks from the school." They walked for about another 10 minutes. Yuki told Harry about the Prince Yuki Fan Club.

"Wait, Wait. So this club has made a vow to never ask you out and to keep other unworthy girls from dating you." Harry laughed at Yuki's face. He looked so depressed. "You poor thing. How do they feel about Machi?"

"Oh, they didn't like her. They still don't They pranked her constantly. They did stop when I stepped in and threatened to change schools with Machi if they didn't stop."

"I doubt you would change schools. Even with Machi by your side. You like this school too much."

"Your right. But they don't know that. I think they still talk about her but I don't catch them and she doesn't say anything on it." Yuki smiled.

"Well, that makes me think she is perfect for you. She can take on you fans. I might help though." Harry started thinking. He and Sirius were working on some pranks together. Maybe he could use a few on this so called fan club.

"I don't wanna know. Oh! There's Machi." Yuki smiled and waved at his girlfriend. She was just standing in front of her apartment building.

Harry laughed as Machi ran up and gave Yuki a kiss on the lips.

"I missed you." Machi said as she grabbed Yuki's hand.

"I missed you too." Yuki blushed.

"And no one misses me. Oh, I'm alone. So unloved." Harry covered his face and pretened to cry. "I wish you weren't here Machi. Then I could seduce Yuki and make him love me!"

Machi laughed. "And I would support that completely." She gave Harry a huge hug. "And I missed you too."

Yuki stood aside watching them. "I'm confused."

"No need to be my friend. We are just messing with you." Harry grabbed Yuki and Machi's hands and started walking toward the school again.

"Now come on. We don't want to be late and I want to meet you friends."

A few minutes later the group arrived at the school. Harry noticed that a lot of students were watching him. Either they were giving him curious looks or jealous and angry looks. It didn't take him long to realize that the jealous and angry looks were because he was still holding Yuki's hand. In his defense he was also still holding Machi's.

'Ah, now I can see why Yuki worries over Machi.' Harry could count as many as over 15 girls and some guys who were glaring at Machi and him. 'The Yuki fan club is big. Which means that there is going to be a lot of people for me to mess with.' Harry grinned. He was going to have to so much fun with them.

"Harry, come on. The classroom is this way." Yuki tugged Harry in the direction of the classroom. "Bye Machi." Harry watched as Machi waved and went into a different classroom.

"Your not in the same class?"

"Nope but we are part of the student council together." Harry nodded and let Yuki lead him to their classroom.

Of course before they got there they ran into two people.

"Yuki." Harry watched as a tall boy pulled Yuki into a hug. There was another boy next to him smiling. "Who's this?" The tall boy looked at Harry. Trying to size him up.

"I'm Harry. I just moved here and you are?"

"Why hello and welcome! My name's Momiji Sohma and the boy hugging Yuki is Hatsuharu Sohma but just call him Haru." Momiji held his hand out to Harry. "Let's be friends."

"Sure. I'm guessing you are Yuki's cousins." Harry shook Momiji's hand and laughed inwardly as Yuki tried to get Haru to let go.

"Haru let go. You have to go to class." Yuki pulled Haru's arms away and put Harry in front of him to keep Haru away.

"Fine. Bye Yuki, bye Yuki's friend." Haru turned and left the classroom.

"Bye Harry. Let's hang out later." Momiji waved and ran out of the classroom.

"Well, you certainly have a nice family." Harry said. He watched as Yuki sat down and took his books out.

"Yeah they are nice but think of them as if they are Sirius." Yuki laughed as Harry paled and moved to the seat next to Yuki's. "Oh, here comes two people I do want you to meet."

Harry looked up to see a small girl with straight brown hair holding an orange haired boy's hand. They boy was smiling at the girl until his eyes fell on Yuki. The boy started glaring at Yuki.

"Hey, Rat! Why did you leave so early? Tohru was worried." The boy led the girl to a sit in front of Yuki and moved to sit next to her. Right in front of Harry.

"Yuki, did you have a student council meeting?" The girl asked. She looked sweet. Harry watched as she reached into her bag and pulled out a bento box. "Here you forgot your lunch."

"Thanks Tohru." Yuki took the bento and turned to Harry. "Harry this is my cousin Kyo and his girlfriend Tohru."

"Hello, Yuki told me alot about you."

"What did yuki say about us Harry?" Tohru asked.

"Oh nothing bad about you Tohru. Just that Kyo over here is annoying and I am allowed to bother and torture him as I see fit." Harry laughed as Kyo turned around to yell at him and Yuki but before he could the teacher came in.

"Alright kids, listen up. We have a new student today. His name is Harry Potter. Harry can you stand and saw a few things about yourself?"

"Sure." Harry stood up and looked around. 'Might as well get this over with.'

