Jane Rizzoli had spent $135 at a local sex shop.

This was something that was spread around the station the moment she walked past the hacking device and it scanned the chip of her credit card, posting her purchase history on the large screens. It had been kinda fun, at first, until it was her purchase history everyone could see. Until she let Maura use her credit card.

All she needed was a new vibrator.

They never went to the sex shop, never went anywhere near it. Jane had been dozing on the sofa with a beer, Maura had took it upon herself to buy her a new vibrator, curled up in the armchair on her laptop. She remembered telling Maura to use her card, and remembered Maura saying she'd bought a couple of other things, but when the package turned up, she was pretty sure a strap-on kit, a book and some massage oil, did not count as a 'couple of other things'.

She did have a new vibrator though, and she did need it. Her fingers were never enough when Maura was away; whether it was at a conference or just at her own apartment.

The night the large box arrived, Jane decided to forgive Maura, and gave her a massage. Sitting on her bed, with the blonde between her legs, she pulled down the straps of her spaghetti top, and started to rub French vanilla oil into her shoulders as she read the book she'd ordered. She couldn't begrudge Maura buying the book, the woman needed to know everything, and naming a book, "The Whole Lesbian Sex Book," meant she couldn't really resist. Maura needed to know everything about everything, and their relationship, was very important to her so she felt like she needed to know as much as she could to keep Jane happy.

Jane's approach was more to make it up as she went along, which seemed to be working.

As she rubbed the oil into her shoulders, and Maura started to make happy little noises, groans and 'ooh' noises. The blonde may be the one who knew how to relax, but she could get stressed easily, and as Jane worked on the knots in her shoulders, she decided that they were due to a clothing emergency of some sort. They'd been together for a few months now, friends for longer, and Jane knew what upset Maura and when. The little groans and moans also told Jane that the blonde was slowly loosing focus on the book in her lap.

Especially when she rolled her head, stretching her neck, and Jane pushed the thin top down her body, running her hands down her chest, over her breasts, barely touching her nipples, before moving back up again. Maura moaned a little louder this time, closing the book on her lap and leaning back against Jane. She kissed her on the top of her head, wrapping her arms around her waist, and holding her close for a minute, just enjoying the feel of Maura in her arms.

That was what relaxed her. Holding Maura close.

The blonde shifted a little in her arms though, and Jane smiled. Maura wasn't relaxed now, less stressed certainly, but there was a very familiar tension in her. Jane moved her hands up from her abdomen to her breasts once more, cupping them both and kneading them gently, guided by Maura's soft cries, fingers playing with her nipples. The blonde tipped her head to the side, and Jane kissed her exposed neck, and while the oil smelt good, it didn't taste particularly nice, and she struggled to pull off her t-shirt and wipe Maura's neck clean. Not exactly sexy, but she wanted to sink her teeth into the skin of the blonde's collarbone. Lick a line up to her ear and suck her earlobe into her mouth to make her squirm.

When she did all that, Maura whimpered, struggling against Jane's hold.

"Stay still," she whispered into her ear.

Maura tried to relax, Jane felt her limbs loosen, and shoulder droop, but she was still tense. She helped her out of the spaghetti top, dropping it onto the bed beside them, tightening her legs around Maura a little, and putting her hands back on her breasts.

"Jane," she moaned. "What are you doing?"

"Just stay still," Jane muttered again, pinching the blonde's nipples. Maura gasped in response, body jolting forward with pleasure and Jane smiled. She kept one hand on her breasts, keeping up the little flicks and pinches that had Maura moaning. The other hands she moved, slowly over her abdomen, down to the hem of her pink shorts. She brushed her fingers beneath the material for a moment, Maura's hips arching up in anticipation, then pulled back again, stroking the pale skin of the blonde's abdomen, holding her still again, nipping down on her neck with a grin.

"Jane," Maura moaned. "Don't tease."

"But I want to," Jane whispered, hand smoothing back down her body and into her shorts, brushing over the dark blonde curls, Maura trying to arch her hips into her hand again, only to have Jane pull away. There was a hint of wetness on her fingers and she lifted her hand to her mouth to flick her tongue over the tips. Maura moaned, trying to get Jane to kiss her on the lips, but the brunette ignored her, cupping both breasts once more.

"Do I have to tie you down?" Jane asked.

Maura's only reply was to moan and shift between her legs, back rubbing against Jane's breasts. She felt her nipples harden, the skin on skin contact arousing her, tying to fight the urge to moan into Maura's neck and failing.

"I'll stay still if you stop teasing," Maura said, fighting against Jane's hold, shifting again, leaning back to kiss her on the cheek.

"No," Jane growled.

She held her tight around the abdomen, one hand able to reach and play with a breast, making sure she couldn't move, dipping the other hand down into her shorts, finding her clit and pressing down briefly, pulling away quickly. Maura cried out in pleasure, the sound turning to frustration at the loss of sensation. Jane chuckled, she liked teasing Maura. It was fun to get her so worked up that she was practically vibrating, and begging.

She dipped her hand back into Maura's shorts, through the curls to her wet entrance, cupping her, feeling the warmth of the blonde's arousal. Maura sighed, pushing her hips forward into Jane's hand, whining when she pulled her hand out of shorts again to hold her still once more.


She was quicker to return her hand this time, shocking the blonde by rubbing her clit hard a few times, then pushing two slim fingers into her heat.

"Oh God yes," Maura muttered, and Jane grinned, letting her think she was getting the relief she wanted, the orgasm she needed, pushing her palm down on her clit, playing with her breasts still, caressing her insides with her long fingers.

Then she stopped, stilled her hands before releasing her breast, and pulling her fingers from her body, out of Maura's shorts, trying not to laugh when the blonde's body followed her hand only to be left disappointed and held still in Jane's strong arms.

"Jane, this is cruel," she moaned.

"Maybe," she replied, with a kiss on her neck.

She put her hand back in Maura's shorts before the blonde realised Jane had even moved. She rubbed her clit again, listening to Maura's moans, stopping when they got too long, too loud, fingers hovering over her flesh until she was quiet again. She was breathing hard, tying to hold still in Jane's arms, her body flushed, but she couldn't quite stop the little whimpers that escaped, and Jane allowed it. Jane loved it. Loved this. Loved Maura.

Fingers back in her body, pushing two as deep as she could, given the awkward position, stroking in and out, slowly, trying to keep Maura still to stop her quickening the rhythm, quicken the coming pleasure.

"Oh please Jane," she moaned. "Please."

Jane kissed Maura's shoulder, then whispered in her ear.

"Please what Maura?"

"I need an orgasm. Please. Don't torture me."

"You deserve it though."

"Not this much," she sobbed and with her other hand she turned Maura's head to see tears threatening to fall. She really was desperate and Jane kissed her on the lips hard, thrusting her fingers in and out of Maura's wet heat. She slipped her other hand into her shorts too, pressing down on the blonde's clit until she cried out, shaking and sobbing happily under Jane's touch.

Maura collapsed back into her arms, little shudders running through her and she held her close, arms hugging her rather than holding her, soothing her.

"Why did I deserve that again?" Maura asked, voice a little cracked.

"For spending $135 on my credit card on that sex store's website."

"You said I could use you card!" Maura protested.

"To buy me a new vibrator."

Maura smiled, pulling out of Jane's hold for the first time, and turning around onto her knees, kissing her hard.

"I'll make it up to you."