Number: 07
Prompt: #14 - Awkward
Summary: The conclusion of the previous chapter. XD
Pairings: UK/Spain
Rating: M

Disclaimer: It is what it is-smut. :D


By the time they reached his apartment, Arthur was beginning to wonder if going through with his plan was a good idea or not. The whole walk over, Antonio had done nothing but jabber incessantly about various things, mostly about how excited he was to make a new friend. Arthur had never met a more oblivious person.

The talk didn't stop as Arthur struggled to get the right key to unlock his door, and the more he listened to it, the more frustrated the Brit became until he just threw his keys on the ground and pushed Antonio against the door, kissing him.

The moment the Englishman didn't feel the other responding, he backed off, nervous about his sudden move. It was definitely not something he usually did, and he was ready to kick himself for doing it.

Their green eyes met for a split second before Antonio laughed and smiled at Arthur.

"Jaja that was nice, Arthur, but we should probably get to the activities now that we're at your apartment."

Arthur just found himself paling at Antonio's remark.

"A-Antonio…T-This was supposed to be the activities…"

As the silence grew more poignant, Arthur awkwardly pulled away from the Spaniard and hurriedly picked up his keys and unlocked his door. He left the door open behind him as he walked in, not even sure if Antonio would still want to even talk to him after that gigantic misunderstanding they just had.

The Brit had busied himself making coffee, something he didn't usually do, but he didn't really feel like drinking tea when he was so angry at himself. He felt so ashamed for letting himself have that one moment of indulgence, and he was positive that Antonio had left when he heard the door shut.

"How do you burn coffee?" inquired Antonio as he came up behind Arthur, pushing him out of the way so he could save the coffee. Arthur stood by in shock, a little dazed by the Spaniard suddenly taking over.

"I-I wasn't aware that I was," muttered Arthur as he just watched Antonio work.

Antonio glanced over his shoulder at Arthur, a small smile on his face. "Well you were. I could smell it from your living room."

Eyebrows furrowing, Arthur sniffed the air, and found that the coffee smelled like coffee. He couldn't smell a hint of anything that smelled burnt. Rather than debate that fact, Arthur lowered his head to watch his hands as he began, "L-Look Antonio, I'm sorry for the kiss. I knew we weren't on the same page, but I went for it anyway, and—"

"It's okay, mi inglés, I should have known from the way Francis and Gilbert were talking back at the club. I try to deny their claims of my being clueless, but I must say they were right this time." The Spaniard laughed softly before asking, "Can you get the mugs?"

It almost unnerved Arthur how calm and easily the other man was accepting what had happened. He knew he wouldn't have. He would have taken it badly, and that was putting it the nice way. Quietly he got two mugs, not sure what to say exactly, so he just handed the mugs to Antonio wordlessly and watched him pour the coffee.

With a cheerful smile, Antonio handed the Englishman a mug before leaning against the counter and drinking his. Arthur stared at the Spaniard blankly for a moment before sipping his too, wincing at the taste initially, but then getting over it—like he always did.

They were both quiet for a while, just drinking their coffee, before Arthur blurted out, "I am really sorry though. It's just I've never done this sort of thing before, and—"

"You've never had sex?" Antonio's green eyes widened in horror at the very thought of someone not having experienced what he clearly thought was a staple in life. The Brit blushed profusely.

"N-No! I've had sex. I've just never picked anyone up from a club before, so that's probably why this went so wrong. I mean I didn't even want to go to the club tonight, but Alfred made me because he said I needed to get laid, but I don't understand where he was coming from, I mean I've been perfectly happy lately, so the very premise is ridiculous, and coffee can't burn, can it?"

Green eyes met green once more, and all Arthur could really see was the flicker of mischief that was flitting about in Antonio's eyes as the Spaniard set down his mug and moved closer to him. As Antonio removed Arthur's cup from his hands, he leaned in slowly and kissed Arthur gently, but oh so passionately, and the Englishman thought he was going to collapse it was so goddamn sensual.

When Antonio pulled away, he was looking up at Arthur with a sexy 'come hither' look, and it was all the Englishman could do not to come from that single look.

"Oh Arthur, you're so cute when you're nervous~."

Arthur could only manage a little half-grin at that, not sure whether he should take it as a compliment or not. That seemed to be all he needed to do because almost immediately, Antonio was on him again, kissing him as if with his very life, pushing him up against the counter so that the Englishman had more behind him than just air.

