Bree Tanner: A New Beginning

This was my first attempt at Twilight FanFiction. I have made only a small change to the first chapter, and removed the "4 Years after Eclipse" paragraph, I realized that it was a mistake as my story decided to take a different and even better turn.

I have many twists and turns coming for Bree. I hope you enjoy!

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Here is a better summary:

What if Bree Tanner didn't die in Eclipse? What if the Volturi never met her? What if she had powers even she didn't know about? What if Alice told them she couldn't see Bree's future? And what if Carlisle asked the pack to take her back to Reservation before the Volturi arrived? This is that story! This story takes place from the Newborn Battle then takes a different turn when Bree is not killed by the Volturi.

Chapter 1: Another Beginning

Bree's POV

(Newborn Battle)

I was told by a vampire named Riley that I was going to fight with the other newborns against an evil clan of vampires, the Cullen's. We were still in Seattle when we were told we were leaving to the little town of Forks. I had no idea what I was going into. Diego was one of the newborns, who like me didn't want to be with this group. We found out one day after hunting that we did not burn in the sunlight the way Riley had said. We sparkled like diamonds. We wanted to know why he had lied to us. So we followed him into the woods, but when we found him he was with a woman vampire. Diego told me to go back to the house and not to draw attention to myself; he stayed behind to ask Riley our questions. He never returned to the house Riley kept us in. I wasn't sure what I should do, but when Riley came back he told me that Diego left with our creator to spy on the Cullen's.

I followed the rest of the newborns to Forks. I ran into the dense forest and I caught the scent of the one we were supposed to kill. I slowed down when I heard the breaking and snapping of the other newborns that ran ahead of me. I could hear their screaming. I slowly made my way down to the battle. I was hiding behind an enormous tree, when they found me. I tried my hardest to look away and try to run, but their eyes, they captivated me. They were like honey. I had never seen any vampires with eyes that color. Mine, I had assumed were red like the others. The couple in front of me stared. I tried not to make any sudden movements.

"Who are you young one?" the man questioned me.

"Please, p-please don't kill me. I didn't even want to be here in the first place." I begged for my life.

The man and woman looked at each other. I didn't know what they were thinking. The sound of newborns dying was slowly quieting down. I was scared beyond measure. The man and woman didn't speak for what seemed like an hour. I slowly started to kneel down at their feet and beg for my life.

"We will not harm you if you give yourself up now." The woman said.

"Yes, yes I give up. I don't want to fight you and I don't want to die. Please don't kill me." Then woman took a step towards me and bent down to my level. I didn't know what she wanted.

"What is your name and how old are you little one?" she questioned.

"M-m-my name is Bree. I-I-I think I was 16. I don't remember thought." I didn't want to die.

"No, young one, how long have you been a vampire?" the man spoke; he was so kind to me. They both were.

"I-I've been a vampire for 3 months, what are you going to do with me?" I hoped that maybe they would let me stay with them.

"My name is Carlisle Cullen and this is my wife Esme. We are going to take you to our family. If they agree you may stay with us. When was the last time you fed?" Carlisle said.

"I'm not sure. I don't like to kill humans. I never did. I would feed after the others would. I never killed a human." I really wasn't sure when the last time I fed was. I knew I was thirsty though.

"Come with us." Esme said to me and stood up giving me her hand. I took it and followed them to their family.

I walked slowly. I looked around the clearing and saw that none of the newborns were anywhere to be seen. There was a fire burning in the middle of the field. I could smell the oddest scent in the air. We arrived with the others. They were staring at me as if they wanted to kill me but Esme spoke.

"Calm down everyone. She is not going to hurt us. She surrendered." She said gently and the others relaxed a little.

"Everyone this is Bree, she has given up willingly. She doesn't seem like the other newborns. Jasper, can you get a read on her." The one I assumed was Jasper nodded his head and stepped closer to me.

"She is scared, surprise, confused, and thirsty." He spoke and placed his hand on my shoulder. I could feel myself relaxing though, I didn't know why.

"Alice, can you see anything?" What did Carlisle mean by "see anything?"

"No, no I can't. I can't see her future." What is she talking about? I didn't want to ask. The girl I assumed was Alice continued, "The only other ones I can't see are those dumb mutts."

