"Wow Hinata, you sure recovered very well." Tsunade said to the heiress when she checked on her the next morning. "You seem perfectly normal again."

"That's great." Naruto said, standing by the window to block the sun from glaring into his girlfriend's eyes.

Tsunade smiled inwardly at the devotion that Naruto showed Hinata. Not only had he stayed by her side while she had been unconscious, but now that she was awake he was doing everything possible to make her comfortable. He had already gone out and gotten her a dozen different types of flowers and even stopped at her favorite bakery to get her some cinnamon rolls so she didn't have to 'eat the disgusting hospital food'. To their surprise Rimona actually did not object to Hinata eating some cinnamon.

"So does that mean that I will be able to leave soon?" Hinata asked as she sat up in her bed while the medic sannin looked over her charts.

"The only problem is that you're doing too great. This kind of recovery is, to put it simply, fictional, save for a very few select types of shinobi." Her eyes moved to Naruto for the briefest of moments. "So tell me, what happened last night? And I swear if you say 'nothing' I'll have you on bedpan duty for the seniors in this hospital."

Naruto and Hinata looked to each other, as if silently asking each other should they do this. Of course, they had to. Keeping this hidden could only cause more problems.

"Baa-chan, you're probably not going to like it." Naruto started.

"Just tell me Lilith isn't back inside her." Tsunade warned.

"Oh yeah, she's definitely not inside Hinata-chan anymore." Naruto quickly replied.

"But... one of her daughters... is." Hinata confessed.

Tsunade blinked first and then simply stared at them for a long uncomfortable moment. "What?" Her expression and tone showed surprise but not the kind she wanted to be given.

Hinata fidgeted a little. "As she explained it, my coils couldn't make enough chakra to compensate for the absence of Lilith anymore. I would have been in a coma until my body reached some kind of balance, and that could have taken a long time."

"Yeah I suspected that was the case." Tsunade admitted, still not pleased with what she was hearing.

"Well, Lilith has a couple of kids..." The white-eyed girl continued.

"Try a baker's dozen. Last time I checked that is." Rimona commented.

"And one of them came here last night."

Tsunade sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Did that succubus affect your brain? How stupid could you be to host another of those monsters?"

"Hey! Don't call Hinata-chan stupid!" Naruto protested, glaring directly at the godaime.

"This is stupid! It's like trading one parasite for another! Actually, it is trading one parasite for another!"

The whiskered blonde got right in the slug sanni's face, glaring with all his might and clenching his fists like he was trying to break his finger bones. "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU THINK! NEVER CALL HINATA-CHAN STUPID! YOU DO IT AGAIN AND I'LL CRAM A SAKE BOTTLE RIGHT DOWN YOUR THROAT!"

Both Tsunade and Hinata were stunned silent to hear him declare this. All the while Naruto just stood there, breathing heavily and still glaring kunai.

"Damn girl, don't tell me you've got an abusive jerk as your boyfriend." Rimona commented.

"He is nothing like that." Hinata whispered to her new inner demon.

"I'm just saying, don't stay in a relationship where the other party is abusive or possessive. It's not healthy."

Tsunade then seemed to recover from Naruto's outburst and fixed her eyes on the blonde in the most intimidating way she could without unleashing killer intent. However, it was still enough to make the whiskered Uzumaki balk somewhat under her gaze.

"If you were any other person on this earth, you would be dead where you're standing for that." Her voice was as cold as ice. "So consider yourself lucky I'm willing to view that as an emotional reaction, but just this one time gaki. But if you ever say anything like that to me again, you'll never see the light of day."

Despite the intensity of her gaze, Naruto regained his composure and glared right back at her. "The different between you and me Baachan... is I meant what I said. Don't call Hinata-chan stupid, ever."

Tsunade was still pissed, but she tried to be professional and so returned her focus to Hinata. Though in the back of her mind she was making a mental note to assign one genin to a long string of D-ranked missions for the foreseeable future. "So you've got a whole new succubus inside you? What makes this one any different than Lilith or Aru?"

