Number: 03
Prompt: #5 - Forward
Summary: Clubs are a place where people chat and hook up. Dance and have fun. Arthur tries to find a way to get with the sexy Spaniard without loosing his "gentlemanly" touch.
Pairings: UK/Spain
Rating: T

Disclaimer: This...just is. I wrote it while on a road trip, and it was finished under duress from my best friend who helped me decide what Antonio and his cohorts were wearing. Oh, and I totally don't own anything.


Tonight was like any other night at the club. The music was blaring. Bodies were squished together on the dance floor. Intoxication levels were high. Just another Friday night at Club G8 for Antonio Fernandez Carriedo.

Therefore, like every other Friday, Antonio was busy dancing with his two friends, Francis and Gilbert—too busy to notice that someone had been watching him for a while. It was actually Francis, the love-obsessed Frenchman, who pointed it out.

"Tony, mon cher, do you perhaps know that man, who has spent the past fifteen minutes observing you?"

Antonio looked at the man in question, his first impression landing only on the man's enormous eyebrows. It took him a bit to reply, "N-No, I don't think so…"

This made a sly little smirk appear on Francis's lips.

"Then I do believe he would like to know you."

Fixing his friend with a confused stare, eyebrows furrowed, Antonio asked, "Eh? How do you know that?"

"Well, for one, Tony," began Gilbert, leaning on Antonio's shoulder a bit, "He's walking this way…"

"Que?" The Spaniard quickly spun back around, only to come face to face with the strange man. Smiling nervously, he added, "H-Hola…"

Now that the man was closer, Antonio was able to focus on what he actually looked like instead of just his eyebrows. His hair was short and blonde, with green eyes that made him feel like this man was staring through him. He was wearing a nice white button-up shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the tail untucked from his crisp blue jeans. Vaguely, Antonio also noticed that the man had a few ear piercings, and what looked like a tattoo poking up from the man's back, creeping around his neck. He actually didn't look that bad if you could look past the eyebrows, which was hard for the Spaniard.

"Liking what you see?"

Just like that, Antonio snapped out of his little trance and met the unwavering green eyes with his own green ones. He hadn't realized he had been staring, but the man had and let him. Weird…

"S-Sorry! I didn't mean to stare at you! I-I was just…just…"

"He was just checking you out," finished Gilbert finalized, a mischievous grin plastered on his face.


"Don't deny the truth, mon cher."

"Francis, you too?"

"It's okay." Antonio looked back at the man, who seemed to be only amused, not offended like he'd feared, which helped him to relax. "I stared at you first, so it's only fair for you to stare back."

Tony nodded, a happy smile on his face. This guy was nice, weird, but nice. Suddenly, he remembered they were out on the dance floor, so grabbing the man's wrist, he declared, "Let's dance!"

The man didn't really have a chance to decline as Antonio immediately began swaying and gyrating to the current song. He was so into his dancing that he pretty much forgot about his new "friend."

*POV switch*

Arthur Kirkland was of the opinion that the man he'd approached had no idea exactly how downright bloody sexy he looked dancing. It had been what had drawn the Brit's attention to the sun-kissed man's presence in the first place.

He hadn't really planned on picking up anyone on his forced excursion to Club G8 (Damn Alfred and his insistence of: "Artie, man, you need to get laid!"), but he had found he couldn't keep his eyes off this man when he danced.

His short brown hair was slightly curly, the bit he could see from under the man's black pinstriped fedora, and though he had his eyes closed most of the time, Arthur knew they were green. Tight leather pants clung to this man's hips so perfectly that Arthur was fairly certain he was going commando or was wearing a thong. His torso was covered in a long-sleeved red button-up that was accessorized with a black vest and a matching tie, though the latter seemed to be loosened a little.

Needless to say, Arthur wasn't so sure he wanted to go home alone anymore. However, he wasn't so sure how he felt about dancing.

