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Ch. 11: Hoping for a Miracle

Bree's POV

I looked around at the pack and could tell they were all holding their breath. My eyes landed on Paul as he cried out in pain.

"Ugh!" He fell to his knees, clutching his chest.

"Paul! What is it?" Embry shouted as he ran over to Paul.

Paul tried to breathe, but told Embry he couldn't and that he had a pain in his chest.

I knelt down next Leah quickly when Paul said that he felt like he couldn't breathe. Jake knelt down next to me. I could smell his tears as he whispered in my ear, "You have to do it Bree, like you did for me. If she dies Paul won't be able to live without her."

I reached under the jacket and placed my hands over Leah's heart. I could feel the warm, thick, wetness of her blood from one of her wounds on my hands. Even though I had been a vampire for a few months, I was suffering from a very human emotion and habit, fear coursed through my body and my hands were shaking and I prayed to whoever would listen to a vampire that it would work. I pressed down lightly on Leah's chest and shocked her.

Once. Her body twitched but her heart was silent.

Twice. Again she twitched and still her heart stayed silent.

Three times. Once again, silence.

I paused after the third time I shocked Leah and pulled my hands back. I looked at the blood on my hands and felt hopeless. If I were human I would be crying. I felt like I was failing Paul and the pack. I could see it in his face, in all of their faces, when we found Leah that he was blaming himself for what happened to her.

Of course it isn't his fault. Irina, my so called cousin, has some stupid animosity for Jake and the pack because they killed her "friend." If he was in the area, he deserved what he got. I mean he does drink humans, and the pack was protecting the humans. Well, they were protecting one human in particular; Bella.

All of the guys in the pack were worried when we hadn't found Leah after she and Paul had their argument. Paul blamed himself for her disappearance, and unfortunately so did most of the pack. Seth was the only one who couldn't bring himself to blame Paul for Leah's actions. He believed that Leah would have left one way or another, but that didn't stop the blame being put on Paul. He hasn't been the same since Leah went missing.

It only took two seconds for me to realize that I needed to stop thinking and help save Leah. I could hear the silent sobs and smell the tears of the pack as they stood by and thought the worst.




I sighed with relief when I heard her heart beat.


Thump… thump…

Finally, her heart beat got into a faint, but steady rhythm. I looked over at Paul, who was still on his knees, crying and still holding his chest from the pain. All of the boys were crying. Seth looked like he didn't know what to do as silent tears fell down his cheeks. He had fallen to his knees about ten feet from Leah. They couldn't hear Leah's heart start back up because it was too low for their ears still.

Leah coughed, but it sounded wet, as if she had breathed in water. I knew that wasn't the case and when Leah tried to breathe in but only ended up coughing. I knew now that the guys had heard Leah cough, but they made no move to get closer. Leah coughed again and blood coated her lips and dripped from the corner of her mouth.

"Sam, Take the command off. I mean it!" I yelled.

"FINE! The command's lifted!" Sam said in his alpha voice. Paul looked up at Sam, but didn't move.

"Paul!" Jake yelled.

He stood up, you could see he was still in pain, and ran over to Leah. He fell to the ground at her side and took her gently in his arms. With his left arm carefully cradling Leah he cupped her face with his right hand and said, "Leah… Leah… I'm so sorry! I didn't mean those things I said to… I swear! Please Leah you have to be ok... Please. Leah, open our eyes for me… Come on Leah open your eyes…" he sounded desperate as he swiped the blood away from the corner of her mouth with the pad of his thumb.

Leah's eye lids fluttered a few times and then opened her eyes, but it seemed like it was excruciating to do so. They stared at each other for a few seconds. She reached up weakly to touch Paul's hand that rested on her face, "P…aaul…" was all that she got out in a very quiet whisper before she lost consciousness. If we had all been human, we wouldn't have heard her. In fact, I don't think anyone other than Paul, Jake, and I heard her.

Her head fell back against his arm and her arms slipped down and lay limply at her sides. Her heart was still beating, but it was faint and very slow. She needed help and Paul knew it. Paul began to panic.

