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Seventeen years ago in a galaxy far away on a planet there was a planet called Daxam. Daxam's people lived in peace and harmony. Daxam's people also had a very powerful treasure known as the Quasar stones . Gem stones so powerful that they rivaled that of the Zeo crystals. The Daxamites knew that they had to protect the stones so they assigned seven guardians to protect the seven stones. The guardians watched the stones and lived normal lives on Daxam and had families all but one her name was Talia Hawk She helped her brother and the other guardian keep watch over the stones until one the evil warlord Atlan and his armies invaded Daxam in search of the stones in the process killing all the Daxamites. The guardians fought hard to the death . The other guardians knowing they wouldn't survive the assault sent Talia and six of the stones and the five surviving infants of the planet to earth. Knowing that Atlan would never stop looking for the stones and it would take him years to find them on the planet, to protect earth from him.

Chapter One: The Storm Has Come

Location: New Angel Grove

Kids get down here your going to be late for school, she called . The woman called as she waited in the kitchen for her kids to come down stairs. Her name was Talia and although they where not her children by birth she loved them as if they where. She cared for five of her adopted children since they where infants and was the only mother they knew since there planet was destroyed and they where all the that were left of a once proud race that lived in peace until that dark day. A day that she knew may very well come to this planet. She knew her children would play a major role when that day came, and for that she feared for her children's lives. She thought about this as five of her six children made their way to the kitchen. "Tracie ?" she asked her youngest daughter, "where's David " she continued

"He's still in the bathroom mom," she answered. Tracie was the youngest of the children a year younger than the others and the only human she has been Talia's daughter since she was five. Tracie often felt like in outsider being the only human in the family. Talia knew her daughter was special in her own way the young Native American girl was far more intelligent than most sixteen year olds and was skipped a grade and could match her older brother on a motorcycle.

"That boy he's so lazy sometimes," she thought as she thought of her oldest son. "I know how to get him down here," she said. as she closed her eyes and focused


David was putting on his black military shirt then he hared it in his head the all to familiar voice " David Aden Hawk come down here right now!" his mother was communicating with him telepathically like he and his brothers and sisters did often as a way to talk during classes but when his mother did it annoyed him sometimes. "On my way mom," he communicated back to her as he grabbed his and Tracie's helmets and walked downstairs and into the kitchen. David was tall and strong and the oldest child his appearance would give his ethnicity African American, and his body with his six foot three frame made him appear brutish. But his family and those that knew him closely. that he was far from a brute. He was however a daredevil, a talented singer, musician and poet who was protective of those he loved as well as the weak.

"Hey runt you forgot this ," he said to Tracie handing her, her helmet as he sat down at the table.

"Ok kids listen I want you home and ready for training by five today," Talia said. The large house in the middle of the woods of Angel grove healed an underground training faculty that stretched along more than two miles under the city. It was built with the help of Alpha and Billy Cranston , after Talia and the others landed on earth, she had a vision of the future of her then five children she knew that in order for them to accomplish their destiny she would need to train them. So she contacted the being Zordon and ask his help in order to build a fortress underneath the house she called home. .

"Training ! mom can we have a break please !," Stina asked finishing her cereal. Austina or Stina was as her family and friends called her was a beautiful brown haired young girl with a passion for life, animals and cars as evidenced by her 1967 classic muscle car. Like her brother David she was a talented singer and poet her and her mother would appear Caucasian American. She is the second oldest behind David and matches him in will and heart.

"Yeah mom its been months since we had a day off," E J. said. Ezra ,Jayden was his full name but everyone called him E J, and he preferred it this way because he hated the name Ezra. He was one of the two middle children. He was a bit shy but the shyness gave way to his artistic genius and cooking talent. He resembled an Asian American but that couldn't be further from the truth as he was an alien of a planet who did not embrace ethnicity.

" I agree but we have to be ready to use your powers If and when the time come," Talia said

"Aww don't worry your pretty blue head EJ. mom just wants us to be safe and besides its not like your dating any one anyway since you can't talk to girls anyway," Kal said. Kal the second youngest who resembled a Pacific Islander. Kal was an ambitious curious ladies man often at odds with his older brothers. He loved all things women and comics but hated math and chores.

