Harry Potter was a fairly unusual boy. For one thing, he owned a trained pet owl. For another, he used a stick and Latin words. Why you ask?

Harry Potter is a wizard in training. He had just finished his fourth year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and he was downright miserable. At least at the school there was always a chance of something interesting happening, like the moving staircases or the pictures that talked back. Or in his case, a high chance of being thrown into an asinine test of his loyalty to the headmaster.

But no, Dumbledore sent him back to his own personal hell for two months a year, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Which is probably why the little voice in the back of Harry's head kept telling him to leave the Wizarding world behind and let them sort out their own damn problems.

Right now he was sorely tempted to do just that. So what if a so called Dark Lord came back to life and no one believed him? Not his problem, no matter what the old goat said.

A week later, and all he got for his troubles for the past four years of school was a letter full of non-information about the war. If his friends were going to spend their summer vacation together without him, and not even invite him or tell him anything useful, then he had enough of their so called friendship.

Judging by the tone of the letters, it seemed Sirius was with them. The communications breakdown was probably Dumbledore's orders from the sound of it. If he got one more letter full of nothing, he was so leaving this place.

But where would he go?

It was a little too easy to convince his obese uncle to take him to London for a few hours. All he had to do was tell him he was planning on getting his own place.

His first stop was Gringotts to talk to the goblins. It was too long since he'd checked his vault. Imagine his surprise to find out that he had been missing his bank statements! To make it worse, someone (he really started to suspect Dumbledore) had been stealing from vaults he had no idea he owned.

So now he was restocking his supplies at Diagon, and prepared to go off the grid entirely.

Which is why he was now living in a large studio on the top floor of a building that was now his. He rented the other apartments after they were remodeled, which thanks to magic and a little nudge from the goblins, took all of a week. His apartment had five rooms, a large kitchen and a monster-sized bathroom, expanded by charms. The fridge was fully stocked, and the wards were the best that could be done.

Instead of repelling muggles however, they repelled anyone with more magic than a squib. He didn't want the Magical World to intrude on his new hideout. It didn't hurt that most of his new tenants were werewolves, vampires or Veela. So long as they didn't mention his identity, he wouldn't mind if the rent was a little behind and he'd even pay for repairs needed.

They loved him immediately for that. He even came up with a new name to be called in public. So long as he didn't mind the fact that the so called lesser creatures gawked at his scar when they first met him, he let them come to him for anything.

Where Harry Potter was scrutinized at every opportunity, James Silver was a nobody that you'd pass on the street and leave alone. Which is just how he liked it.

Hedwig seemed to like the new place too. She had free reign of the entire place, the mousing situation was controllable, and so long as she had the glamour charms around her talons when she left, no one noticed her at all.

Jamie (Harry preferred to be called that instead of James) was seriously considering inviting Remus and Sirius to come over. Remus would probably make a few new friends with his werewolf tenants, all of which drank the Wolfsbane potion (Jamie made that a requirement of living there. He didn't want to repair things too often and it prevented accidents.)

The vampires who lived in the basement had a truce going with the werewolves of the second and first floors. Most of the wolves were full packs who were tired of run-down shacks and caves. They loved Jamie enough to tolerate the vamps. The Veela had the third floor, which had a spectacular view of the river at sunset. The Veela shared with a few hags and female squibs. All in all, the peace level between rival species and packs was at an all time high.

The fact that they supported Harry Potter against the Dark Tosser didn't factor into it in the least.

Dumbledore was not a happy man. His golden boy had vanished a month ago, and the letters (and port-keys disguised as letters) couldn't find him! Not to mention the reckless Black heir and the Wolf wouldn't shut up about finding their pup! His spies at least didn't care that their so called friend was missing. Voldemort didn't have him, or Severus would have mentioned it.

Remus was looking through the wanted ads when he saw the small ad for an apartment for magical creatures, free television and utilities provided, no questions asked. It even listed the requirements for living there, which were perfectly reasonable considering the times.

(Werewolves, Vampires, Squibs, Hags and Veela! If you are someone labeled as Magical /Read Lesser/ being, then there are apartments for rent for you! Ministry bigots not welcome! Pets are allowed with no size limit!

Please note: Werewolves must take Wolfsbane Potion on transformation nights or be banned from premises. We must insist on this to prevent accidental bites.

Vampires are prohibited from biting on premises and fighting with werewolves.

Veela are asked to not use their natural charms on other tenants.

Anyone found with Dark Mark is arrested and turned into the Ministry, no exceptions.)