"Aren't you going to dance, amigo?" asked the man, who Arthur identified as a Spaniard. Giving him a mirco-shrug, Arthur continued to just stand there. He wasn't much of a dancer, and was about to say so when the tanned man smiled and grabbed Arthur's hips. "Here! I'll show you!"

He wanted to protest, but he couldn't. He was too fixated on watching the Spaniard move his hips in time with his own, going in slow, sensuous circles. Every time their hips almost met, Arthur sucked in his breath, willing himself not to close the gap. No matter the fact that he wanted to so badly. Sure, he really was beginning to desire the Spaniard, but his gentlemen tendencies scolded him for thinking so forward.

Arthur felt a flash of despair mixed with worry when the man started to remove his hands so Arthur could try it on his own, but was assisted by the white-haired man the Spaniard had affectionately called 'Gilbo', who was making his way to the bar.

In his passing, the albino shot Arthur a wink before pushing his friend into the Englishman, forcing the Spaniard to wrap his arms around Arthur to prevent himself from falling.

The slightly dazed, and immensely grateful, Arthur could've sworn he heard the albino mutter, "Damn, I'm so awesome, I should get two beers!"

Smirking a bit at the situation, Arthur pulled his target even closer, and said, "I'm Arthur, by the way…"

"A-Antonio," murmured the Spaniard. Arthur had a feeling he wouldn't have heard if not for their close proximity.

"I'm not much of a dancer; how about we go talk at the bar?"


Wrapping one arm around Antonio's waist, Arthur led the way, giving the albino friend a gracious smile as they passed again. The man just smirked and continued back to their other friend.

"A shot of whiskey for me, and…" Arthur paused to look at Antonio, who still seemed to be a little shell-shocked.

"T-Tequila…" answered Antonio when he realized Arthur was waiting on him.

"And one shot of tequila for him," finished Arthur with a small grin at Antonio.

*POV switch*

Ever since he had been pushed into the man, who he now knew as Arthur, Antonio had felt something of an atmosphere change. It went from awkward relaxation to an awkward tension of some kind. At least, that's how it felt to Tony.

He didn't understand why Arthur was being so nice, not that he didn't appreciate it, but it wasn't the average kind of nice. It was like he wanted something from the Spanish man, yet he couldn't figure out what.

Actually, there was something else about the man that was bothering him: his accent. It was familiar, but he couldn't quite place it.

They had sat in unsure silent, waiting for their drink, and the moment they arrived, Tony exclaimed, "Oh! You're British!"

Seemingly dumbfounded, Arthur blinked at Antonio, his hand loose around his shot glass still resting on the bar.

Antonio was about to ask if he'd said something offensive when the Englishman laughed, drinking his shot.

"You're cute, you know that, Antonio?"

Relaxing once again, the Spaniard grinned at the praise, sipping from his own drink and beaming, "Buhyoo~ you're kinda cute too, amigo!"

Their eyes met, and Arthur was giving him a quiet smile that made him feel like he was missing something. Something that may or may not be very important.

"This may seem a little, out there," began Arthur, appearing a little nervous for the first time that night, "B-But I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place…"

Now it was Antonio's turn to blink. For a complete stranger, Arthur was being really nice and it was almost jarring. Almost.

"That sounds fun! Let me just go make sure Francis and Gilbo won't mind, and we can leave!" Smiling widely, Antonio finished his drink and turned to make his way back out onto the dance floor.

"Mon cher!" greeted Francis when he caught sight of Tony, an amused smirk on his face as he nudged the slightly drunken Gilbert. The albino grinned cheerily at the sight of their missing friend. "You're back from visiting with that dreadfully dull looking fellow!"

"Hey! Tony! Did you come back because you needed to refuel on awesome, or was that limey being a douche?"

"Jajaja, Arthur? No! He's cool! He invited me back to his place, and I'm actually here to make sure it's okay with you two if I go with him!"

Francis and Gilbert exchanged glances before staring back at the innocently smiling Antonio.

"I would be careful, Tony, this limey seems like a male cougar…"

"Jajaja, don't be silly, Gilbo! Arthur's not a cat!"

