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Summary: While hunting monsters on Halloween, Artemis ends up getting trapped in a mall with not only a monster, but the legendary son of Poseidon as well. How will they survive? Read to find out. T for mmm, more violent stuff, romance ensured ;)

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Artemis hated Halloween. It always made her feel uneasy, every year it seemed to get worse. It wasn't that she was scared, oh no, she just hated how Halloween was always the one day of the year where monsters went crazy, they became rash, demonic. They would attack anyone, at anytime, anywhere. They were at their most ruthless on this night, so that meant that she had to try to hunt all of them down on Halloween otherwise they would hunt everyone else down.

What agitated her most about Halloween was the fact that not only did she have the monsters to worry about; she also had to worry about not accidentally mistaking a human as a monster. It disturbed her the way they acted on this night. They would go to their parties dressed as Zeus knows what, and they would drink and… It was on this night that humans went wild as well, and that didn't help Artemis out very much.

That was why Artemis was now walking along the streets of some New York town, trying to stay as invisible to the humans as possible and tracking a monster. As far as she could tell, the monster was powerful; she assumed it was a Changer based on the way the power kept fluctuating. She had been tracking it nearly the whole evening and was beginning to become annoyed by it. As she walked along, she would pass small children dressed as little witches or characters from movies, or teenage girls dressed in skimpy costumes. She continued walking along unnoticed by everyone. It wasn't until she reached the local mall did she run into trouble.

A group of older teenage kids, probably around seventeen or eighteen, were sitting in front of the deserted mall drinking. They were all dressed like zombies from some horror movie and they slightly unnerved Artemis, especially the one that was staring at her with dark eyes, for some reason, under all of the makeup, he looked oddly familiar. Unfortunately the Changer seemed to be coming from inside the mall. Before Artemis could think of another way to get in, one of the teenagers walked towards her, the others too drunk to get up. His drunk, uneven footsteps reminded her slightly of a zombie.

One boy grinned wickedly as a spat a brown glob of what Artemis assumed was tobacco in front of her, "Well, well, well, what a pretty little kiddy we gots us here. What are you s'posed to be kiddy, Robin Hood?" his words were slurred as he spoke.

"You are not supposed to be here." Artemis said as she influenced the mist, she had assumed that since the teenagers were drunk they would be easily manipulated by the mist, but it seemed to just make them more agitated.

The boy reached out and snatched her arm, twisting it in a painful position that most mortals wouldn't be able to do, especially while drunk. "You don't dare tell us what to do little girl." His rancid breath was hot in her ear, and Artemis tried not to gag.

She took in a deep breath and relaxed slightly, causing the boy holding her to relax. Twisting violently, Artemis plunged her elbow into his stomach, causing the boy to double over in pain.

"You rotten little whore! You'll pay for that!" the boy swore as he pulled out a large cleaver, stained with what Artemis could only assume was blood.

Artemis drew her bow, but before she could shoot, the boy's eyes grew wide and he exploded into ashes. Artemis then realized where she recognized the boy from; Percy Jackson.

Percy grimaced as he sheathed Riptide. "I thought I recognized you. You look older though."

Artemis shrugged, it was true, in order to get into the more, 'explicit' parties in search of monsters, she had to be a little bit older than 12. "Monster hunting." She answered simply. "What are you doing here?"

Percy shook his head as he glanced back at the other teenagers who were all unconscious, and would probably be very hung over in the morning. "The camp sent me to watch over some demigod they found in New York. He's a son of Dionysus."

"Of course."

Percy grinned and nodded, "Yea, I suspected that one of his buddies was a monster, but I wasn't sure. The alcohol kind of made it hard to tell."

"I see. So you were sent to watch after them?"

"Yup, it was hard trying to stay focused while pretending to be a stoned teenager." Percy rolled his eyes.

"I imagine it would be; its scary enough seeing the effects of alcohol on a god, let alone on an under-aged mortal with friends who carry around large butcher knives." Artemis said honestly.

Percy nodded. He was beginning to feel a little awkward; he hadn't had a one-on-one conversation with the goddess of the moon since he was in 8th grade.

"Well I should probably get going; I have a monster to try to catch." Artemis said sounding bored.

Before Percy realized what he was doing he said, "Did you need any help?"

Artemis examined him for a moment; he had definitely grown since 8th grade. He was no longer the scrawny, unsure demigod he had been back then. Artemis sighed, "I suppose I would appreciate a little help. The more help means the sooner we get done and the sooner I can head back to Olympus."

Percy nodded, "Great, but how do we get in?"

Artemis arched an eyebrow at him. Walking over to the door casually and placed her palm on the door, in a short moment, the door opened as if the mall were open for service.

Careful not to make any noise, the two walked in. They hadn't walked but a few feet into the mall when the door behind them slammed shut and locked into place. Percy could tell that Artemis was frowning even though it was dark. "Well that is not supposed to happen."