"Shut up Kal just because Tammy dumped Ezra for you , you Don't have to be a jerk about it," said Troia defending her twin brother. Ezra and Troia where twins so the girl with purple high lights often defended the blue haired boy. Because of this she felt a stronger connection to E J more than her other siblings. Aside from this she was talented in her own ways, being a talented self thought dancer, and musician playing three different instruments. On top of her stunning beauty and grace making her more than just eye candy.

"Hey stop it both of you," Talia said " That's enough from all of you now all of you go you're going to be late for school," she continued as they got up and headed to the front yard. They all got into there usual modes of transportation the twins Kal and Stina's red Dodge Charger, while David and Tracie got on to their motorcycles. David's was a black and chrome Harley Davidson V-twin, while Tracie's was a green Suzuki Hyabusa. They all pulled off just be fore the hared Their mother scream "No racing guys,". but she was to late to stop them. The teens raced to school as it was their routine Since the three of them got their respective licenses the other three had theirs a well they just found it easier to worry about three vehicles rather than six. The race ended with David winning by a split second, and Stina coming in second and Tracie coming in last saying "You know I could've made that jump if that damn sun wasn't in my eye". Just be glad you didn't drop your bike this time runt," David said as they walked into the school. They carried on their normal daylily school routine and returned home for their training not knowing what was waiting for them.

Earth's Orbit:

An enormous space fortress settles in earths orbit its dark and cold , it houses some the most vile creatures in the universe the plasmus troopers mindless drones with grotesque mutant bodies that struck fear into the hearts of all they had conquered. They where servants of the evil warlord Atlan. Atlan was a sick sadistic alien his skin was a mixture of green, tile, and slight orange. His hair formed a long tile and black mane his eyes were a black and ember color. His body was adorned with silver and red armor, his youthful and some what handsome looks maintained by his knowledge of magic hid his bloodthirsty ways and earned him the name the dashing demon. At his side where his two generals, Girder a mutant brute of a long by gone race. His body was a massive form of cobalt skin covered with battle scares. could crush his enemies with his bare hands and render their bones to dust, but preferred to torture them or simply beheads them with the giant sword he carried on his back His second general was Lady Sala a beautiful and deadly humanoid women whose skin was a light bronze skin. She had long pitch black hair, deep green eyes almond shaped eyes, long claw like nails, and her body was adorned with a red and black leather corset and black leather pants and boots. She looked very much the seductress and vampire in more way than one as she prefers to poison and feed on her enemies rather than the more often than not gutting them with the two daggers she wore on her hips then feeding on them. They have searched the galaxy for years conquering and destroying planets leaving a trail of blood searching for power they've been denied now they have found it.

"Lord Atlan we've found them we've found the Daxamites and the Quasar stones," a gravely voiced creature said.

"Good general Girder now we will have what is ours," said Atlan.

"Yes my lord we'll kill the Daxamites take the Quasar stones and conquer earth for our own," a sexy voiced women said.

"Yes Lady Sala we will. Now you and Girder take a group of Plasmus troopers to earth and attack the city !," Atlan ordered .

"All hail Lord Atlan!," Girder shouted.

The Ranger's House:

While her children were training Talia began to feel a pain and sickness in her body. A sickness that seemed to eat away at her very core as she fell to the floor. " Mom ! " David screamed , "are you ok you," he continued.

"No my son I am not for years I've trained you for the day the destroyer of our planet would come and that day has come," Talia said.

" What are you talking about mom," Stina asked.

"Close your eyes my children and all will be revealed" Talia said as her children closed their eyes and a host of images appeared in their minds as Talia told them the story of their destiny . "Seventeen years ago in a galaxy far away there was a planet called Daxam...," and the story unfolded of how Atlan and his armies conquered their plant and how their adopted mother managed to save them and six of the seven stones.

