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Synopsis: This story follows a young smuggler and his attempt to be like his hero: Han Solo.

Smuggler's Dreams

By: Tech-Man


Lighting streaked across the invisible barrier generated by the Escape's shield generator. The blaring alarm from inside of the cockpit signaled to Candd that, that particular barrier would not exist for very much longer. The constant vibrations from the impacts to the shields, thanks to the quad-laser cannons currently firing at him, had been continuous for long enough that Candd was beginning to wonder if he would feel right flying the ship without them.

His ship, the Escape, lurched to a halt as the tractor beam from the pursuing ship finally locked on. Candd could feel his stomach drop as his forward momentum decreased and he began moving backward toward what he imagined was going to be an extremely slow and painful death.

As his panic increased his ability to think clearly decreased. Not exactly his best moment, but facts of life were such, and he rarely could be called an intellectual. He knew that once a tractor beam was locked on it was almost impossible to escape.

Unable to think of any possible escape, he did the only think he could think of. He dumped as much power into his sub-light drive as possible praying it would be enough to sever the hold his pursuers currently had. Deciding that his only chance, should he manage to escape would be a jump into hyperspace. That would at least allow him to place some distance between him and the Black Sun ship currently pulling him toward his untimely death. It took his navigation computer only a moment to plot a course through hyperspace to the nearest M class planet.

The first sign that he had done something right came in the form of a sign. The speed with which he was moving backward began to slowly decrease. This came just as the alarm in the cabin switched pitch, indicating that his engines were on course for a royal overload.

Faster than he could react they jumped from the yellow well into the red. The scream of the alloys in his ship hurt his ears as his sub-light drive tore itself apart, breaching the outer hull of the ship. The bulkhead in the cabin slammed shut to prevent the cockpit from decompressing. Candd said a quick prayer that at least that failsafe still worked aboard his ship.

Much to his luck, the explosion was enough to disrupt the tractor beams lock on his vessel and push him forward triggering the hyper-drive to engage. The stars around his ship blurred just before the blue haze of hyperspace enveloped him.

Candd's joy was short lived as the damage to the hull of his vessel tripped the safety protocols ejecting his ship from hyperspace. The jolt back into real space was too much for his ships systems, as he was plunged into total darkness as the last blinking light faded completely.

A/N: Well, this is the prologue to what I hope it going to be an exciting story. While this story does not follow any specific hero's from the movies, video games, or books, there will be several cameos from famous character's including Han Solo. I hope that everyone will stick around for the ride. If you have any constructive criticism I am open to it.