Remus looked interested, and decided to check it out. If they had other werewolves, then maybe he could recruit some for the Order.

When Remus and Sirius walked to the apartment listed, they certainly weren't expecting it to be three blocks from the Ministry of Magic! Remus showed the ad, and was told to take the elevator to the fourth floor to meet the supervisor and owner. They were also warned about his tendancy to prank possible new tenants.

Remus knocked on the door, and got hit with a color changing dust, turning his tawny hair midnight black. Sirius was turned pink. He barked in good humor.

A fifteen year old boy wearing blue rimmed glassed, sleeveless black hoodie and blue jeans with chains greeted them. He had a Slytherin mascot on his shoulders, and an owl in the kitchen with a dead mouse.

"Greetings gentlemen. James Silver's the name, annoying the idiots in the Ministry is my game!"

Sirius took one look at the kid, then shifted into his human form.


"Tell the old man, and you won't be allowed back in," said Jamie.

"Harry, why aren't you at your relatives?"

"You honestly expect me to stay in that tiny room, with little to no food and hardly any communication when I can afford my own place?" retorted Jamie dryly.

"Why didn't you let us know where you were?" asked Sirius.

"And have the old man drag me back? No thanks. Besides, with the Dark Tosser back, the blood wards seem kinda pointless."

Sirius and Remus had no comment about that, instead catching him up on the news. The only thing that caught his interest was the Order, but other than that, he read the paper. He had them for sale on the first floor for the other tenants. The Quibbler was delivered on request.

In the end, Remus and Sirius became the new tenants of the second floor. Sirius paid the rent, and Remus kept them in the loop.

Sirius still had yet to forgive Jamie for dragging him into the monstrous bathroom and giving him a much-needed hair cut. A pair of yellow contacts to turn his blue eyes green, and a name change later, and he could walk through Diagon and the Ministry without detection.

Which is probably why Dumbledore was still mad at them for leaving. Remus kept them informed about the Order while they stayed out of sight. That's how Jamie learned about the Prophecy made about him and the Dark Tosser. He walked into the Ministry a week later, and walked out with a smirk that made people avoid him like the plague.

Both Dumbledore and the Dark Lord were still swearing whenever it was brought up.

Jamie received the owl for Hogwarts, and burned it instead. It shocked Sirius and Remus to no end.

"What's the point when I could hire tutors instead, and not have to deal with Snape?"

Which turned out to be a good idea when the reports of the new DADA teacher came in. Umbitch (that was the name everyone called her in the building) was a nightmare who used blood quills in detention. Her fury of not having Harry Potter under her tyranny made it worse.

Sirius still couldn't understand Jamie's reluctance to tell his friends about where he was. That is, until he told Sirius about what he overheard in the hospital wing last year.


"I don't get it, why do we have to continue pretending to be his friends?"

'That's Ron's voice. But why would he...?'

"He's right professor Dumbledore. Harry has almost gotten us killed at least five times per year!"

'Hermione too?'

"All you have to do is wait until sixth year. Then the love potion that Harry has taken for the past three years will take full effect and he'll marry Ginny. Only to die by Voldemort...or a tragic accident. Then you will be paid."

'So they were never my friends. In that case, screw them!'

It was then that Harry decided to abandon the Wizarding World to it's fate.

(End flashback)

Jamie took his O.W.L.s at the Ministry, and passed almost all of them with an Outstanding by Christmas. Except Divination and History of Magic...those he abandoned to change his subjects to Ancient Runes and several language courses. He also chose to take beginner's healing.

After one of his trips to Gringotts, he learned about the magical restrictions on him. He paid the thirty galleons and had them removed immediately.

He unlocked his natural Metamorphamagi ability, as well as a few others he had to have explained. It was also how he discovered the dark spell in his scar. It cost twenty galleons, but the Horcrux was removed.

Jamie was watching the news when he overheard about the Family Reconstruction Act. He obviously thought it was a good idea, and decided to register before it became mandatory. Sirius and Remus went with him, and waited for the results. The werewolves and other more human residents did the same, and found family they were sure died. Some of which suffered from the same affliction.

So the apartment got a few more tenants.

Imagine Jamie's surprise when he found out about an older brother he didn't know existed! Sirius and Remus were equally surprised that he was still alive. Remus found a son that he was sure died in a Death Eater raid. Sirius found a nephew that he didn't know existed.

Their names were Duo Maxwell (Jamie's brother), Trowa Barton (Remus' son), and Heero Yuy (Sirius' nephew). They were due to meet them next week.