This time, Arthur had enough wits about him to kiss back, though no matter what he tried to do, the Spaniard seemed to always retain control of the kiss. It wasn't until Antonio pulled away to breathe that Arthur was allowed to do really anything at all.

"How about we move to the bed?" asked Arthur breathlessly, but a little smirk on his face. Antonio didn't verbally reply, he just grabbed Arthur by his wrists and pulled him back through the living room. The Englishman half wondered if the other man had scouted out his apartment before entering the kitchen because the Spaniard led them right to his bedroom, opening the door while giving Arthur another of his smoldering glances.

Too many more of those and Arthur would be done for.

"Time to get undressed, mi inglés," whispered Antonio into Arthur's ear as he pulled them flush together before he shoved Arthur away to start taking off his clothes, and God save the Queen, Arthur had never seen anyone get nude in such an arousing fashion.

First the Spaniard removed his vest, slowly but without too much flourish. Next he loosened and threw his tie to the ground before he began to unbutton his shirt, the whole time his eyes locked on Arthur. It was all the Englishman could do not to leap forward and ravish Antonio, but all the same he also found himself root to the spot. Especially when Antonio began to wiggle out of his tight, tight leather pants.

"Bloody hell," muttered Arthur, his eyes utterly transfixed on watching the leather pants lower and slowly reveal more and more of the Spaniard's delicious looking tanned skin.

Antonio waltzed up to Arthur, when he was done, and for the first time the Englishman realized that he had somehow completely missed the fact that the Spaniard really hadn't been wearing underwear this entire time.

A little smirk playing up the Spanish man's lips, he rubbed his hands up Arthur's chest and purred, "I know I am quite a sight, mi inglés, but you're supposed to get naked too. It's kind of how the game works."

Arthur swallowed and breathily replied, "Maybe you could help me…?"

"Of course, mi inglés~," murmured Antonio before he closed the distance between them and kissed Arthur soundly as he began undoing the buttons of his shirt.

By the time he pulled away, Antonio had removed the shirt and as he let it fall to the ground, he saw out of the corner of his eye something that had intrigued him about the Englishman earlier. Moving around so that he stood behind Arthur, Antonio's curiosity was satisfied when he saw the entirety of the tattoo of a rose at the base of the British man's neck. Grinning, Antonio placed butterfly kisses on the tattoo while his hands reached around to start taking off the Brit's pants. Arthur tried to suppress the groan that was begging to come out, but he failed horribly the moment Antonio had gotten his pants down far enough to grab him through his boxers.

What really irked Arthur though was that he whimpered when Antonio let go. He blushed and desperately hoped that the noise would go unnoticed, but he had no such luck.

"Jajaja, does mi inglés need my touch that badly?" crooned Antonio as he snaked back around front to meet Arthur's eyes once again.

Arthur wanted to reply, but his brain wasn't supplying him with words. He was saved the trouble of speaking when Antonio started kissing him again. The kiss was just about to escalate into something more when Arthur broke away, gasping loudly because sometime during the kiss, Antonio had removed his boxers and had just thrusted their budding erections together.

Antonio chuckled breathlessly at the Englishman's reaction, pulling him slowly towards the bed. The fact that this was really going to happen seemed to really sink into Arthur's brain as he stepped out of his pants and boxers and followed the Spaniard's every move. As they reached the edge of his bed, Arthur finally regained control of his body and gently shoved Antonio onto the sheets before climbing on top of him and kissing him on the lips.

The fact that the reigns of the situation had left his hands did not seem to deter Antonio at all as he eagerly responded to the Englishman's lips. Arthur broke the kiss to breathe, but immediately put his mouth back to work as he began kissing the Spaniard's neck, working his way down to the man's collarbone. Dear Lord it tasted just as good as he had hoped.

As the Brit worked, Antonio was burying one of his hands in the Englishman's blonde hair. His eyes were half-lidded because despite the man being so nervous and uncertain moments before, he did know what he was doing. Antonio let out a particularly loud moan when Arthur's mouth made its way down to his chest and began licking circles around the Spanish man's nipple, a hand mimicking the motions on its twin.

"Mi dios…" moaned Antonio as he gripped both Arthur's hair and the sheets tighter. This exclamation made Arthur smirk as he decided to suck on the nipple just slightly while pulling on the other with his hand.