His friends facepalmed at Tony's bright face.

"Go, mon cher. Call us in the morning, or if you run into trouble," Francis mumbled, waving Antonio off gently, an exasperated expression on his face.

"Si! I'll see you later!"

As he walked away, Tony once again got the feeling he was missing something, but he brushed it off.

"I wonder what Arthur and I are going to do at his apartment~," mused Antonio as he made his way back to the bar and back to Arthur.

*POV switch*

A little restless, Arthur couldn't help but focus on the second shot he ordered as he waited for Antonio to return. His eyes deviated once again to watch the Spaniard as Antonio chatted briefly with his two friends. It deeply amused him to see that unconsciously Antonio was moving his hips to the music as he talked, and it was all he could do to look away as the Spaniard returned.

"What did they say?" For some reason, Arthur really wanted their approval, but he didn't really understand why…He supposed it might be because he just didn't do this sort of thing very much…

"Jaja, well, Gilbo called you a cougar for some reason, and I don't think Francis likes the way you dress, but they said I can go!"

Arthur blushed a little at the blows to his age and appearance, glad that Antonio didn't seem to quite comprehend what he had just said.

"T-Then you want to go?"

"Yeah, sure!"

Putting down some money for their drinks, Arthur placed one arm around Antonio's waist again to lead the way out. The Brit was glad that Antonio seemed more relaxed this time.

They had almost made it out of the club when Arthur heard someone calling him from behind. Turning around, the Englishman despaired a little to see that it was Alfred, the guy who had drug him here in the first place.

"Hey Artie! Where ya going?"

"Home, and don't call me that."

"Why not? Artie is kind of cute!" interjected Antonio, who was still smiling brightly.

Alfred paused momentarily as he walked towards them, a grin slowly gaining control of his face. Arthur blushed again. He knew that look, and he hated it. It meant more teasing from his damnable American cousin.

"He's right, Artie! What's your name?" Alfred's look was practically screaming 'Artie, you sly old dog, you!' and it was pissing Arthur off. He wasn't old because twenty-five isn't old, damnit!

"Hola! I'm Antonio!" The Brit was warmed by the Spaniard's cheery tone. It made up a little for repeatedly being called old.

"Hey Antonio! I'm Artie's cousin, Alfred!" The American grinned slyly at Antonio, making Arthur groan. "So are you going home with Artie?"

"Si! It's going to be lots of fun!"

Right away, the Englishman had a sinking feeling that Antonio didn't actually know what was going to happen when they got to his apartment. Looking into Alfred's blue eyes, Arthur could tell his cousin expected the same.

"I'm sure it will be," mumbled Alfred, giving a little wink at Arthur, who just blushed and looked away, "I'll just leave you two be then. I'm pretty sure all of the activities Artie has planned require a max of only two players. See you later, Artie! Nice meeting ya, Antonio!"

Antonio waved as Alfred walked away, before turning to Arthur, "You sure he can't join us?"

Blush becoming more pronounced, Arthur began leading Tony out of the club some more, "I'm positive."

He shuddered at the mere thought. It was bad enough Antonio didn't know the outcome of the night yet, so he really didn't want to add his obnoxious American friend to the mix…

*POV switch*

The Spaniard was almost put out by the flat refusal to add Arthur's cousin, but the feeling went away when Arthur smiled at him and said, "Let's just go to my apartment, yeah?"

Antonio decided he liked it when the Brit smiled.

"Si, let's go, Artie!"

Arthur sighed, but Antonio overlooked it.

He was far too excited about what Arthur had planned or the two of them, and was kind of curious as to how Alfred seemed to know exactly what they were going to do.

Tony shrugged and wrote it off to them being cousins. They'd probably done the activities with each other already! Buoyed by this companionable thought, Antonio bounced alongside Arthur, making small talk as they walked through the streets…


A/N: Umm...yeah. Arthur is kinda a perv (nothing new) and Antonio is oblivious (a-duh).

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