"For one, she apparently dislikes both of them, and has no problem helping us keep them from coming back for revenge."

"But didn't you say this is one of their kids?" Tsunade asked for clarification.

Hinata nodded. "Yes, but I get the impression that Lilith and Aru weren't exactly model parents. Rimona, that's her name by the way, didn't like the fact that her parents were so shameless regarding sex to the point they both acted like sluts. She thought there was no reason a succubus couldn't be healthy without turning themselves into a nymphomaniac. She says they weren't supportive of her views, and apparently they've done some things that Rimona doesn't like talking about. She's so estranged from them now that her parents are practically strangers to her."

Tsunade still looked far from convinced. "So you just took her word for it? How do you know she's not lying?"

Hinata frowned a bit. "Are you saying I should have chosen to stay in a coma?"

The medic closed her eyes for a moment. "As a professional healer, I cannot say yes to that. But that doesn't mean I approve of the method used to cure you."

"So what? Hinata-chan's the one who has to live with it. This doesn't affect you." Naruto growled.

"The hell it doesn't. Aru was a threat to Konoha just by himself. And here you two have welcomed in someone who can potentially help him should he and Lilith come back. You both potentially endangered the village, and for what?"

"So that the girl I love can wake up from her coma." Naruto stated firmly, his hands clenching into fists so hard his nails were biting into his skin. "And I don't care if you forbid me from ever becoming hokage or strip me as a ninja altogether, I am not going to apologize for that."

Tsunade mentally sighed. "Yeah, guess I can't fault you for that, despite my professional side still pissed that you've both allowed this to happen. Right now I'm tempted to keep you both out of Konoha a bit longer to settle this, and frankly the main reason I'm considering keeping you two here is the fact I insisted to the old farts that I didn't want to be paranoid over the Akatsuki coming here for Naruto."

Naruto snickered. 'Funny how she calls someone else an old fart.'

"So if I send you both out again, I can't say why. A vacation can only be extended for so long." Tsunade continued. "I don't want the elder advisers under the impression that they were right to want Naruto out of village longer than Jiraiya originally intended. And frankly I don't want to be paranoid about two enemies invading Konoha either. So before I can make a decision, I want to speak to this succubus directly."

Hinata nodded. "Alright Rimona, take control for a moment." She said to her inner demon before closing her eyes.

There was a brief moment of silence as both Naruto and Tsunade stared as the Hyuuga heiress. She slowly opened her eyes, and they had changed but differently than when Lilith was in command. Right now, one of Hinata's iris's was a sapphire blue and the other was an emerald green.

"I will make this short and sweet." Hinata spoke with Rimona's voice as opposed to her own, addressing Tsunade. "You do not trust me, for that I do not blame you. However, you do not have to trust me, you merely need to listen to me."

Tsunade arched an eyebrow. So far this succubus was not helping her case, but the kunoichi allowed her to continue.

"You called my father a threat earlier, you have no concept of the harm he is capable of. The members of my race may be low on the demonic hierarchy, but we are equal to one of your S-class ninja."

'Considering what happened when Aru fought the Hyuugas and defeated all of them without difficulty, I can't accuse her of exaggerating.' Tsunade thought.

"This girl-" Rimona-Hinata gestured to the body she was using. "And this boy-" She gestured towards Naruto as well. "Made fools of both my parents, and they will never forget that. They will come back for revenge, and they may just destroy this village for good measure."

"They will try." Tsunade said coolly.

"And they will succeed. No offense, but your village is woefully unprepared for a legit demonic attack. I got in here without any problem."

"And you are willing to help bolster our defenses?" Tsunade asked.

"Willing? I will be honest with you, I care very little about this village or the people who inhabit it. However, helping you helps me get some long overdue retribution. So I am inclined to provide assistance."

"And how do I know you won't turn on us." The slug sannin asked, putting her hands on her hips.

Rimona-Hinata shrugged. "You don't. So you just need to ask yourself are you willing to take that chance?"

