Harry had only been gone a few hours, but, Ginny still missed him like he'd been gone for days. James and Albus missed him awfully. They were used to seeing and playing with him everyday. So this was going to be an adjustment for everyone.

After Ginny finally got Albus to stop crying, there was a knock on the door. When Ginny opened the door, there stood a very pregnant Hermione, holding Rose's hand.

"Hey, Rosie!" Ginny said as she hugged her niece.

"Hi, Auntie Ginny." Rose asked sadly.

"What's the matter?" Ginny asked already knowing the answer.

"I miss my daddy. He left me…" Rose answered a bit tearfully.

Ginny knew this was hurting Ron more than Rose, Rosie loved her daddy. Rose was a daddy's girl all the way; she was with Ron every chance she had with him. It wasn't going to be easy when Rosie's little brother was born, and she had to share her daddy.

"I know you miss him, and he misses you. But, he didn't leave you. He'll be back soon." Ginny tried her best to explain.

"He will?" Rosie asked.

"He will." Ginny nodded.

Their conversation was soon ended by Albus pulling Rosie away to go play in the next room.

While the kids were playing upstairs, Ginny and Hermione took advantage of the rare time alone they had to talk without children.

"Who knew this would be so hard?" Hermione let out a sigh.

"I guess I'm used to it, as Harry used to be on missions all the time. But, never with two kids and while I was pregnant. I don't mind it; I just miss him so much. I hate seeing my boys upset; I know he does too. Albus cried and cried when Harry left." Ginny explained sadly.

"So did Rose!" Hermione exclaimed. "She wanted to go with Ron so badly."

"I bet Ron would have taken her if you hadn't been there to tell him no; she has him wrapped around her little finger." Ginny said with a small chuckle.

"I know, she does. He is a huge pushover, but it's adorable. "Hermione smiled.

"It is. I love watching Ron with Rose; I hope I can give Harry a daughter. That's what I'm hoping for. But, of course, Harry will be fine with either." Ginny told Hermione.

"How are you and the baby doing?" Hermione asked.

"Good, just excited to see what I'm having!" Ginny exclaimed.

"How much-" Hermione was cut off from screaming from the next room.

"Jamie! Give that back to Rosie!" They heard Albus scream from the other room.

"No!" James yelled back.

When Hermione and Ginny walked into the room, Albus was comforting a crying Rose.

"What happened?" Ginny asked.

"Jamie took Rosie's toy away!" Albus told his mother.

"Tattle tale!" James exclaimed, pointing at Albus.

"I not!" Albus defended.

"James, did you take away something from Rose?" Ginny asked her son.

"He snatched it away!" Rose exclaimed.

"Rose, Aunt Ginny asked James not you." Hermione told her daughter.

"I didn't snatch it! I only took it…" James' voice trailed away, clearing seeing the lost case.

"James, that wasn't nice. Why did you take it away from Rose?" Ginny asked.

"Because it's mine!" James exclaimed.

"James, what did I say we are supposed to do with our toys?" Ginny asked her son with raised eyebrows.

"Share them…" James mumbled.

James hated sharing. As James' new favorite was, mine. Which started fights between James and Albus; something that was often in the Potter household. James and Albus loved each other, but they fought all the time. Especially when Teddy was over. James did not like sharing with Teddy.

"That's right, and you didn't. What do you say to Rose?"

"I'm sorry, Rosie." James told his cousin.

"It's okay, James!" Rose said.

"Come on Rose, we're going to have lunch with Mummy's parents." Hermione told her daughter.

"Yay!" Rose exclaimed.

Hermione saw that it was important for Rose to spend time with both of her grandparents, even though she spent most of her time with the Weasley's. Rose loved spending time with her Muggle grandparents, too.

"Thanks for letting us come over, Gin. We'll see you tomorrow, at our house at lunch. Right?" Hermione asked.

"No problem. And we'll be there!" Ginny assured Hermione.

After Hermione and Rose left, Ginny and the boys made their way into the kitchen.

"Mummy, where is Teddy?" James asked.

"He should be here any minute." Ginny told him.

All of a sudden, the fireplace lit up and out walked 9 year old, Teddy Lupin.

"TEDDY!" James exclaimed as he ran over and hugged his older brother.

"Hey, Jamie!" Teddy hugged his little brother. "Hey, Aunt Ginny!"

"Hey, Teddy!" Ginny said as she hugged her godson.

"Teddy, are you sleeping with me?" James asked excitedly.

"No Jamie! He's sleeping with me!" Albus exclaimed.

"Nut-uh!" James defended.


"Hey! I have my own room!" Teddy cut into the brother argument.

"Alright, alright. Let's eat." Ginny ushered the kids to the table.

As the boys ate they talked about what they were planning on doing for the rest of the day.

"How about we play Quidditch?" Teddy suggested

"Or bad wizards and Aurors!" James exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Albus agreed.