"Now my children you must take your destiny and take up the Quasar stones and the powers in them to become Power Rangers," she finished. "Here are your morphers," said as she handed them to them , "David brave and bold you shall lead the team as the silver ranger and command the silver lyger zord. Stina passionate and full of fire you will be the red ranger and command the red phoenix zord. Ezra noble and true you will be the blue ranger and command the blue sinter zord. Troia graceful and kind you will be the pink ranger and command the Pegasus zord. Kal wise and swift you be the yellow ranger and command the griffin zord. Together as a family there's no evil you can't beat you are a force for good like the rangers that came before you." she said as she finished.

" Wait mo you said there we're six stones but you only gave morphers to five of us what about Tracie," Kal asked. Talia sighed then looked at her youngest child saddened .

" The reason why I'm not the sixth ranger is the fact that while Daxamites and humans look the same and have the same anatomy our DNA structures are very different. and in trying to make a morpher for me we discovered that the Quasar stone would over power my body," Tracie explained.

"So what's your part in all this Tracie," Kal asked.

"I'm glad you asked my dear brother. See I help design and build the morphers also ...," she was interrupted by an explosion that shook the house.

"What was that !" E J asked as the large screen in the room feel with images of the Plasmus drones and the two generals outside of there house.

"They're here, " Talia said looking horror at the screen.

"What are we waiting for guys lets go!," David yelled running out of the house leading the others from the house.

"Wait guy morphers ...aren't fully bonded yet," Tracie tried to warn her brothers and sisters as they appeared on the screen, fighting the Plasmus drones.

"Tracie how long can they last with out morphing," Talia asked.

"It'll take at least fifteen minutes before the morphers fully bond with their DNA, but I don't know if they can last that long, Tracie said, " hopefully their DNA powers will help buy them some time mom," she contiued.

The five teens battled the drones as the generals watched. "Pitiful Daxamite children they hardly stand chance," said Girder.

"Yes once we kill theses worms this planet will be ours," Lady Sala replied.

"Man these guys our tuff," said E J.

"Yeah but, huh, we got keep them away from the house," said Kal breathlessly, " right Dave ," he continued.

"Err...yeah these things are ahh !," he words cut off by him being knocked to the ground by a strike to his ribs. " Ok damn it now I'm pissed you want me you got me ahh! ...," David's body began to glow bright silver he launched him self into the air a felt self change into a silver ball of pure energy he flew a lighting speed into a group of plasmus drones destroying them instantly reforming behind them as they blew up. " Ok whose next," he said.

EJ stood surrounded by six drones being pushed around "Okay six on one not fair," he said as he split into four people, "now six on four is little more even," he continued as he and his doubles destroyed the drones.

Stina began to feel her self fade away as he fought the drones the drones had stopped attacking her she realized she was invisible and used it to her advantage causing the drones to destroy themselves. "You guys just go to pieces don't you," she said smirking .

Kal fought being backed into the wall then suddenly took off at lightning fast speed between the drones attacking them and coming out on the other side of them looking back as they blew up. "Huh...huh speeding is cool," he said.

Troia began to run up a tree flipping landing on top of the six drones running along their heads kicking them flipping of off them and kicking them in to the tree causing them to shatter.

"That's it I'm tired of these guys," Stina said,

"Yeah me too," David replied.

"Lets kick it up a notch then big bro," Kal said.

"Quasar storm Ranger form!," all five shouted, a flash of colored lights bathed them but nothing happened. Then they where rushed by plasmus drone and the generals.

"Tracie! what's wrong we can't morph and...ah we're getting beat!," David screamed into his morpher.

"The morphers aren't fully bonded to you guys yet ," Tracie said franticly.

"Great time to tell us kid," Stina said trying to fend off two drones.

"Look Stina I tried to warn you before you left the lab but... anyway you just have to hold them off for about five more minutes," Tracie said slightly angered at her brothers and sisters.

"Damn Tracie we don't that kind of time," Troia said.

"Well I don't know guys ,mom do you have any ideas...mom?" Tracie said looking away from the screen to find her mother gone.

"Pitiful Daxamite scum ," Girder said as he and Lady Sala walked towards the five downed teens.

"I'm going to enjoy killing them," Lady Sala said. Then as they came within inches of them they were met with a split kick sending them to the ground.