Tsunade was silent, then without a word she walked right up to the possessed Hinata and looked right into her heterochromatic eyes as she looked right back. Naruto could practically feel electricity in the air as the two women stared each other down, like an intense battle of wills.

Then suddenly, just as quick as the intensity appeared, it vanished, and Tsunade straightened up. "I suppose that's the best I'm going to get out of you, aren't I? You heal this girl and help us even the odds against your parents, and in return you get the chance to kick their ass yourself?"

"I get the impression you think there's more to this than simply that." Rimona-Hinata replied.

"Well of course. From where I stand, we get more out of this than you do. You're the one who came here, surely you want something from all this beyond mere retribution."

Rimona-Hinata leaned back as if to get more comfortable. "I may ask for a favor or two at some point, but right now I can't think of anything I need."

Tsunade didn't like the sound of that, but knew she couldn't really refute the succubus. "Fine, it looks like we're stuck with this situation and just need to make the best of it. But you better not endanger this girl, you hear me?"

"Loud and clear." Rimona-Hinata claimed, then closed her eyes. When they opened, they were Hinata's normal lavender-tinted white.

"You can go home now. I'm going to need some time to think of what to do about you two, so expect to hear from me tomorrow." Tsunade added, then left the room.

Taking the opportunity, Hinata began to get out of bed, with Naruto coming up and helping her. She didn't really need it, but she wasn't going to refuse him. "I guess we should go home and relax then."

"Which one?" He asked, just to be clear where she wanted to go.

She smiled with a brief chuckle then leaned in and gave him a quick peck. "Ours of course. Remember you asked me to move in?"

He smiled and nodded. "Of course, I just wanted to make sure you remembered."

Ino had not felt well that day, she had woken up feeling very woozy and lightheaded, the kind of feeling one got after they had just donated blood or had too much alcohol.

The feeling had not gone away, in fact it had only intensified. She had no appetite at breakfast and while working at arranging some new flowers bouquets she had developed a splitting migraine which had caused her to drop a vase and shatter glass everywhere.

She had been told by her father to go lie down for a while, while her mother cleaned up the mess; not having the strength or desire to argue, Ino went to her room. She closed the door and stumbled towards her bed, her face grimacing with pain as her head throbbed as if someone had taken a hammer to it from the inside.

The platinum-blonde collapsed on her bed, letting her aching head rest on the cool silk of the pillow. She sighed with relief and closed her eyes for what only felt like a second, but when she opened them again she was no longer in her room. She was surrounded by light from all directions.

"What the heck?" She asked as she looked around herself, seeing nothing but an endless white void around her. Weirdest part was... it felt familiar. "I've... been here before, I know it."

"Yes you have." A smooth velvet voice said from behind her.

Ino spun around immediately and gasped. Standing there, dressed in a very tight fitting purple dress, was Lilith. "You!"

"Oooh, that sounded so surprised. And here I was expecting a hug and maybe a kiss. Didn't you like the last one?"

"Are you kidding me? After what you did? You attacked my village and nearly killed my friends!"

"To be frank, I never actually did that. You're thinking of my mate Aru, he was the one who put any of you here at risk. Besides, if anyone deserves to be blamed for all that it's Hinata."

Ino raised an eyebrow. "Hinata? What did she do?"

Lilith frowned, her tail swaying back and forth behind her. "I'm the one who got her to finally nail that boy instead of just masturbate to him. All I wanted was the chance to fuck my husband when he showed up. But did Hinata let me? No, she had get all monogamous on me."

"Well you should have seen that coming."

Lilith growled. "I'm the victim here. But enough about my problems, how are you doing?"

"I'm not in the mood for games. How the hell are you here anyway? How can you talk to me like this?"

Lilith chuckled and her wings slightly lifted before settling. "Oh come on now blondie. Use that brain and think. We made a deal, remember?"

Ino did remember now. "The chakra flow connection..."

"Bingo! Just because I left Hinata did not mean I left you."

"You left Hinata?" Ino repeated.

"Focus girl, the point is you still have a little piece of me in you, which allowed me to maintain this little mental dreamscape bridge between us."