Percy swallowed nervously, "What kind of monster is it anyway?"

"We are looking for a Changer; it is a newer type of demon that changes into what ever sees it is scared of."

Percy sighed, "Great."

The two continued walking through the mall in mutual silence. Percy had Riptide out and Artemis had her bow drawn, both waiting anxiously for any signs of the monster.

Percy couldn't help but feel unnerved. The entire mall had been decorated from the Zombie-Fest that had occurred there earlier during the day; spider webs were everywhere, and a large graveyard was in the center of the mall. Masks and mannequins designed to look like serial killers were all over the mall, a large maze of mirrors spiraled around the entire mall, and apparently whoever worked there forgot to turn off the fog machines, making the place very, very eerie. It also didn't help that the mall was dark and there was nobody there.

"Scared?" Artemis joked.

"No, it's just that, well I'm just slightly-"

"Unnerved?" Artemis answered for him.

Percy nodded, and before he could say anything else, a loud clatter came from inside the maze.

Percy could tell Artemis had jumped slightly by the unnaturally loud noise. Percy swallowed slowly, "Well, I guess we know where to start looking." He was surprised by how much his voice shook.

Artemis nodded then smirked, "Don't worry Perseus; it's just a little demon, nothing to be… Unnerved, about."

Percy glared at her but Artemis ignored it as she walked confidently toward the maze.

The inside of the maze was freaky. Every wall was made of a full length mirror and every passage way was filled with fog. The silence engulfed the two again as they continued on through the maze. Percy followed Artemis and couldn't help but notice that she looked even prettier than she had when she was in twelve-year-old form. Her long auburn hair curled in her ponytail, and she was a bit taller. His relationship with Annabeth had hit rock bottom after some ridiculous fight for the umpteenth time and he had ended it, it was too much drama.

Lost in his own head as he continued to admire the goddess, Percy didn't realize that Artemis had stopped and he ended up plowing into her. She elbowed him in the stomach and put a finger to her lips. Percy listened for a moment and felt his stomach drop at the noise he heard.

He heard someone muttering to himself, the voice sounded half mad. Listening more intently he could just barely make out what it was saying:

"Whats is we going to do to these pretties hmmm? We'll eats them! That's what we do to pretty little mortals."

Suddenly he heard what sounded like a knife or sword being unsheathed and in an instant, the sound of something being split and splattered on the floor followed by the sound of a high-pitched screaming.

Percy felt his heart stop and suddenly he realized that something was grabbing his arm. Percy yanked my arm free of the grasp and he could hear Artemis gasp. It had been her holding his arm.

Before he could comprehend what had happened, whatever had been talking earlier suddenly let out a violent snarl and began running in their direction. Artemis drew her bow and he held up Riptide, prepared to strike down the gnarly creature. The snarling grew louder and louder before instantly, it stopped. The two were left in a very loud silence that made Percy's heart race.

Percy moved to lower his sword but Artemis stopped him, "It's still-"

Before she could finish, a large butcher's knife was thrown from out of nowhere and stuck in the wall less than an inch away from Artemis's face. "Run." Artemis breathed, and she and Percy raced through the maze in the opposite direction of which the knife came.

Percy had to push himself in order to try to keep up with the goddess. Suddenly she stopped and Percy ran into her, knocking both of them onto the ground.

Artemis swore under her breath and she shoved Percy off of her, "We have to get out of this maze so we can't be ambushed."

Percy nodded, and followed her as they tried to weave their way through the maze.

After a while of silent wondering, they finally found their way out of the maze. "Well that was fun, but I think I'm ready to leave now." Percy muttered.

Artemis smirked, but Percy could see that she was slightly shaken as well, "Aw, is the heroic son of Poseidon scared of a little demon."

Percy scowled at her but said nothing. Artemis smiled, but it quickly melted away, "I suppose we'll have to lure the Changer out of the maze."

"How are we supposed to do that?" Percy asked irritably.

Artemis frowned for a minute, and then let out a blood-curdling scream that caused the hairs on the back of Percy's neck to stand on end. "What in Hades was that for?" Percy hissed.

Artemis smirked, "The Changer feeds off of fears, so if I seem scared than that will attract it to us."

Percy nodded, "Well make it seem like you're scared without screaming. I'd rather not go deaf."

Artemis smirked, "Fine."

Percy sighed and began admiring the decorations of a nearby window. A wax zombie-like bride was holding a knife in one hand and in the other was the severed head of her husband. Percy looked over to see Artemis looking at a brutal werewolf mannequin chewing on the severed arm of a person, while the arm-less mannequin of the person lay on the ground with slash marks through its stomach, a horrified look on its face.

Percy noticed a fake severed arm on display and quietly picked it up. As silently as possible, he crept behind Artemis and quickly tapped her on the shoulder with the fake arm. Artemis jumped and turned to glare at him.