"Mom!," E J said in surprise as his mother came to her feet.

"You Daxamite witch you'll pay for this, with you and your children's lives" Lady Sala said.

"No! I have watched destroy my world and countless others this ends now! Quasar Guardian form !," Talia screamed. The teens watched as a flash of pure white light covered their mother and as it faded she was covered in white armor with gold accents, there on each of her wrist where large gold and silver blades.

"Alright mom ," Kal said as their mother went on the attack cutting through the drones first two by two then three by three, then focused on two generals and fought then at the same time. Sometime during the fight her guardian form began to fade in and out, while she fought the two generals and her children fought the drones.

"Talia you pitiful women you think you can defeat us you and your children will die like all others of your kind," tossing her aside causing her guardian form to completely fade. As the generals charged her David used his energy to stun both of them only momentarily "Mom you ok," he asked.

"Look out!," she screamed seeing Lady Sala charging at him. Just as she was about to strike she was thrown back as Stina materialized.

"I know I'm awesome right, " Stina said with a cocky smile as her other brothers and sisters rushed to her side. Just then another wave of drones appeared.

"Great more of these guys," said Troia.

"Um Tracie...,"David asked

"Way ahead of you big bro morphers are fully bonded," Tracie replied.

"Alright lets try this again guys," David said.

"Quasar Storm Ranger Form!," they all yelled.

Pliers of sliver, red, blue, yellow, and pink light when the lights faded they where dressed in colored uniforms with black accents.

" Alright guys, Troia, Kal, E J take out the drones Stina you and me will take out the generals," David said, "and mom get to the lab," he continued.

"Right," they said going on the attack .

"I'm done playing with you clowns," E J said. "Quasar Mace !," he called, as large spiked mace appeared in his hands, "fury spin!," he continued as he went into high speed spin throwing off sparks of blue energy destroying, all of the drones, around him.

"Ok that was good E J, but now its my turn," Troia said as she called for her disc blade and large silver disc shaped object with sharp curved edges on it appeared in her hand. "Boomerang attack!," she yelled. as she threw it the turned into pink energy it cut through the drones and returned to her.

"Ok guys my turn," Kal said as he called for his Quasar cross bow. "Rapid fire,!" he yelled the bow glowed yellow and fired several explosive arrows destroying the drones.

As the others fought the drones Stina and David fought Girder and Sala fighting them to a draw until they drew their weapons. "Prepare to taste my blade" Girder said as he drew his sword and Sala drew her two daggers and charged them not counting David and Stina back flipping out of the way.

"Ready sis," David asked,

"Ready bro," Stina replied. "Quasar sword," Stina called as a medium sized sword that looked to be a long sword and katana appeared in her hands.

"Quasar spears !," David called as two medium spears appeared with large gold and silver heads in his hands. The four charged each other fighting in four way dual sparks flew from their bodies until Girder launched an energy attack from his sword hitting David and knocking him to the ground David got up and used his spears staff mode and used its ultra strike knocking Girder to the ground. Stina flowed suit using her phoenix slash on Sala.

The Others came to their sides and stood over a defeated Girder and Sala. "You've won this time but this isn't over," Girder said as he and Sala retreated.

A few minutes later in the lab:

Talia stood and looked at her children with sad happiness, " I am proud of all of you , but this is not over Atlan's forces will not stop till he has the stones and has killed us all., we must be ever ready to fight and risk you lives," she told her children. "Don't worry mom we'll defeat Atlan even if it means death," David extending his hand. "All I have to say is if they want these stone they'll have to come through me ," Stina said placing her hand on top of his. " You know I really hate bullies be them human or alien," Troia said putting her hand on her sister's. "You guys are just lucky blue is my favorite color," E J said placing his hand on top of Troia's. "Well I've always wanted to be a super hero," Kal said placing his hand on top of his. "Hey guys every team need a genius luckily you're related to one," Tracie said placing her hand on Kal's. Talia walked over and placed her hand on top of her children's and said " We are more than a team more than heroes we're a family and when seven become one no evil no injustice can stop us".

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