Silver sighed as he was cleaning the empty glasses inside the Sonic Universe's Station Square Pizza Hut, not feeling right as Shadow was waiting for him at the green counter. Espio was reading the newspaper in the corner as usual, not really caring.

"What's up, Silver?" Shadow asked as he coincidentally was munching on an orange carrot.

Silver turned to Shadow, rubbing the back of his head. "I'm getting worried. I haven't heard of the girls in a while." He sighed as he closed his eyes. "Not to mention, I haven't seen Blaze."

Shadow shrugged as he wrapped his arms around the back of his head. "Who knows, maybe they're off on a grand adventure. You just have to go with the flow, Silver."

Silver took in a deep breath as he nodded his head. "Well, all right, Shadow. I hope the girls are okay..." He closed his eyes as he felt doubt, shaking his head. "I just hope nothing bad happens to them..."

Meanwhile inside the random garage, Amy was banging on the entrance with her hands, while Blaze and Rouge were reading old abandoned novels they found amongst the cardboard boxes, with Cream cleaning up Amy's Piko Piko Hammer.