Hello ya'll! I didn't want to write a kick-ass fanfic but one of my friends said she would like me to write one where Mindy and Dave are together in the future. I didn't want to humor her initially, really, but decided to do it anyway. Fair warning: it might not be everyone's cup of tea. There will be lots of swearing, violence and sex. Just thought that you should know. Plus it's kind of short and it's in Mindy's point of view. I might just add a second chapter for the sake of adding one. Enjoy.

Chapter one

"Mommy, c'mon! I want a story!"

My little girl's squealing stopped me right in my tracks. I was tired as shit—had been all day—but I decided that I could churn out one fucking story. I turned back and walked towards her bed, plopping my ass down on the side of it. She stared at me with her eyes wide, grinning uncontrollably. "Which one would you want me to tell you, sweetie?" I asked.

"The one about when you first met daddy"

"C'mon, honey! I've told you that story so many fucking times"

She pouted when I told her that. Eight years old and she's already trying to master the art of the glare. "Shit, Mommy! You said you would tell me the story anytime I wanted!"

I winced when I heard her say that—I thought she would forget that I told her. And in case you're wondering why I wasn't wincing at her free use of the word "shit", it's because…well, it's because it's pretty much normal for her; she's a fucking potty mouth. Plus, she probably got it from me. Besides, I was much worse at her age, trust me. "Fine" I reluctantly agreed, sighing resignedly. "It all started when your Daddy went to threaten a bad man on behalf of a girl"

"Who wasn't you, right, Mommy?" she helped.

"No, sweetie, it wasn't me. So, he went to this apartment that was fuckin' dingy and dirty and saw huge killers that were much bigger than he was. And like the dipshit your daddy was back then, he decided to threaten them anyway and warn them off of the girl"

"Hey, don't call Daddy a dipshit, Mommy! He was being brave!"

"Oh, I know sweetie, I know. It was very brave" I said, smiling at her, tapping her nose with my finger as she giggled. "But…he was way in over his head. And they were about to kill him—"

"When you burst in and killed them all! Right, Mommy?" Her excitement had peaked and I was very much afraid she wouldn't be able to hit the hay anymore.

"Yes, baby. Mommy swooped in and killed them all. The end. Now go to sleep, sweetie" I said firmly but gently, kissing her on her forehead, while I redid her tucking in.

"And then you guys kissed and got married, right? Right?" she pestered.

"No, that happened much later, baby. Go to sleep. I'll finish it tomorrow, I promise" I stood up and walked over to the light switch by the door. "Is your knife under your pillow, sweetie" I asked, as I turned back to her.

"Yup, it's right here, Mommy" she assured me. She let go of her teddy bear for a second and pulled a ten-inch Navy issue combat blade from under her pillow, showing it to me. "See?" She put it back and grabbed her bear again, attempting to fall asleep as she closed her eyes.

I laughed as said good night to her, switched off the light and closed her room door. That knife was her favorite. She loved it with a passion ever since I got it for her sixth birthday. She was so fuckin' happy to use it and help me torture information out of a drug dealer pussy that Dave and I brought home when she was seven. It was an understatement to say that she was absolutely in love with striated blades.

I thought about checkin' up on her older sister and brother, but decided against it when a fucking wave of fatigue swept through my frame. I went straight to Dave's and my room, trudging to the bed and throwing myself on it. Unfortunately it was dark and I had fucking thrown myself right on top of Dave, who wasn't really asleep, seeing as he gasped in pain when I fell on him. "Mindy? What the hell?" he whispered, his voice muffled because he was under the sheets. I buried my face in his chest as I yawned. "Why the fuck did we think it was a good idea to have kids, dumbass?"

"Uh, it was mostly your idea. You got the baby fever, remember?" He reminded me, taking the sheet from over his head and looking down at me as I was still face down on his chest. He started stroking my hair softly as I yet again, let out another sigh. "You're not suggesting that we get rid of them, are you?" he asked curiously, obviously teasing me. I gathered what strength I had left and pulled myself up so that our faces were on the same level. He was still caressing my hair and my eyes had started to adjust to the dark, allowing me to see his face just a bit. "If anyone touches my kids" I said expressionlessly, my eyes half closed from sleep, "then I'll dismember them and jam one half of their castrated genitalia down their throat and the other up their ass"

"Sounds kinky" he laughed. Dave was still pretty much a geek, like he was back then. Though, not as pussyish and not with the same ridiculous hair. Either way, I was way out of his effin league. We closed the gap between our lips and had a deep, long kiss, ending it with several small ones. And just like that, the drowsiness was half gone, and I was hornier than a fucking nympho on ecstasy.