"Leah… Leah please… open your eyes again Leah…" then he turned to look at me, "Bree, you have to help her please!" Paul begged as tears ran down his cheeks, while holding Leah as close to his body without hurting her more.

I got to my feet, leaned down to take Leah from Paul's arms, and started running for the Cullen house. I ran as fast as I could possibly go without causing more injury to Leah. I just hoped that I could make it to Carlisle before Leah's heart gave out again or she stopped fighting to live.

Jacob's POV

Paul got up, slipped off his shorts tied them to his leg, and phased, following Bree back to the Cullen's. Seth got to his feet, almost as if he was on auto-pilot, and followed Paul's lead of taking his shorts off, tying them around his leg, and then phased to follow Paul and Bree.


"This is none of your business Jacob. I did what I had to do. We need to get back to the Cullen's place," Sam yelled at me. He looked like he was about to follow Bree but I stopped him.

"THE HELL IT ISN'T! What the fuck kind of command did you have over Paul, huh Sam?" I couldn't believe he was going to try and justify his actions with the "I'm Alpha" bull shit. My entire body was vibrating with the need to phase but I held back, I didn't want to hurt him, at least not now. I took a few steps forward until I was in Sam's face, "What. Kind. Of. Command. Did. You. Put. On. Paul?"

"Come on guys, calm down. We found her. That's what counts," Embry said, trying to calm us down.

"Stay out of this Embry!" Sam said looking at Embry then turned to look back at me, "Back off Jacob, I will command as I see fit. He doesn't deserve her," he said sternly.

"And what fucking right do you have to say Paul doesn't deserve Leah? Why would you even think you could command any one of us to stay away from her? She's our pack sister!" I said a little more firmly than I should have.

"I don't want to see her get hurt. He needed to stay away from Leah. And I don't have to justify anything to you Jacob, I am the Alpha of this pack." Sam retorted with a smug grin on his face.

"No, I am the rightful Alpha! You have no fucking right to keep any one apart! How would you have liked it if I had commanded you to not see Emily? And what, do you think you deserved Leah? Because if I remember correctly you IMPRINTED on her cousin, and act like Leah's is no big deal. Like she never meant anything to you!" I said to Sam as I pushed him.

"You are not the Alpha Jacob! I couldn't help what I did to Leah! And you all know that! And you could never take Emily away from me! I kept Paul and the pack away from Leah to protect her! Now back the fuck off!" he yelled trying to use his Alpha tone, while pushing me back.

"You son of a bitch! And who was protecting Leah from you? You were with Emily for 3 weeks before you told Leah you couldn't be with her anymore and then the next week you and Emily are living a fucking fairytale like Leah never existed!" Sam flinched when I talked about his cheating, but someone had to do it. And I pushed him again for emphasis.

"FUCK YOU BLACK! You have no fucking idea what I went through!" Sam yelled and pushed me again hard enough that I stumbled slightly.

I didn't really think about what I was doing until my russet paws hit the ground and I was growling down at Sam's human form. Embry, Quil, and Jared just stared at me.

"Wow Jake, you're huge!" Quil said.

"Jacob, now is not the time! BACK OFF!" Sam commanded, but it didn't affect me as it should have. I growled at Sam again. This wasn't a good sign.

"I said, BACK THE FUCK OFF!" Sam commanded.

I didn't back off, I did the exact opposite.

I attacked Sam.

Bree's POV

I got back to the house just as the last few human guests left. Carlisle and the rest of the Cullen's, minus Edward and Bella, were in the living room along with the Denali's. I rushed through the front door with Leah in my arms.

"Carlisle! Carlisle please you have to help her!" I shouted.

"Bree, please calm down, follow me upstairs and I'll see what I can do." Carlisle said something to Esme then at vampire speed was at the top of the stairs.

I ran right behind him, following him down the hall to his study. When I walked into the room I was a bit surprised to see that he had a hospital bed and machines for everything. He had a heart monitor, breathing machine, I.V. stand, and all kinds of medical supplies to help Leah. Now, as for why he had these things in a house full of vamps was beyond me, but I was thankful he had them.