"I am 17 years old. I was born in England and my godfathers decided to move here. And I plan to seduce Yuki and steal him from Machi."

"HARRY! Don't tell them that!" Yuki grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him back down into his chair. He looked up to see some of the Yuki fangirls glaring at Harry and the other classmates looking confused. "He's kidding. Right Harry?"

"Sure, or am I?" Harry laughed as the entire class looked either pissed or curious. Kyo couldn't stop laughing and Tohru was blushing.

"That was good Harry. I think I'm gonna like you." Kyo smiled at Harry and turned back around as the teacher started talking about what they would be doing that day.

Harry turned and smiled at Yuki who was trying to listen to the teacher. Harry turned to face the teacher when a piece of paper hit his arm. He picked it up and read it.

'Sirius was right. You are mean. You owe me for that joke.' Harry looked up to see Yuki looking at him. He didn't look pissed, he looked like he was planning something.

'Fine, what do you want in return for me messing with your fans?' Harry threw the paper back at Yuki and watched as he read it, sat there and then wrote back and threw the paper back.

'You have to watch Machi's brother sometime this week so we can go out. And it won't be easy. He's evil.' Harry glared back at Yuki.

He mouthed back to him. 'You are the true evil.' Harry could swear he saw devil horn's come out of Yuki's head. Harry then turned back and tried to concentrate on what the teacher was talking about.

He figured it wouldn't be hard to watch one kid. Besides how evil could one kid be?

~Akito's POV~

Akito sighed. 'I hate these board meetings.'

He was sitting in a conference room in one of the Sohma companies listening to the one of the many board members talk. They were updating him on how much money they made this month, people fired, hired, new ideas, the usual. He usually would be paying attention but his mind wandered to a certain emerald eyed boy who had caught his eye.

'He certainly was handsome. Beautiful eyes, a nice lean body, not to mention that fire in those eyes.' Akito smirked. He did want to get to know this boy so he took the proper steps. He talked to Yuki yesterday, well more like scared him.


"Why, hello Yuki." Akito watched as Yuki came into the living room. He dismissed the servents in the room and looked at Yuki. What he was going to say didn't need to be heard by anyone else.

"Hello Akito. Why did you want to talk me?" Yuki watched as Akito sat on the couch and got comfortable.

"Straight to the point Yuki, as always. I want to know about your friend Harry." Akito almost laughed at the look on Yuki's face. He was shocked.

"Why do you want to know about Harry?" Yuki was worried. Akito didn't even show interest in Tohru when he first heard about her. So why Harry?

"That is none of your concern. Now tell me what you know."

"He's 17 years old. Moved here from England with his Godfathers Sirius and Remus. I don't know much else on him. We just met." Yuki was shaking. He hoped that the only reason Akito was interested in Harry was because he was Yuki's friend.

"Why did he move?"

"He didn't really say. Just that he had some bad memories from there and needed a change." Yuki watched as Akito nodded his head and got up from the couch. He froze as Akito moved in front of him and cupped his cheek.

"Listen carefully Yuki. I don't want you telling him anything bad about me or speaking of the Zodiac to him. You will stay by his side and protect him." Akito's grip on Yuki's face tightened. "Or there will be dire consequences. Also invite him over to the main house for the party this weekend. You may bring your little girlfriend." Akito let go of Yuki's cheek and smiled. He was happy to see Yuki visibly shaking. He knew Yuki would do whatever he said. He was too scared to go against him on anything.

"That is all, you may leave."

~End Flashback~

Akito smirked. Yuki would be bringing Harry to the party. It was nothing that big. Just business partners and the family coming. The Zodiac would be there of course. After the main party the Zodiac would meet and have their own little party. Or it was more like Akito checking up on the Zodiac members. Making sure they still knew their place.

He looked up when he realized that the meeting was over and everyone was waiting for him to dismiss them. He waved them away and watched as they left. Until there was only him and Kureno left.

"Akito, is something bothering you?" Kureno moved to help Akito put on his jacket. He had been acting weird all day. He looked distracted.

"No. Nothing that is your business." Akito walked out of the room and went to the elevator. Kureno was right behind him. He had to figure out how to get Harry alone at the party. "Kureno make sure that everyhting for the party is set and ready. I want no problems to arise at the party. Understand?" Akito watched as Kureno nodded his head and pulled out his phone.

"I will call the caters and the entertainment and make sure they are prepared. Also I will call and confirm which guests are coming."

"Excellent." Akito smirked. Soon he would see Harry again. He wondered if he should speak to all of the Zodiac members on this or not. 'I probably should. They do go to the same school and I wouldn't put it past one of them to let slip how I am with them or to warn him. Besides it's been a while since I have seen all of them.'

"Kureno, call a Zodiac meeting for tonight. I need to speak to all of them on something." Akito smirked. If all went to plan nothing would stand between him and his prize.

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