The Spaniard hear dhimself whimper softly at the action before he pulled Arthur's mouth back up to his own, kissing him as he ground his hips upwards so that their equally hard members rubbed against each other in wondrous friction. This elicited a low growl from Arthur that Antonio merely swallowed as they kissed.

Wanting to taste even more of the Spaniard, Arthur squeezed the nipple that he still held in one hand, making the man beneath him gasp, before sneaking his tongue into Antonio's mouth. It tasted of coffee, vaguely of the tequila the man had drunk earlier, and…tomatoes? The latter taste was just faint enough that Arthur could ignore it as he explored the man's mouth with his tongue, loving that Antonio was writhing beneath him in pleasure. Eventually Arthur backed off enough so that their tongues could play with each other for a brief moment before Arthur had to pull away to breathe.

While he paused, he closed his eyes, focusing on the sensation of having a warm body beneath him, the feeling of Antonio's hot breath on his skin, and mentally reminded himself to thank Alfred for dragging him to that damn club later.

"Mi inglés," whispered Antonio as he leaned up to murmur huskily into the Englishman's ear, "I would really appreciate it if you would put something else inside me…"

Those words sent a whole new wave of heat rushing down to Arthur's groin, and he wasn't sure if he could stand it if he got any harder than he already was. The Englishman nodded, eager to please, and groped around in his nightstand for a condom and some lube. When he finally found what he was looking for, he kissed Antonio as passionately as he could muster as he let his hands wander down to the Spaniard's legs.

Without being asked, Antonio spread his legs, a small smile on his face as watched Arthur squirt a little lube onto his fingers. The Brit returned the smile as he gently eased his fingers into the Spaniard. Antonio whimpered slightly, but as the Englishman began moving his fingers around, his whimpers shifted to soft moans that gradually began getting louder the faster Arthur began pumping his fingers.

"A-Arthur…" muttered the Spanish man desperately as both of his hands clutched the sheets. The utterance of his name made the British "gentleman" grin and he removed his fingers and quickly slipped on the condom before posing himself at Antonio's entrance, his tip touching it slightly as if teasing the man below him.

The Spaniard actually growled savagely and without waiting for Arthur to start, pushed upward, impatient for the Englishman to be inside him. Arthur hissed at the sensation of being completely in Antonio, and began pulling in and out right away, not bothering to let the other man adjust since he had been so eager to start in the first place.

This decision was fine with Antonio as he worked to be in sync with Arthur, both of them panting heavily as they went on, but neither desiring to stop. Not wanting the Spaniard to be left unfinished, Arthur grabbed a hold of the man's cock and pumped it in time with his own thrusts, making Antonio lean his head back as moans seem to fall seamlessly from his mouth.

"A-Arthur…!" exclaimed Antonio as he felt himself reach his climax, spilling himself into Arthur's hand.

Arthur managed to thrust in one more time before he succumbed to the feeling of Antonio clenching around him and calling out his name.

He pulled out and laid down next to Antonio in content exhaustion. When he felt arms wrapping around him, Arthur looked over at Antonio, who seemed fully ready to snuggle and fall asleep. While that sounded marvelous to the Englishman, he also really wanted to get cleaned up.

Naturally that sparked an idea.

"Antonio, how about we take a shower first, and then we can go to sleep, how does that sound?"

The Spaniard gradually opened his eyes and grinned at Arthur before whispering, "That sounds like a bueno idea, mi inglés."

*POV switch*

Somehow, Antonio found himself awake before Arthur the next morning. He grinned a little to himself because it had been an interesting night. The shower had definitely proven fun, and there had almost been a third round when they finally got back in the bed. Luckily for them though, Antonio had a knack for falling asleep quickly, so pretty much the moment he had curled up next to the Englishman, he was out.

And now he found himself awake, in a stranger's house, even though Arthur didn't really feel like a stranger anymore, he technically still was. The Spaniard shrugged and got out of bed, smiling a little bit as he saw Arthur's tattoo again. It really was quite lovely. He thought it incredibly amusing that such a man would have the symbol of love and romance tattooed on his back.

As he slithered into his pants from the night before, Antonio made his way out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen. He mind as well make breakfast if he was going to be up this early.

*nope, still Antonio*

It was maybe thirty minutes when Arthur finally stumbled into the kitchen. He had apparently only bothered to put on a clean pair of boxers, but Antonio didn't mind. Skin was skin in his opinion. Besides, they had quite literally seen every inch of each other the night before.