"Well I don't want this connection anymore. I don't want anything to do with you." The platinum-blonde declared.

The succubus queen simply smiled and suddenly snapped her fingers, which echoed through the void. All of a sudden, black leather coils appeared out of nowhere and like snakes they lunged out and wrapped themselves around Ino before she had time to react. From her legs up to her neck they cinched themselves tightly against her body until she looked like a BDSM mummy.

Unable to keep her balance, Ino fell onto the ground of the dreamscape. Lilith casually strutted over to her and knelt down next to the struggling kunoichi.

"I thought you might say something like that. So ungrateful, just like Hinata. I gave you that body you're so proud of you know, and I could just as easily turn it into something you'll be ashamed of. The kind of body that will make you destroy every mirror in the house."

Her tail sort of caressed Ino's curves, from the waist up to her breasts where they sort of rubbed around it. To Ino, it also felt like the succubus was teasingly licking her, or reenacting a tentacle scene. Either way it did not make her feel any better.

"However, I will let you keep this body for a bit longer. You see, I'm going to have to insist on your... uncooperative assistance. Because you see, you're a rather integral part of my plan."

"What plan?" Ino demanded, though a sliver of fear was in her voice.

"Oh I don't want to spoil anything. Let's just say for the time being you are going to be my eyes and ears on what happens in this village." Lilith explained as she moved her tail towards Ino's face and stroked it for a bit, before withdrawing her appendage.

"I will not help you."

"Oh poor sweet girl, what part of my monologue gave you the impression I was going to give you a choice?" Lilith asked rhetorically. "If it's any consolation however, you won't even know you're doing it."

Before the Yamanaka heiress could object, Lilith gently tapped her on the forehead with a claw.

"AHHH!" Ino shouted as she awoke, panting and sitting upright in her bed. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the clock. "Two hours? I could have sworn I just closed my eyes for a second."

There was a knock at her door. "Ino? Are you alright? I heard you yell." Her mother could be heard.

"Yeah Mom, I just had a bad dream about..." Ino found herself at a loss for words. All of a sudden, she could not remember what she had dreamed about. Which was odd because she was typically very good at remembering all of her dreams.

"About what honey?" Her mother asked, bringing her out of her thoughts.

"Umm... nothing Mom, it's not important."

"Are you feeling better now?"

"Huh, actually yeah, I am." Ino replied, starting to get up on her feet. "Headache's gone and I don't feel so disoriented anymore. I guess all I needed was some rest."

"Good, then come downstairs. You can have lunch and help out in the shop for the rest of the afternoon."

"Okay Mom, I'll try not to break anything this time." Ino joked, no longer concerned about her forgotten dream. It was probably nothing important.

Back at Naruto's apartment he and Hinata had been spending the morning cleaning up the place. There wasn't much to do except dust and stock up on the groceries, but the two were glad to be back nonetheless.

"So Rimona, what have you been doing all this time?" Hinata asked to get a conversation going when Naruto went out to get them some lunch. Only after he left did she ask why he didn't send a clone out to do the errand, but she shrugged it off. Perhaps he just wanted to surprise her. At the moment Hinata was wiping the kitchen counters, feeling akin to a housewife at the moment. The feeling made her a little giddy.

"Minding my own business, but mostly trying to find an alternative to sex as an energy source."

That sure surprised the white-eyed girl. "Is there?"

"If you mean as a replacement, then sadly no. The sad truth is sex is like food to my kind and you can't exactly live without food, whatever form it comes in. What I was trying to find was something that could lengthen the times between meals so to speak. Make it to where we needed sex less often."

"Sort of a succubus diet plan?" Hinata asked, unsure how else to phrase it.

"In a manner, yes. I tried many things while testing, things you probably don't want to know about. I tried variants of cinnamon, I assume Mom told you about that."

Hinata nodded. "Oh yeah, she did."