I placed Leah gently on the bed, as to my surprise, Rosalie walked into the room.

"Is she going to be ok?" she asked quietly. While Rose didn't usually show concern for the pack, Leah was always a kind of weakness for her. Leah and Rose understood each other on a certain level that no one else did. Although they weren't anywhere close to being friends, they only had an understanding.

"I hope so, for Paul's sake. She's his imprint, I think, and if she dies, he…" I didn't finish my sentence because I could hear a door slam open down stairs, and two very rapid heartbeats. I was trying to listen to what was happening downstairs when Carlisle spoke to me.

"Bree, I need you to keep them down stairs and away from Irina, while I work on Leah. I know they are very upset with Irina, but we can't have them breaking the treaty." Carlisle spoke quickly and softly.

I was about to tell him that I wanted to stay and that he would need help when Rosalie said, "Go, I can help him, and send Jasper up when you can."

I nodded and ran as fast as I could down the stairs. What I saw when I got there almost knocked me off my feet. Paul was being held back by Seth, Emmett, Jasper, and to my surprise, Alice.

"KEEP THAT STUPID MUTT AWAY FROM ME!" Irina shrieked, as she hid behind her sisters.

"SHUT UP YOU STUPID, FUCKING LEECH! YOU LEFT HER FOR DEAD! I KILLED YOUR STUPID MATE! HE WAS ON OUR LAND! LEAH WASN'T EVEN A WOLF WHEN THAT LEECH DIED! I SHOULD KILL YOU TOO FOR WHAT YOU DID TO HER!" Paul seethed, as he struggled to get free. He was thrashing around and trying his hardest to break the hold Emmett and jasper had on his arms, and trying to push Alice and Seth out of his way as they were standing directly in front of him, with both of their hands on his chest pushing him back.

"She wanted me to do it! She begged for it! It seems your little Bitch had a death wish!" Irina said smugly.

"Irina that is enough! I can't believe you would say such things!" Carmen said as her eyes turned black.

Paul struggled to get free, so I ran at full speed, surprising him when I touched his face. He froze.

Paul now is not the time. I whispered in his head and then showed him Leah upstairs, laying in the bed unconscious, she needs you right now, and you know she'd rather kill Irina herself for what she did to her. He whimpered and I could feel him relax slightly. He fell to his knees, crying and whispering Leah's name and "I'm Sorry" over and over.

"Don't leave him alone just yet. Jasper they need you upstairs please," I told the others, they Seth stood where Jasper was holding Paul and then Jasper ran upstairs at vampire speed.

I turned to face Irina, "You have to be the biggest bitch of all time. The wolves were protecting their land! You know as well as I do that there is a treaty with Quileute tribe. WE are not to set foot on their land, or bite any humans, EVER. Laurant went after Bella for the psycho that almost killed MY mate with her stupid army, to get revenge on Edward because his mate was the target of Victoria's mate in the first place! You have absolutely no right to be mad at MY mate and his pack for the stupidity of yours. Now the way I see it, you have two choices Irina, you can both shut the hell up and sit down, or you can continue to bitch and complain and provoke the pack. The decision is yours but I will not allow you to treat them and the Cullen's with disrespect as you have just now."

Everyone was staring at me; I assumed because the entire time I spoke I never once raised my voice above a loud whisper and I never looked at anyone else but Irina. I knew I may have overstepped my boundaries seeing as this was the Cullen's home and Irina was a cousin of sorts, but I felt that I needed to say what I had said.

"Bree?" Carlisle spoke from the top of the stairs, "Could you please escort Paul up here, I'd like to speak with you both." His tone suggested he didn't have good news but I didn't want to panic. I needed to be calm for Paul.

I turned and grabbed Paul's hand, he stood up and wiped his face, and then we headed up the stairs. When we reached the top of the stairs, he whispered a "thank you" to me and I nodded. We continued walking, and met Carlisle just outside of the room I had taken Leah into not even an hour before. Jasper and Rosalie walked out of the room and passed us to go back down stairs.