"Hurry up and finish, so you all can go play!" Ginny told her boys.

After lunch the boys went outside, eager to play. Ginny sat outside and watched them play. Ginny loved watching them play and be kids. She remembered how it felt to be a small child; carefree. But, her boys would have much better lives than she and Harry did. She never wanted to see either of them go through what she did. They needed to enjoy being a child and having a childhood, she was going to make sure of it.

"Mummy! James is being mean!" Albus exclaimed, breaking Ginny from her thoughts.

"James, come here." Ginny called to her son.

"I said I was sorry!" James defended.

Ginny could tell James was not being his normal self today, there was something more behind his teasing today.

"What's the matter with today, James?" Ginny asked.

"I miss Daddy…" James answered sadly.

"Oh Jamie, I know you do. So do I. But, we have to be good while he's gone, okay? Can you do that for Mummy?" Ginny prompted her son.

"I can, Mummy." James said.

"That's my Jamie." Ginny smiled at her son.

As the day went on, there were more tears and arguments. But, it was soon time for dinner and bath time! Ginny made a quick dinner and they ate quickly, all excited for bath time. James loved when Teddy was over and it was bath time. Teddy would play with James and Albus while they were in the tub.

Soon after bath time, Ginny put on a movie for the boys so she could talk to Harry alone on the floo for a while.

Ginny kneeled down in front of the fireplace and stuck her head in and called for Harry. Soon there was Harry's head in the flames.

"Hi, love." Harry greeted his wife warmly.

"Hi, Harry." Ginny said back.

"I love you." Harry smiled at her; a sad smile.

"I love you." Ginny assured him.

"How are you?" Harry asked.

"I'm fine. Just extremely tired." Ginny answered.

"I'm sorry, love." Harry said sympathetically.

"I'll live. Just three boys can tire you out!" Ginny said wryly.

"So, Teddy came then?" Harry asked.

"He did. It's been good for James." Ginny answered.


"Yeah, he's taken it pretty hard, you leaving." Ginny explained.

"Well, it's not easy on my end either." Harry told her.

"I know, love." Ginny told him.

"Where are the boys?" Harry asked.

"Watching a movie, we just had bath time." Ginny told him.

"How was that?" Harry asked.

"Better than I though, Teddy was a big help." Ginny told him. "You've always been better at bath time than me, love."

"Well, you're better with stories, love." Harry pointed out.

"We all have our talents." Ginny chuckled and so did Harry.

"Can I see the boys?" Harry asked next.

"Of course, love." Ginny turned away, towards the inside of the room. "BOYS! Come here!" Ginny called.

Soon Teddy, James and Albus were downstairs, all kneeling down in front of the fireplace.

"Hey, boys!" Harry greeted his boys.



"Uncle Harry!" James, Albus and Teddy all exclaimed together.

"How was your day?" Harry asked.

"We had a fun day, Daddy!" Albus told his dad.

"You did?" Harry asked with a smile.

"We did!" James exclaimed.

"Well, that's good!" Harry told them.

"Are you with Uncle Ron?" Albus asked.

"I am, he's talking to Aunt Hermione and Rosie." Harry explained.

"We played with them today!" James told Harry excitedly.

"Was that fun?" Harry asked.

"It was very fun!" Albus told his dad.

"Well, boys we need to get to bed, it's late." Ginny told her boys ruefully.

"Mummy…" Albus whined.

"It is late. You can talk to me tomorrow! Does that sound okay?" Harry encouraged.

"Yes! They all said in unison.

"Goodnight, Albie. I love you." Harry told his youngest son.

"Goodnight, Daddy! I love you, too."

"Goodnight, Jamie! I love you." Harry addressed James.

"Night, Daddy! I love you, too." James beamed.

"Goodnight, Teddy! I love you." Harry last told Teddy goodbye.

"Goodnight, Uncle Harry. I love you, too." Teddy smiled.

"Okay, I'll be up in just a little bit." Ginny told the boys, and they all ran off.

Once the boys were upstairs, Ginny turned to Harry.

"I love you, love. Goodnight, Harry." Ginny told her husband.

"Goodnight, my love. I love you so much." Harry whispered to his wife.

Ginny got up from the fireplace and made her way to bed. On her way there, something passed by in the window from the corner of her eye. She stopped and turned around, but there was nothing. She continued walking to her bedroom. She stopped by each of her boy's rooms and tucked them in.

Once she was comfortable and in bed, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in…" Ginny called.

"Mummy, can I sleep with you?" Albus peeked his head into the room.

"Sure. Come on." Ginny opened her arms, and Albus ran into the room.

Once Albus settled and laid down, there was another knock at the door.

"Mummy, can I please sleep with you?" James asked as he walked into his parent's bedroom.

"Can I too, Aunt Ginny?" Teddy followed James in.

"Sure. Come on, let's go to sleep." Ginny ushered the boys into the bed and they all snuggled in.

This was going to be a long week.


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