K, so I wanted to do a bunch of Halloween one-shots to count down to Halloween so here is the first instalment.

Summary: It's Halloween at Camp Half-Blood and Travis Stoll is telling his scary story that may be more that just fiction... a few adultish comments but nothing very bad. Hope you enjoy!

~Artemis Frimm (bwahahahaha!)

It was Halloween. Down in the city, children were trick-or-treating, teenagers were going to haunted houses or parties, and the campers at camp Half-Blood were telling ghost stories.

Everyone at camp loved Halloween because of all of the traditions it brought. During the day, campers would carve pumpkins and decorate their cabins, then after dinner, they would have a haunted hike in the woods, courtesy of the nymphs and satyrs. After the hike, everyone would light their pumpkins and gather around the campfire and tell scary stories and eat s'mores.

"- then, the girl entered her cabin to find the giant tarantula in its massive web. It lunged forward, she tried to run, but the spider was to fast. The girl was never seen again. Apparently, the spider still roams around this very camp, looking for its next victim." Annabeth finished her story with a look of satisfaction on her face. The younger campers were cowering and had frightened looks on their faces, but Travis Stoll on the other hand just looked bored. He let out a loud overly exaggerated yawn.

Annabeth frowned at him, "What was that for?"

Travis shrugged, "Your story was very lacking in the basic elements that make a truly exceptional scary story."

"For example?"

Travis sighed, "For example, you didn't even name the main character. You could have used a real demigod name or something instead of just calling her 'the girl' its simple things like that, Annabeth that make a truly terrifying story. Your ending was also very inconclusive. I mean, wouldn't people check in her cabin and notice a giant spider web. Also it's a known fact that you're scared of spiders, so it makes in sound weak."

Annabeth scowled at him, "Oh, well I guess you think you can make up a better scary story then?"

Travis shook his head, "I know for a fact that I could, because my story is terrifyingly true."

Annabeth crossed her arms over her chest, "Ok then, let's here it."

"It started when Hermes fell in love. He was walking through a forest on Halloween eve one year when he came across a startlingly beautiful woman. She had shiny raven hair and piercing jade eyes. She was the most beautiful creature Hermes had ever laid eyes on.

"Naturally he decided to introduce himself…

"Well hello there." Hermes said flirtatiously.

The young woman arched a slender eyebrow at him, "Hi? Can I help you with something?"

Hermes grinned, "Well, I was just wondering what a beautiful thing like yourself was doing all alone on the night before Halloween."

The woman shook her head, causing her dark hair to ripple. Hermes was watching her trying to keep his head clear, how could a mortal be this beautiful? She was mesmerizing. "Well, I was going to go out to dinner with my boyfriend, but he decided that I wasn't good enough for him. He dumped me via text message." She batted her long black eyelashes; blinking away invisible tears.

She shook her head, "I don't know what I'm going to do now. I was supposed to bring a date to this Halloween party down on Maple Street, and I don't have anyone to go with."

She suddenly realized what she was doing and stood up to leave, "Oh, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't be dropping all of this on you. I don't even know your name."

Hermes held out his hand, "Jacob." He lied easily without giving it a second thought.

The woman smiled and took his hand, "Bran."

"Well Bran, I know I'm probably not as dashing as your ex, but I'd be happy to accompany you to this Halloween party."

Bran smiled, "That would be lovely."

Travis stopped his story and took a bite out of a s'more that a younger camper had made for him.

Annabeth laughed, "So that's your terrifying story? That was weak. And to think, you called my story weak."

Travis shook his head and licked the leftover marshmallow off of his fingers, "Annabeth, Annabeth, Annabeth, you should know me better than that. Of course I'm not done with my story, I was just getting started. Now, where was I?

"Oh yea, so, a few hours later, Hermes, or as he was going by; Jacob, was preparing to pick up Bran and head over to the Halloween party. He had picked out a very frightening vampire costume and was admiring himself in the mirror. He almost couldn't recognize himself. Due to his advantages of being a god, he was able to change his natural hair color to an inky black, and give himself a natural, sharp widow's peak. He changed his eye color to blood red and had grown in sharp incisors. He had changed his normally tan skin color to an icy white color, and applied dark makeup under his eyes so they looked like bruises.

He had picked out a very smart looking suit and he had splashed some artificial blood around the neck area; the fake blood really contrasting against the white of his shirt.

He admired his work in the mirror one more time before hopping into his car and driving to Bran's house. He arrived at the address Bran had written down for him, and was slightly surprised by her house.

It was a dark gothic looking mansion with turrets and a black iron fence. The sky was beginning to turn dark, and Hermes was reminded slightly of a horror movie. Taking a deep breath, he walked up to the front porch and rang the doorbell, an eerie chime echoing through the large house.

A few minutes later, Bran answered the door. She too was dressed like a vampire, her raven hair and pale skin working well with her costume. She must have capped her incisors with points, and was wearing bright red lipstick. She wore a simple black gown, and looked just amazing.

Bran smiled, showing off her vampire fangs, "Huh, what a coincidence, we're both vampires."

Hermes laughed, "Yea, what a coincidence."

"You look very terrifying Jacob." Bran breathed, eyeing his costume.

"Why thank you very much." Hermes said with the stereo-typical vampire voice.

Bran laughed, "Hmm, cute and funny, you're definitely a step up from my last boyfriend."

Hermes smiled, "Well, I'm happy to oblige. So, shall we get going to this Halloween party you mentioned?"

Bran smiled, her incisors were beginning to disturb Hermes for some reason. "Yea, let's get going."