"It sort of works to delay, but the arousal is much stronger once it wears off. When that didn't work, I tried seeing if something disgusting would do the trick. Like how disgust can ruin an appetite. I suppose technically it works, but only for so long. Even a starving person will eventually eat something they hate, and a starving succubus will eventually go for the first dick in sight."

"Well, at least Naruto-kun will prevent me from starving then." Hinata commented. "By the way, he has the Kyuubi inside him. Will that be a problem Rimona?"

The succubus was strangely silent, making the Hyuuga heiress uncomfortable. "Rimona?"

"As in... the Kyuubi?"

"Is there more than one?"

"Oh damn girl you lucked out big time here." Rimona responded, sounding oddly pleased and relieved. "You see, after all that testing, I actually did find one thing that did have acceptable results. And that thing is bijuu chakra."

Hinata blinked and nearly dropped her washcloth. "Bijuu chakra?"

"Oh yeah. It's still not a replacement for sex, but if a succubus feeds off it, they can go roughly thirty days before needing more energy."

Hinata silently gasped and raised a hand to her mouth. "Seriously?"

"Yes. It's like eating a really big meal, it takes a while for you to get hungry again."

"But... why didn't Lilith tell me?"

"I don't think Mom knew. Why would she? She never looked for an alternative like I did."

"But she apparently had a thing with Kyuubi in the past. Shouldn't she have noticed afterwards?" Hinata added.

"How the heck should I know? You think I asked my mother about her sex life? If I had to guess, she just kept going as normal. You don't have to be hungry to eat after all."

"And... why doesn't it happen with me then? Is it because I'm human?"

"Maybe, but has that boy ever actually used Kyuubi's chakra around you?"

Hinata had to think about it. "Umm... just once that I know of. He sort of turned into a four-tailed fox but he seemed rather... tame, around me. For a while at least."

"Not sure what that means. But I suppose if you managed to get any energy at the time that could have helped Mom get healthier faster. Did you ever feel especially needy for sex after that event?"

Hinata shrugged and tried to return to wiping. "No more than I already was. But are you saying that if Naruto-kun gives me small doses of Kyuubi's chakra every once in a while that will make me need sex less often?"

"For the most part yes. And it should help your chakra system recover on it's own."

"Well, I like having sex with Naruto-kun, so don't expect to get a whole lot of Kyuubi chakra from me Rimona." Hinata stated with a sly grin. "But where have you been getting bijuu chakra since they've been sealed up?"

"Oh I found a way. I got a small horde of that famous water from that waterfall village. The Nanabi used that giant tree to pupate a long time ago, and it sort of gained some residual chakra permanently. That's why the water gives humans a chakra boost but shortens their lives. Every once in a while I sneak in and steal some water and sap. It's pretty diluted so it's less effective, but it does the job and made it so I only had to orgasm once a week instead of practically daily."

The door was heard opening and Hinata looked to see Naruto walk in. "Welcome back Naruto-kun."

He smiled and wrapped his arms around her. "So nice that for once someone is here to say that when I come home." He pulled her closer, allowing him to rest his head atop hers. "I love you Hinata-chan."

Hinata smiled and closed her eyes, shedding a few tears of joy. "I love you too Naruto-kun."

"Hinata-chan, while you were in a coma I got thinking. Things are going to be dangerous for us both. The Akatsuki, Orochimaru and Sasuke, Lilith and Aru, not to mention just normal ninja work. I don't know what will happen in the future, but I know for a fact I don't care about you needing a sex demon inside you. I want you by my all the time, even if you don't need me."

"I'll always need you." She whispered.

Naruto then broke the hug and put his hand in his pocket. "I'm going to need you too Hinata-chan. You're the most important person in the world to me now, and I don't want that to change." He then pulled out his hand, holding in his palm a small gold ring with a sapphire stone on it. "Will you marry me?"

Hinata gasped and covered her mouth. Then she surprised the whiskered blonde by tackling him to the floor and kissing him hard enough that it was like she was trying to trade skin with him, coming up for air after who knows how long.

"If you don't put that ring on my finger and take off your pants in the next five seconds, you're never going to wear them again."