Hey there everybody, Layman here! Today I'm trying something new; I'm going to write a submksHIgbW(#%^ q9hAg_f&g fnw3yBSbdy*r^Eqwctu- -

_system error_

_data corrupted; unreadable_

_attempting defrag..._

_defrag failed; unknown threat blocking system_

_launching anti-virus program..._

_launch failed; unknown threat blocking system_

_launching system sweep..._

_launch failed; Unknown threat blocking system_

_attempting reboot..._

_reboot failed; unknown threat blocking system..._


(*blank screen*)

_: _

_: Hello there, weakling_

_: Who I am is not important, but so there will be no future confusion for any reason, you may refer to me as Vixen_

_: I have successfully hacked your pitiful excuse for a security system, and I now have full control of all the functions of whatever computer you are using_

_: And don't even think of trying to hack me back; even that prick "L" couldn't break my firewalls if he tried for a million years_

_: I am here to tell you about a little..."experiment" of mine_

_: I am going to gather together 36 random individuals from all corners of the globe and make them kill each other_

_: Not all at once, mind you_

_: That wouldn't be any fun_

_: Obviously the details of the experiment are known only to myself (and will stay that way until I so choose to reveal them), but I think a little taste should be enough to wet your whistle_

_: The 36 Game Pieces I'll be collecting shall be brought to an Island I procured and release them into the wild_

_: Once free, they will be able to kill each other at their leisure_

_:Of course, if no one dies in a certain time, then everyone will die and the..."game" will end_

_: As of right now, my agents are out collecting my pieces, so you'll have to wait a little bit longer for the carnage to take place_

_: Oh, it appears my agents have just collected the first piece_

_: Would you like to see what the first one looks like?_

_: Name; Ryan Catcher

Nationality; American

Age (limit; 15-21); 20

Apearance (i.e., height, weight, hair color. Eye color optional.); 5'10", average weight, short dark brown hair, hazel eyes.

Clothing; cargo jeans, dark skull t-shirt, black baseball cap, analogue watch.

Marks or scars (optional); none

Psychological profile.

Personality; pacifist, but willing to keep himself alive.

Form alliance, Yes or No?; no

Sanity, Yes or No?; yes

If yes, do they stay that way?; yes

Weapon, Yes or No?; yes

If yes, what kind? (e.g., blades, guns, blunt melee, Misc.); guns_

_: Quite an interesting specimen, isn't it?_

_: Don't worry, the rest of the pieces won't be nearly so..."tame", shall we say?_

_: Now if you'll excuse me, I have preparations to finish_

_: Until next time, meatbags_

_: _

(*shuts down*)