Percy smirked; payback. "So, Lady Artemis, what is it that you're scared of?" Percy asked innocently.

Artemis narrowed her eyes, "I fear nothing."

Percy frowned, "But everyone fears something."

Artemis frowned, "Not me."

Percy shrugged, "Fine, don't tell me."

Artemis rolled her eyes at him, and went back to looking at the gruesome displays. Percy went over to join her, "So what do you think that Changer was doing to that person?"

Artemis turned to him, and Percy hadn't realized that he had moved in a lot closer to the goddess than he intended, there was hardly any space between them. Artemis frowned and took a step away from him, "There was no one with the Changer; it was probably just trying to manipulate us, scare us into stupidity so it can kill us and eat us."

"So you don't think it was actually chopping someone's head off?" Percy asked casually.

Artemis's frowned, "That's what you thought it was doing?" she asked, her voice coming out as barely louder than a whisper.

Percy nodded, "You haven't seen any horror films have you?"

Artemis shook her head, she had always found horror films too, disturbing, for her to watch. Her brother had forced her to watch part of one at one point, but she left right before the main character walked into the house where a murderer with a mask and mechanics overalls waited for her with three dead bodies. She shivered slightly remembering how haunted her dreams were for about a year after that.

Percy smirked, so much for her fearing nothing. "Yea, in most horror films, that's the noise of someone chopping someone's head off."

Artemis's face had grown slightly pale, and she opened her mouth to speak before a loud scream was heard coming from the opposite end of the mall.

Artemis jumped and grabbed Percy's arm again, she really wanted to get out of this stupid mall.

Percy could vaguely feel Artemis shaking as she held his arm, but other than that, he felt completely numb. His heart was pumping at a million miles an hour and he felt as though all of the blood had left his body.

Suddenly he heard Artemis speak, her voice was very shaky and Percy could tell that the scream had startled her as much as it had startled him, "You did that on purpose didn't you?"

Percy shook his head unable to speak. Instinctively, Percy wrapped his arm around the goddess to stop her from trembling. Artemis stiffened and seemed to realize how tightly she was holding onto Percy and she moved away from him.

She was grateful for the dark so Percy couldn't see her blush.

Percy let out a nervous laugh, "Well I guess the Changer's trying to lure us to him now."

Artemis nodded, "Well I suppose we should try to find it." Her voice was still quiet but not nearly as shaky as it was before.

Percy silently agreed and followed her as she led them in the direction of the scream.

An awkward silence surrounded the two of them as they continued to walk through the moonlit mall. The milky light of the moon made it semi-easy to see what was around them in the mall, so it surprised the two of them when suddenly they could see nothing.

"Is it just me or did it just get almost impossibly dark?" Artemis asked irritably.

"It's very dark." Percy answered monotonously, tonight was really beginning to suck.

Suddenly a loud creaking noise sounded within the darkness and suddenly Percy heard Artemis gasp and felt her grab his hand.

"What's wrong?" he asked concerned.

"Something just grabbed my leg!"

Percy frowned and brushed her knuckles with his thumb. He heard Artemis sigh, and felt her lean against him, resting her head on his shoulder. Percy couldn't help but feel his pulse rush with the contact.

"This night has been way to stressful." Artemis murmured.

Percy smiled and laid his head on top of hers, "Well let's go find us a Changer so we can get the heck out of here."

Artemis nodded. Though she didn't really want to, she pulled herself away from the son of Poseidon. She didn't know what was getting into her; she was usually so anti-male. She had built up walls against the male species, and only one other male had managed to tear those walls down, and that was Orion, and it had taken her months to trust him, yet in just a few hours, Percy had gotten her to trust him completely. She didn't know why, but she felt safe when she was with him. It was, odd, yet Artemis found that she kind of liked the feeling.

She let him guide her through the darkness, and although she liked the feeling of him guiding her, she was relieved to finally be able to see.

The two walked in silence for a while, and for some reason Percy was beginning to feel antsy. He knew he shouldn't, but he couldn't help but feel a strong sense of longing for the goddess of the hunt. She was calm, yet trusted him completely, unlike Annabeth who had freaked out because he had forgotten to answer one text message from her, and she had found him hanging out with Rachel at one point. Artemis was mature, yet still joked around, and she didn't act like a know-it-all the whole time. Percy didn't know why, but when they were in the darkness, when Artemis had grabbed his hand, he had a strong urge to kiss her. He didn't know what had possessed him to feel that way; he just felt the want to kiss her. He had never felt that same want with Annabeth.

Suddenly Percy noticed that Artemis was talking to him, her face was full of concern, "Percy, are you alright?"

Although he knew it was wrong, Percy leaned down and kissed the virgin goddess lightly on the lips. It was a small, soft kiss, so light that Artemis at one point even wondered if the kiss had actually happened at all.