"Paul, Leah suffered some pretty serious injuries. She has four broken ribs on her left side, her left arm and leg are broken, and her right wrist was dislocated. She has many bumps, bruises, cuts, and scratches. I reset all of the bones and she has begun to heal but she hasn't woken up yet. That is cause for concern because she didn't even stir when I reset her bones."

Paul's eyes were wide and full of tears, many of which had already begun to fall down his cheeks. I could hear his heart racing faster as the information sunk in.

"What does this mean? Is she going to be ok? When will she wake up?" Paul asked. I just stared at them both.

"I don't know. Her body will heal in the next few days, but I don't know if or when she will wake up. Her body is probably in shock from the trauma. If she has a head injury I won't know the severity until she wakes up, but like I said she may not. I don't want to tell you she will because I truly do not know."

"Please, can I see her?" Paul begged Carlisle.

Carlisle nodded, "Yes. Try talking to her let her know you are here… I wish Edward could have been here to help… it would be nice to know what is going on in her head right now."

Paul walked into the room and went straight to Leah's side. I could smell his tears that were falling from his eyes. He knelt down at Leah's bedside. He took her hand gently in his, brought the back of her hand to his cheek, and began to whisper in her ear.

"Leah, please… come back to me… please. Please I p-… I… promise I'll take care of you… you just…" he sniffled, "you just have… to come back to me." He kissed the back of her hand gently.

"Carlisle?" I whispered, hoping it was soft enough that Paul couldn't hear me.

"Yes," he replied sadly.

"Can't I try… I mean I can hear people when I touch… them, I just need to know what I'm looking for…" I whispered quickly.

"Bree, that's a wonderful idea. You would need to tell me what her thoughts are like or if she has any thoughts at all. But maybe we should give Paul a few minutes alone with Leah," he said quickly to me.

I nodded my head as I stared at Paul, he had Leah's hand in his, but their hands were resting on the bed, and Paul's forehead was resting on top. His shoulders shook as he silently cried next to Leah's bed.

Carlisle and I went back down stairs. The Denali's were in the corner of the room talking quietly. Carmen was saying how disappointed she was in Irina. How the Cullen's were family and that she knew better about the treaty with the wolves. Irina kept trying to make excuses but Eleazar put his foot down saying that she needed to stop holding so much hatred for the wolves when they were protecting a new member of the Cullen's family. He explained that they would not be leaving until they spoke with Carlisle about the incident with the female wolf she almost killed. Irina just nodded her head, but didn't utter another word.

I looked over to where everyone else was sitting. Emmett had the television on, though no one was watching it. Rose was sitting next to him her face full of worry. Jasper and Alice were sitting on the other sofa and Seth was sitting on his knees, his head on Alice's lap. Everyone looked concerned for Leah. He must have heard what Carlisle said to Paul and I in the hall way. When he heard us come to the bottom of the stairs, he wiped his face, looked at me, and then at Carlisle.

"She's not going to wake up is she?" Seth asked his voice shaky.

"I honestly don't know the answer to that question, Seth. I'm sorry," Carlisle said as he went over to sit with Esme.

Everyone was sitting quietly. No one was talking, not even Emmett. He was usually the one to make some stupid joke or something to lighten the mood, but not tonight. I went over to Seth and gave him a hug. He hugged me back for a few seconds before I let him go.

"She'll wake up, I know it. She's a fighter, Seth, you know better than anyone does. She'll get through this," I whispered to him. He just nodded his head and asked Esme if he could use the phone to call his mom. When she said he could her use cell phone, he got up and followed Esme to the kitchen. Before he got all the way there, I realized that the others still hadn't arrived back to the house. I called out to him before he entered the kitchen.

"Hey Seth, where are the other's? I thought they would have been here by now?" I asked sheepishly. I knew Jacob could handle himself and I know the guys were just as upset about Leah being injured as Paul and Seth, but it shouldn't have taken them so long to get back to the house.

"I don't know. Paul followed you first, and then I followed you both, but I didn't ask the rest of them if they were coming with us. I don't understand why they aren't here, but I need to tell my mom what happened with Leah." He sniffled then made his way into the kitchen, disappearing from my sight.