"Alice, don't call them that they helped us today." Another girl and boy came out of the woods. She was pretty and human. My throat began to burn. I could hear her heart beating and smell the blood running through her veins. Jasper grabbed me and pushed me to the ground. Ugh, what the hell was that for, Ithought to myself.

"Jasper, what are you doing?" The boy that had come out of the woods said.

"She's thirsty. She'll try to kill Bella, Edward." He responded. I guess Bella is the human, I won't kill her, and I don't want to kill her. I've never killed a human, I shouted in my head. Somehow I had willed the burning to subside.

"You won't kill her?" the one named Edward asked me. I shook my head, he continued, "I read her thoughts she's never even killed a human. She has a power I've never seen before. She has very strong self-control, let her go Jasper."

I got to my knees but didn't stand up because out of nowhere, it appeared. The biggest wolf I had ever seen, actually the only wolf I had ever seen. On its heels was one of the newborns I had seen at the house I was kept at. It jumped on the back of the wolf. It howled and tried to bite him. Just then another wolf jumped out of the woods and tackled the newborn to the ground. Somehow the newborn was able to turn the tables. He squeezed the russet colored wolf and I heard the bones break. The wolf howled in pain. Then I heard a growl from the woods and a giant black wolf came charging out of the trees and killed the newborn. The sound of the wolf's bones being crushed was the most terrifying sound in the world. For some reason I wanted to comfort the huge russet wolf. I went to stand and started to walk to the injured wolf on the ground. Something was pulling me toward the wolf. I couldn't explain it.

"JACOB, OH MY GOD! Edward we have to help him." The human named Bella said.

I felt a hand grab me and I turned to face the owner of the hand, "Let me go, I have to see if he's alright, please," I pleaded the taller more muscular vampire.

"Bella, the Volturi are coming you have to stay here, your scent is everywhere." Edward replied but I didn't care. I struggled against the pull of the man holding me back. I have to get to him he's dying please; I thought hopping Edward heard me.

"Jasper, what do you feel from her." Edward questioned.

"Emmett, let her go, I feel she cares for him, though I'm not sure why." Jasper defended.

"Ouch, what the hell are you doing to me?" Emmett shouted at me. I didn't know what I was doing. As far as I knew I wasn't doing anything.

"Emmett, what's wrong?" Edward inquired.

"I felt like she electrocuting me!" Emmett said. I could hear the one named Alice say someone was coming but I didn't care.

Then a girl came running out of the woods. I started walking toward the wolf on the ground he was still howling, and whimpering. Then another four boys came out of the woods running. I walked faster. I heard Jasper telling the boys and girl that I was going with them, that I felt something for Jacob. I guess that is the name of the wolf on the floor. I felt like something was pulling me to the wolf again. I didn't care I started running the boys were dragging the wolf into the woods. I heard Carlisle tell one of the shirtless boys to take me with them and he would be along shortly. He also said I wasn't dangerous. We started walking into the woods.

"Jake, you need to calm down," the shirtless boy said.

"Yeah Jake, calm down so you can shift back." Another boy said, what in the world did he mean by shift.

"Jacob, you idiot, I had that stupid bloodsucker!" The girl screamed.

"What the hell is going on," I asked without thinking.

"Leah, that's enough, back off. Embry, take Bree to Emily's…" the first shirtless boy said, and they placed the wolf on the ground.

"NO! I'm not going anywhere. What is going on and what is he?" I asked pointing at Jacob.

The whimpers stopped and we heard a loud yell. I heard the bones in his body crack again. We all turned to see a naked boy lying on the ground. I ran to his side and touched his face gently.

"Shh, sh, it's ok. I'm here, my name is Bree. You're going to be ok, Jacob. I promise." I whispered to him holding his left hand in mine. I was careful not to touch his body; his chest and his right shoulder were blue and purple. He stopped screaming and looked into my eyes. I felt like he was looking into my soul, as if he was mine.

"Y-y-you're an angel, aren't you?" he managed to whisper before he blacked out.

"Oh my god, He imprinted on the little bloodsucker!" The girl named Leah all but yelled.