It sounds crazy but there was always something about Dave that could turn me on the way no one else could and never has. Maybe it was because he was the one who saved my life, twice, shortly after he had met me. He also continued to stick with me by going on patrol with me, even though he didn't want to. He was even there when I had the occasional breakdown because of my dad's death. His relationship with me fucked up all his others; the ones with Todd and Marty, his dad and even Katie. I was actually the reason that they had broken up. Well, it wasn't just his self appointment to do everything with me that caused that—it was also the fact that after I turned fourteen, oblivious to the fucking fact that I had just gone through puberty, I suddenly woke up with a sex drive. And what do you think a girl, who has daddy issues and vengeance issues and anger issues, does with a sex drive?

Dave was my first and only choice because I knew he was the only one who deserved me. What no one told me, though, was that fourteen year old girls don't go after twenty year old boys. But I didn't care. The first time I tried to seduce him though, I freaked him the fuck out. We were on patrol staking out a warehouse and I very casually asked him if he ever stared at my butt. After a shitstorm of stammering, he finally coherently denied it. But I kept trying, kept coming on to him time and again, persevering against him shitting me to 'go after boys my own age'. Katie noticed all this eventually, and told Dave it was either her or his friendship with me. And for some fucked up reason…he chose me. He was devastated after she left him but I… I just couldn't believe he had chosen me. I think that was the moment that I fell in love with Dave Lizewski and it ceased being just about having him 'quench the fire in my oven'.

Then, when I was sixteen or seventeen, after years of trying to get him to take me seriously and bang the shit out of me, I finally caught him at a weak moment. He was slightly drunk and bitching about being alone for the rest of his life. That day he literally fucked me senseless. My body was one giant nerve ending for pleasure. I couldn't get enough of it after that and neither could he, no matter what he fucking said to dissuade me. My time as the bitch slap of vengeance, took a serious dive during that period. I basically tried to fill the hatred and rage shaped hole in me with indiscriminate sex instead of the steady dose of violence. It was years later that I learned that much like killing, sex was only a temporary high. It didn't last for shit and kept you coming back for more. But back then, at that point, I didn't seem to care. Dave and I were humping like rabbits on speed. And then when I was nineteen, I somehow got pregnant and the rest of my life from then until now was a blur of killing criminals, changing diapers, being a stay at home mom, and having even more babies. It was fucking stressful but…ultimately, a life I got to like.

Plus, it wasn't like I didn't get special periods of time all to myself. Taking advantage of them was something I couldn't afford not to do. So, even though I had just finished telling a story to Natalie, my eight year old daughter, added to the fact that I didn't sleep all of last night because I was turning a child pornography ring into red mush—I really wanted to have sex with my husband at the moment. But despite us being locked in a passionate kiss as one of my hands worked on him, getting him hard in no time—he broke the kiss, and gripped my shoulders firmly. Not willing to give up so easily, I took my kisses to his neck but when he didn't bother to respond and sighed deeply, I knew he was giving me the signal to stop. Re-fucking-luctantly, I stopped and brought my head up again so I could face him. "Don't make me have to rape you, dumbass" I playfully threatened.

"C'mon, I'm just as tired as you, honey. We can do this tomorrow" he promised, making me moan in fucking frustration as I abruptly rested one side of my head on his chest again. "Mindy?" I heard him call, as I allowed sleep to once again drag me down deeply. I felt him throw part of the sheets over me, letting me stay in that position on top of him as I drifted off into the most refreshing sleep that I'd had in days.


There you have it! So, I just wanted to say that if you find it offensive and stuff: sorry. That's the way my friend wanted it and yes, she has something that I would call potty mouth. Also, I don't know how old Dave is cuz I don't think it was ever mentioned in the movie. But Mindy was like eleven, so I assume he's about six years older than her.