Furries vs. Anime Villains

Chapter 9: One More Wish

"What are we going to do?" said Bill. "Our long run objective has failed! We couldn't save the plane!"

"We saved the world," said Krystal. "But not the plane, or its passengers."

"No…" said Renamon. "We were too late… but there's still one thing we can do."

"What's that?" said Flicker.

Everyone stood at Capsule Corp with the Dragonballs.

"They'd better be grateful," said Oolong. "Those six villains, don't mess around."

"Well you're so cowardly I bet you think taking a shower is dangerous!" said Bulma.

"They are unless you wear those things on your feet to keep you from slipping."

"Don't you ever think about anyone other than yourself?"

"Arise dragon," said Artemis.

Shenron appeared. "Why have you called me here? What is your wish?"

"Please heal everyone on Earth who has been hurt by Giovanni, VanDamnmon…" began Blaze.

"…MYOTISMON," continued Renamon, "Frieza, Wiseman, Bakura, and Moo. Except for the very evil ones. And count "being banished to the shadow realm" and "death" among those."

"And count Colk Honker and Gidget Bubblenose out of that wish too," said Bill.

"I'll… don't know," said Shenron, but he thought for a while, and his eyes glowed red.

Earl, Al, Orrin, Unger, Lucario, all the police officers, the flight attendants, and all the passengers of the plane – with the exceptions of Benks, Jirk, and Ghost Kaiba – reappeared, as well as a few other victims.

"Am I back?" said Lucario. "What happened?"

"They've all been defeated," said Renamon.

"Will you marry me?" said Lucario.

"Yes," said Renamon.

The two leaned in to kiss.

Then a woman screamed.

Goose and Oggers arrived, shooting energy blasts and blowing up cars.

But before they could get far or kill any innocents, two lasers, at the speed of light, hit them both directly between the eyes, and they collapsed to the ground dead. Everyone turned toward Bill, who spun a laser gun around on his finger like a basketball and pit it away.

"I was always hired to take out the most evil villains," said Bill. "But I retired four years ago because when another assassin of the same name as me met his doom in that explosion, I became paranoid that a cyborg from the future was sent to kill all assassins named Bill Johnson. So I retired and became a clerk at an airport."

"Can we go to Seattle now?" said Mr. Shaver.


"Where is Bakura?" said Marik. "Oh well. I'll just ride my motorcycle and listen to Boston. Rare Hunters, you're all fired. Go dance somewhere or something."

And Marik rode off into the distance.

You guessed it, the Boston thing is another reference to the Abridged Series. Bakura being mistaken for Russian is a reference to the kid saying "Go back to Russia!"

If you haven't guessed the Bakura/Giovanni thing by now, I'll say it. The same guy does the voice of Bakura and Giovanni. I guessed that when I first saw Episode 13, when Bakura said "And I have done terrible things in my quest for..." I forget how the rest goes, but he sounded a lot like Giovanni, I looked it up, Ted Lewis does the voice of both.