When Percy pulled away from Artemis, he knew that the kiss was probably one of the biggest sins he had ever committed, and he was fully prepared for Artemis's vengeance. He was, however, surprised to find that she didn't look mad, confused maybe, but also happy, possibly even slightly relieved.

The two stood in silence for a moment, staring at each other, not sure what to do. It was Percy who broke the silence, "I'm so sorry, I, I uh, I probably shouldn't have, I'm so-"

He was cut off as Artemis pressed a finger lightly to his lips, she gave him a flicker of a smile before she leaned her forehead against his, no words were spoken, but none needed to be said; it was clear by her reaction that she felt the same way about him that he felt about her.

The two staid there in silence for a while before Artemis pulled herself away from him, "We should probably try to find that Changer." She murmured.

Percy nodded, and took her small, soft hand into his, lacing his fingers with hers. Artemis smiled, and followed him as they made their way towards the Changer.

The two walked for a bit farther when they realized that they were stepping in something wet and sticky. Artemis frowned and crouched down; she lightly dipped her finger in whatever the liquid was. When she stood up, her face was very concerned.

"What is it?" Percy asked, although he was almost afraid to find out.

Artemis took a shaky breath, "It's blood, and it's fresh."

Percy felt his body go numb again, this Changer was way too good at manipulating the mist for Percy's liking.

Artemis looked at him, "We must be getting close."

Percy nodded and the two walked in silence through the blood-drenched hallway. Suddenly they heard the evil voice speak again.

"Well listen to this. Two beautiful childrens entering my domains. They tries to leads us out of the maze, but we leads them right to us don't we." The voice stopped for a moment, before it continued, "Which one shalls we eats first?" a gagging noise was made before the voice spoke again, "You thinks so? Well if that's whats you thinks, we'll eats the pretty one first."

Suddenly Percy felt Artemis leave his side; a small gasp had escaped her lips before she disappeared. Percy ran forward towards the sound of the voice and found a small Golem-like creature holding a large butcher's knife as he circled Artemis who was in chains that looked as though they were burning her. She was crying and struggling, desperately trying to free herself.

Percy felt like he was going to be sick. He ignored the feeling though and pulled out Riptide, he was just about to strike when off to the left of him, the gagging sound was heard again, and in a flash, the Golem-Changer turned around and hurled the butcher's knife at him. It lodged itself in Percy's shoulder. Percy winced slightly, but pulled the blade out with ease, no blood was flowing from the wound, that was a positive aspect of bathing in the Styx.

The Changer glared at him, but looked slightly scared, "Oh, whats do I do nows? Oh he's bathed in the Styx! Helps me! Please please!" the creature fell to the blood-soaked ground weeping, and begging for mercy.

Percy grimaced and stabbed him through with Riptide. The creature disappeared in a flash of ashes and Percy ran over to where Artemis was still struggling to free herself from the chains.

Percy used Riptide and slashed through the chains with ease, and he helped the goddess up. She was shaking and still crying so Percy held her close to him and kissed her hair. After a few minutes, Artemis had calmed down slightly, "Did you destroy the brain?"

He pulled her away from him to look her, "What brain?"

Artemis pointed to a blob on the floor. Percy pulled himself away from her and walked over to the blob with his sword drawn.

What Percy saw almost caused him to gag, a grayish, bloody brain lay pulsing on the blood-stained floor. Artemis walked over to him, "That's what has been controlling the Changer. At birth, their brains are taken from their heads to control the Changer body, that way, if a Changer dies, they can still come back with the same memories as the old one.

Percy grimaced and rammed his sword through the center of the brain. Suddenly violent flashes of horrifically tragic events flashed through his mind, he saw a young girl being stalked and murdered, and an elderly man beaten to death by his son; he saw the Twin Towers on 9/11. Percy let out a scream and felt himself briefly pass out.

When regained consciousness, he found himself lying on the ground with his head in Artemis's lap. He could tell she was shaken. Before she could even ask, he stood up, "I'm fine." She nodded, and he helped her up.

He let out a sigh, "How about we get out of here?" Artemis nodded and accepted his hand as he led her out of the mall.

Once outside of the mall, Percy let go of her hand. The drunken teenagers were still unconscious and lying on the sidewalk. Someone had come by and had drawn mustaches on each of them with a permanent marker.

Percy laughed, "Well I should probably be getting these guys back home and take the one back to camp."

Artemis nodded, "Yes, I should probably get back to Olympus."

Percy nodded, and leaned in and kissed her once again. This kiss was much more passionate than the last, and Artemis kissed him back. Before the kiss could get any deeper, Artemis pulled away from him, "Happy Halloween Percy." And with a wink and a flash of silver light, she was gone.

Percy smiled to himself, "Yea, Happy Halloween."