Max: Me and Michelle are the hosts for the story, and we're gonna make the Titans do questions and dares.

Me: Sooooooo without further ado, please welcome Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, Terra, Kid Flash, Speedy, Bumble Bee, Aqualad, Mas y Menos, Jinx, Slade, Kole, Blackfire, and Jericho!

Raven: You're gonna make us answer questions and do dares? Oh joy. -sarcasm-

Me: -glares-

Beast Boy: Wait! Max is a Maximum Ride character! Why is she here?

Max: Remember BB? -points to herself- Captive.

Beast Boy: I know that!

Me: Because your dum kidnapper Andrew wouldn't let Max stay with him when I write the chapters for this story, and I want Max here.

Beast Boy: . . . . damn . . . .

Max: -glares-

Robin: . . . . Beast Boy was kidnapped?

Cyborg: When did that happened?

Me: Well it all started last summer when Max stayed at my house, and me and Andre were walking-


Me: . . . .

Max: You can explain how BB was kidnapped when this chappie's over.

Me: :D And guess what? . . . . No A/Ns for this chapter! :D

Kid Flash: -does happy dance-

Terra: . . . . weirdo. -mutters-

Slade, Jinx, and Raven: -snickers-

Robin: . . . . and you brought Slade . . . . why?

Me: Because I want a bad guy here, and he's not the only bad guy I brought. -points to Blackfire-

Blackfire: . . . . no comment.

Me: There are no rules. Any dare will be done, and any question will be answered. Alright now everyone, promise you will do any dare and question?

Bumble Bee: What happens if we say no?

Me: -holds herring up evilly- Oh, I don't think you will.

Bumble Bee: -gulps-

Everyone: We promise to do all the dares and questions.


Max: So remember to review your dares and questions here!

Me: Let's dance! XD

Kid Flash: You spoke my mind.

Everyone: -starts dancing-