"Whatcha makin'?" inquired Arthur blearily as he rubbed his eyes and walked over to stand next to Antonio who was working at the stove.

"Well, considering what you had, a normal breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast."

"Sounds," Arthur had to stop talking to make way for a yawn, "brilliant."

The Englishman sleepily wrapped his arms around Antonio, just barely mindful of the hot stove, and all the Spaniard could think about was how childish the man was when tired and satisfied.

"Buhyoo~," exhaled Antonio happily before he proceeded to kiss Arthur lightly on the top of his head, "Can you get the plates, mi inglés?"

Arthur nodded into Antonio's side before slowly pulling away to rummage around in the cabinets. When he came back with two plates, he set them on the counter and Antonio immediately placed equal amounts of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast on them. He had actually just told Arthur to take them to the little table that sat in the kitchen when he felt his phone start vibrating in his pocket. He pulled it out as he poured two glasses of milk.

"Hola!" greeted Antonio cheerily as he answered his phone, carrying the glasses over to the table and Arthur. The latter looked up at Antonio with mild confusion as to who he was talking on the phone with.

"You goddamn tomato bastard! Where are you? You said you'd be back by ten, and it's after fucking noon!"

Antonio paled, if that was possible, as he hurriedly looked at the microwave to check the time, and sure enough the machine blinked the time 12:34 right back at him.

"Lo siento, mi amor! We woke up late, and Francis and Gilbert insisted I make breakfast! I'll be home in fifteen minutes, okay?" His ear was met with an angry grunt and then the dial tone. Pulling the phone away from his head, Antonio stared at it blankly until he realized Lovino had hung up on him and that he might actually be in big trouble.

"Who was that?" asked Arthur curiously as he munched on a piece of bacon, manners apparently lost on the man when he was too tired to give a damn,

"Eh? Oh, that was just mi amor, Lovino. I had better get going. He's going to be so angry if he calls Francis to complain and finds out I wasn't there." Antonio sighed as he stared at the plate that was destined for him, his stomach rumbling as it tried to persuade him to stay and eat.

Arthur seemed to catch the conflict and stood up to rummage through another set of cupboards to pull out a Tupperware container and its lid.

"Here," he said as he offered it to Antonio. "Make it to go, and you can just throw away the container before you get back to your house. I'm sure your kid won't know the difference."

"Jajaja, thank you, Arthur!" exclaimed Antonio as he kissed the man on the lips and then neatly put his food into the container. Arthur also procured a plastic fork for him while he had gone back to the bedroom to get dressed.

"Well, it was nice…um…meeting you," said Arthur awkwardly as he showed Antonio to the door, and the Spanish man just laughed.

"It was good meeting you too, Arthur. Oh," Antonio stopped just as he was about to leave and added, "Lovino isn't my son; he's my boyfriend. Adios!"

Antonio Fernando Carriedo kissed Arthur one last time before walking away, whistling happily as he set about eating his delicious breakfast.

*Now~ it's Arthur's turn*

He couldn't believe it. He couldn't fucking believe it.

Antonio had a boyfriend. He didn't have a kid, which would have been weird; no, he had a motherfucking boyfriend.

Part of Arthur was sad to think that he would probably never meet Antonio again, but the other part was glad because if they did see each other, Arthur would want a repeat and he wasn't sure if Antonio would give it to him because he had a fucking boyfriend!

"FUCK," was all Arthur could say as he stood, dejected in his entryway. He felt like a charity case—like that Antonio had only slept with him because he felt bad that Arthur had tried so hard to get into his pants.

The Englishman sure as hell wasn't thanking Alfred now for taking him to the club. In fact, his cousin would never learn anything about this night because Arthur would never live it down if Alfred found out.

God he felt like such an idiot.

He almost let himself drown in despair, but reconciled himself with his lone happy thought about the whole experience: It may have been cheating, but damn was Antonio a good fuck.

As he sat down to finish his breakfast, Arthur was almost inclined to believe his cousin that he had needed to get laid. All good thoughts connected to his cousin evaporated the moment his phone started ringing and it was the bastard himself.

Arthur glared at his phone, knowing that Alfred would keep calling him all day until he answered, so he mind as well get it over with. And hey, he needed someone to rant at right now anyway, so what better choice than his obnoxious little cousin?


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