The vampire couple arrived at the mansion where the party was taking place. The windows were tinted black and had fake cobwebs covering them. Fake gravestones were scattered randomly around the front of the building while a real cemetery was around back. The sky surrounding the town had now grown black and lightening was illuminating the sky every few minutes.

Bran and Hermes began walking inside arm in arm.

"Hey! Bran! So glad you could make it!" A younger woman in a princess costume shouted over the loud music that was playing.

Bran smiled, "hi, Jackie, this is Jacob." Bran shouted over the music.

"Hi, Jacob, nice to meet you. Food and drinks are in the next room, and feel free to explore the haunted mansion. Apparently this house is home to many ghosts, but it's a very neat place to go exploring."

Jackie laughed once more before going back to the party.

"Well shall we see if they have anything good to drink? Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll be serving Bloody Marys." Hermes laughed.

Bran didn't seem very impressed by Hermes attempted joke. "Or maybe we can get some real blood."

Hermes laughed, not sure what was going on with her. He quickly dismissed it as Bran grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the dance floor where other couples were dancing through the artificial fog. "C'mon I love this song." She said as Disturbia blared over the speakers.

The two danced for a little while until Bran grabbed his hand, this time pulling him towards the stairs. "C'mon, let's find a place, a little more private." She said seductively.

Hermes eyes widened with anticipation (he was a god, what can you expect) and he allowed Bran to lead him upstairs.

They continued walking in silence to a small hidden room, hidden in the gloom.

Bran smiled seductively and opened the door. Inside the room was a small bed, a cracked mirror and… a coffin?

Hermes suddenly wasn't so sure. He remembered what Jackie had told them about ghosts, and he really didn't want a ghost spying on him while he was doing 'it'. He looked around again, and couldn't help but notice a blood stain on the bed. "Uh, you know what, maybe, maybe we should wait until we get back to your place. You know, somewhere, less haunted."

Bran laughed, "What's wrong Jacob, not scared of a few ghosts are you?" she asked as she placed her hands on his chest. Hermes tried not to shiver, but her hands were like ice.

"You okay Bran?" he asked as he reached up his hands and tried warming hers up, "your hands are freezing."

"You're not trying to change the subject are you Jacob?" She asked as she began to finger the pulse on his neck, "or should I say, Hermes." She said as she brought her lips up to his.

Hermes instantly pulled away, "What did you just call me?" he asked as he tried to ignore her hands as they began running up and down his chest and arms, always stopping at the pulse on his neck.

Before she could answer, the door slammed shut and the lights went out. The entire house went silent, and all that they could hear was their ragged breathing.

Hermes pulled away from Bran and went to the door, trying to open it; it wouldn't budge.

"Damn it! What the hell is wrong with this door?"

Bran laughed, "Calm down Hermes. You weren't planning on leaving me so soon were you?"

Hermes turned to her, "What?"

Bran rolled her eyes, the whites around her iris's sticking out through the dismal gloom. "Wow, Hermes, you really didn't think that I wouldn't figure you out did you?"

"What are you talking about?" Hermes asked, starting to feel nervous. He was a god! He shouldn't feel nervous about a mortal woman.

Suddenly a flash of lightening illuminated the room, and Hermes felt a sinking feeling when he noticed in the mirror that the only reflection he saw was his own.

He looked at Bran again, whose fangs seemed to have grown slightly longer. She was smiling, "Well, Hermes you finally figured me out haven't you?"

Hermes tried to calm his breathing, "You're a real vampire aren't you?"

Bran smiled her white fangs almost blindingly bright. "Yup. And you're a god. You know, I've heard many stories about how, hmm, delectable, god blood is. Mortal blood is good, but immortal blood is like drinking heaven. It's so rich and flavorful. I can't wait to take a good taste of yours." And she lunged.

Hermes tried avoiding her but it was hard, she was fast. "Hermes, just look in my eyes, I promise you it won't hurt if you just calm down and look me in the eyes, if not, then, well, let's just say it won't be a very fun experience for you."

Needless to say, Hermes didn't listen to her. He tried getting out of the room but the door was still locked. He was trapped. Sooner or later, Bran would get what she wanted.

"Hermes," Bran laughed hypnotizing Hermes temporarily. "Good boy." Bran laughed as he finally looked into her jade eyes, "This won't hurt a bit." She angled his head so it was in an easy position for her to suck his blood.

Hermes woke up a while later and he found himself on Olympus. Confused, Hermes figured it must have been just a dream. He showed no sign of being a vampire, or even being bit by one. He went on with his normal life." Travis grinned as he concluded his story, "But, apparently, every Halloween, some of the children of Hermes grow fangs, the vampire trait passing through them from their father." Travis finished his story and smirked satisfactorily at Annabeth.

Some of the younger kids shook their heads, "That was a stupid story." A son of Ares scoffed, "Kids of Hermes aren't vampires! That's the stupidest, most ridiculous thing I have ever heard."

Travis shrugged, "Whatever, you don't have to believe it, but it's true."

The son of Ares shook his head once again and got up and headed to his cabin, as did some of the other young campers.

Travis turned to Annabeth, "So what did you think of my story?" he asked.

Annabeth shrugged, "It was pretty weak."

Travis grinned, "You were scared a little bit."

Annabeth shook her head, "Nope, not at all. I'm tired; I'm going to go to bed. Good night Travis. Happy Halloween."

Travis grinned, and Annabeth couldn't help but notice the pointy fangs where his incisors used to be. His eyes were not a bright red; he seemed distant, and transfixed on her neck, "Happy Halloween Annabeth."

31 days til Halloween...

~ArtemisFrimm (bwahahahaha!)