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Sasuke had to dodge a few times before he could get his hands on the bat and rip it out of her hands.

Which he did.

After he took it away, Sakura stepped back of few paces and started to yell at him. He was so angry at her that he pinned her to a wall.

That's when he realized that her lips were forming the words (He can lip read), but no sound was coming out.

"You're an idiot." He said, glaring at her.

She mouthed some words.

"' I'm not the person who lured me out of the castle just to trick me so I would lose my voice and not be able to sing in the competition.'" He quoted. She nodded her eyes willing me to burst into flames.

What to start with he thought.

"Yes I lured you out of the castle-to meet me in the garden." He ignored the words that were trying to come out of her mouth. "I did not trick you, I was tricked myself by Orochimaru." That statement made her mouth stop moving real quickly.

And the implications behind it didn't hurt either. For is Orochimaru got involved, than he knew who Sasuke's 'mate' was.

And that it was Sakura.

"Orochimaru drugged me. And the competition is not your top priority right now, although it is a problem." He said pulling away from Sakura and the wall.

Sakura went over to her desk and brought out a piece of paper and a pen. She scribbled something down.

He looked over her shoulder and read it.

Orochimaru interfered with us meeting. Correct?


You said that Orochimaru finds enjoyment in messing with the people finding each other's mate. Correct?"

"Correct." She did not need to explain further. Her face was red. And Sasuke already knew it. But she wrote it down anyway.

So all that we have to do is say a few words and kiss. Correct?

"Correct." His mouth was slightly dry from thinking about it. But he had to tell her about the bet.

"I cannot claim you as my mate before Hyuga does or I will lose my pride as an Uchiha to him."

She was about to start (trying) to yell at him when she stopped. Her face adopted a thoughtful, and slightly malicious, look.

'I always wanted to find Tenten a boyfriend.' She mouthed. He smirked.

Page Break

We spent the rest of the day in my room, brainstorming ways to get them together before next week.

When the girls had gotten out of school and barged into my room, Sasuke had already gone back to his dormitory.

'Where is Tenten?' Sakura wrote down. Hinata read it and answered.

"Asuma had kept her after class for throwing a pencil so hard at Neji that it broke skin."

"Even when he did the whole matrix-dodge thing." Temari said, snickering.

"He had said something sexist, and Tenten heard." Ino said. Sakura was smiling. Finally something was going right.

'What happened to Neji?' she wrote.

"He responded with another pencil and it made a deeper cut across her hand. Nothing serious. He sat there, shocked for a second, and then ran out of the room. His forehead was already healing." Hinata said.

'When is she going to be back?'

"She'll be back either when she knocks the teacher out, or when he remembers to let them go." Ino said. "I'm guessing on the former because she had detention with Neji."

'I'll be quick then. Sasuke has agreed to help me' I ignored all the gasps and WTF's that came with this statement and continued writing. 'Orochimaru drugged him' Ino let out a long Ohhhhh. 'We have to kiss, but he has a dare with Neji that Naruto started to see who could ignore their mate the longest. Meaning: who cannot take their mate first? Neji has already confided in Sasuke that his mate is Tenten. And we all know how much fun it can be when Tenten plays a practical joke on us.'

"So you want to get her back with the biggest joke of all." Temari said, catching on. I nodded.


"Let's get that bitch." Hinata said, blushing as she said the cuss word, but smiling all the same.

Page Break

Meanwhile… in detention:

"Just stay here and do study hall or whatever until I come back. Try not to kill each other." With that, Asuma left.

Insert awkward, and slightly hostile, silence.

"Ugh! When is he coming back?" Tenten yelled.

"Whenever he remembers. He is probably buying cigarettes right now, and maybe getting a coffee. We could be here all night. Just try to get some work done and not let this study hall go to waste." And he calmly went back to reading his book.

"What work? The teachers are all so lazy they don't want to grade homework, or all the classes are hands-on and it is just in-class work." She was making hand motions as she was talking. The rough bandage came undone a little bit.

Hyuga stiffened. The scent of blood was just slightly in the air.

"And it's not like they really teach us anything, I doubt that some teachers even know the subject they are supposed to be teach-"Tenten noticed Neji was completely ignoring her. 'He wasn't even doing anything. Not moving his eyes or turning the page.' She thought. She waved her hand in front of his face.

"Hello? Are you awake?" Unfortunately for him, she waved her bandaged hand in front of his face.

Right in front of his face.

"Oh, my bandage is coming un-" Hyuga quickly gathered up his books, trying not to breathe in. Then he proceeded to walk out of the classroom.

"Oh no you don't. You got me into this. You will not just walk out."

Sorry, he tried to walk out of a detention with Tenten there. Naturally she stopped him being the good student that she is. And being Tenten, she stopped him violently.

She rushed up behind him and grabbed his shoulder with one hand, while pulling the other back in a fist. She spun him around and threw the hardest punch she could right at his face.

She was shocked when he stopped it.

He was scared to see that his hand was shaking, and not from the force of the punch that Tenten had just thrown.

He was holding the hand that used to be bandaged. The bandage was still on, but hanging loosely around her hand. The force of her fist hitting his palm managed to bust open her hand. A human hand should not try to use its full force to hit a brick wall.

Needless to say Tenten's hand was scraped bloody, and she might have broken her wrist. Neji usually would not have lost his control and used his full force to stop the punch, but usually he wasn't in the room with blood in the air.

And now there was a hell of a lot more of it. And it was her blood.

"OW! Fuck Hyuga! I think you broke my wrist. Gouging it with a pencil earlier wasn't enough?" She tried to pull her hand from his grasp, but he wouldn't let go.

He found out her couldn't let go. And that his hand was slowly bringing it to his lips. Tenten whimpered from the pain and had to take a step forward because her arm didn't reach that far.

"N-neji? Don't you think I should go to the infi- what the hell did you just do?" Tenten in fact knew that he was licking her bleeding hand. What scared her was the feeling of her flesh knitting itself back together. It was not an altogether pleasant sensation. She squirmed and tried to pull her hand away again. She yelped as pain shot through her wrist again.

"Stop moving" he said. Then he continued his ministrations. He licked up all the blood, including the blood that was running down her arm. After he was done, he re-bandaged her healing hand. Then he let go and stepped away from her until his back was against the wall. Tenten watched as he slid down the wall with his face screwed up in concentrating, grasping his shaking hands together.

"So" Tenten started a little breathlessly, grasping her broken wrist with the other hand. The bandage helped the swelling. "Care to explain all that to me?"

"Only if you're ready to spend the rest of your life with me" He gasped out.


Hinata and Naruto were eavesdropping outside in the hallway. They were the only ones who heard the lock click. Besides Asuma of course. He was the one who just locked them in. He winked at them as he passed.

After Asuma was gone, Naruto turned to Hinata and smiled a conspirator's smile. "I think that leaves the way clear for Sakura to get her voice back, compete in the school music competition, and have the Teme keep his Uchiha pride. And we didn't even have to do anything!"

Hinata gave a quiet giggle and kissed her mate. "Let's go tell them before they go and try to do something rash. Like nearly killing Tenten and having Neji take her to the infirmary."

Naruto looked a little crestfallen. "Sakura will be disappointed she can't prank Tenten and Neji together now."

Hinata smiled her devious grin. "But we can sure as hell tease the living daylights out of the both of them!"

They both laughed and headed back to their dorm, where their friends were waiting for news of how the detention went.

They really needed some good news.

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