Me: Ello chaps! :D

Max: Hi.

Me: This is the last chapter. Yes, I know, very sad news indeed, but! . . . . there's is a surprise.

Max: Which Michelle told you guys last time. So, drumroll please.

Speedy: -drumrolls-

Me: And the surprise isssssssss . . . .

Speedy: Just get on with it! My hands are getting tired!

Me: Well fine then! The surprise is . . . . there will be a sequel!

-recored scratches-

Titans: . . . . WHAT?

Max: Wait for it, it gets better. -_-

Me: Yes my friends, there will be a sequel . . . . sorta.

Beast Boy: What do you mean by that?

Me: Well, the sequel won't be about the Titans but the Hetalia characters instead (Meaning the sequel will be in a different fandom), and I will only take questions in the sequel. No dares.

Robin: So you're gonna make a sequel, but not have us in it?

Me and Max: -nods-

Me: Sorry if you don't like the surprise, but I've wanting to make a "Ask Hetalia" fic for a while. If you want to, you can review on the sequel that I just posted up. You don't even have to exactly know what Hetalia is.

Kid Flash: Now, let's do some reviews! :D

Jinx: Here's two from Lexi and Rae. ;)

Raven: I wish you stop calling me that.

Lexi:last chapter? bound to happen sumtime. oh and ghost, the titans arent being relaesed. technally, they are still tepped on3 other ficsXD raven:*snaps fingers*shoot! any way...1)gizmo-kiss melvin, yes, you have to. 2)herald-kiss raven. you did in dani icaras fic, and she thought u were a good kisser. 3)eveyone-everyone including the host are invited to my house for a all night pool party! reviewers to! lexi:im really gonna miss u and hope u have a nice life! bye! raven&lexi:BYE! ~hugs n kisses~ A(lexi)s&Rae-Rae!

Lexi:IMPORTANT NEWS! WARNING! IMPORTANT NEWS! i have just recieved information about these 3 things. 1)greg cipes, the person who does beast boys voice, had said tht they are going to make a live action teen titans movie. 2)the producer of teen titans said tht after hes done working on ben 10 alien force he will get back to work on teen titans. 3)raven is getting her own show after smallville goes off in 2011. THIS NEWS COULD BE FAKE!(but hopefully its not) raven:did u know cyborg and aquaman was on smallville? lexi:...i do now...

Gizmo: Grrrrrr fine! But only on the cheek. -kisses lightly on cheek-

Melvin: :P

Raven and Herald: -kiss-

Me: Really? I already knew about that. You can look it up on youtube.

Robin: Next review is from WingedHero540.

Me: Yay! I finally got a chance to review your story!

Aero: Well it's about damn time!

Me: CAN IT Aero! Anyways on to the dares! :D

Michelle & Max-Read When A Wedding Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong by tgypwya amd tell everyone what you thought of it!

Aero: That's a stupid dare!

Me: Not unless you've read it! *shudders*

Max-Fight Aero. No rules.

Aero: hehehe *cracks knuckles*

Me: On to the questions!

Max-If I shoved you in a room with Lissa and Brigid and a Fang plushie, what would you do?

Michelle-Would you do the same to Max?

Robin-Are you and Starfire going out any time soon?

Me: I also brought gifts

Max-a rusty spork

Michelle-a swordfish named Sheldon

Beastboy- 20 pounds of tofu

Me: Bye! XD

Aero: Later! :D

Me: I read it. Heheh, Iggy was pretty horny. XD What I do what to Max?

Max: I would probably beat the crap out of Lissa and Brigid, but I keep the plushie. :)

Beast Boy: Of course you would. ;)

Max: -whacks BB-

Beast Boy: . . . . ow. :(

Robin: We already are.

Starfire: :D

Blackfire: -scoffs- Next up, is from dani icarus.

Me: *GASP* Last chapter!

Keisha: I'll stay out of it this time. :)


People who where masks: TAKE THEM OFF!

Robin:Set yourself on FIRE!

Jordan: That be it.


Keisha: We'll continue ours!

Jordan: How will that help?

Keisha: SOMEONE has to continue it!

Me: Anyways... BYE! Hope you have fun after this!

Titans with masks: -tacks off masks-

Robin: They can't set me on fire, Evelyn would kill Michelle and Max!

Max: Gee Rob, since when did you care about us? -implied sarcasm-

Robin: -glares-

Me: Max, why so moody? D:

Max: You're moody too, more moody than me!

Beast Boy: -mutters- PMSing. -_-

All girls: WHAT?

Beast Boy: Nothing, nothing.

Speedy: -snickers- Ok, next is from Lydia, Lilla, and Bee.

Woman! It better be a friggin amazing surprize if your canceling my favorite fanfiction!

Lilla: Aww I was hoping she was going crazy


Bee: (Listens to bickering in background) Well here are the questions

Hot Spot and Argent- You guys are my new favorite TT paring. How do you feel about Hotgent?

Everyone- I gots an exelent in my science fair! Do you think that you should...HIDE YA KIDS, HIDE YA WIFE, HIDE YA KIDS, HIDE YA WIFE! We gonna find you, we gonna find you!

Bee: their still fighting :D maybe I can sneak away... (Tries to escape)

Lilla and Me: NO! You may not leave while we fight about random crap!

Bee: fine, dares

Star- Blue tastes good! eat the blue fuzz that seems to always be on your food!

Lilla: and that is all

Me: Nuh-uh! We still have some fighting to do!

Lilla: lets do that on one of our stories.

Me: otay! Close us out Bee

Bee: fine... bye Michelle, Titans, Villains, Sparky

*Lydia, Lilla, and Bumblebee!*

Argent and Hot Spot: O_O . . . .

Kid Flash: Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, and hide yo captives cause Lydia be rapin everybody out there! XD

Starfire: I shall get the bread. -runs to kitchen-

Me: -headdesk-

Max: Here's a review from Felynx.

dang a last chapter this gotta be epic

leeets see:


Cy: Mac or Windows? Why? and Pittsburgh or Green bay (superbowl anyone)

Robin: why dont you take loosing?

Raven: how does it feel be a kid again when you where on the season 4 ?

BB: Garfield or Gar?


Robin: get in a pool full of jelly of zorkaberries with starfire

Cy: create a computer with a yottabyte ( for more info search in wikipedia )

Raven: bring a rainbow cape :)

BB: use a rainbow cape too but you have to use a leotard (with short) too

thats all ..4 now

Cyborg: Mac, and I was going for the Steelers. -gets to building-

Max: I can answer this, because Robin hates losing. :P

Robin: -glares-

Raven: . . . . nothing really special. -_-

Beast Boy: Garfield. -reads Rob's dare- Ha! That's probably Robin's sex dream right there! XD

Robin: -whacks BB-

Beast Boy: Ow! -whacks Rob- -gets in costume-

Max: -takes picture with cell- Andrew would looove to see this. -snickers-

Beast Boy: -grabs phone- NO!

Bumble Bee: Why the hell do these three fight so much?

Me: I wouldn't really call it fighting, more like teasing. Max and BB teased each other even when both of them were my captives, but when Andrew took BB, the teasing lowered down some. Robin, I have no idea. Ok, next review is from luna827.

Oh... so I see my questions were questions!

1)Beast Boy, you really can't eat anything meat like except for tofu don't you? (I like tofu just to tell you and I'm not vegeterian)

2)To everyone, what's you fear?

3)Sorry for being random but, does anyone like anime?

Beast Boy: Yup! :D

Titans: We have no fears.

Me: I do! I do! I'm such an anime freak. :D

BB, Robin, Max, Terra, KF, Jinx, and Speedy: We like anime too. :)

Kid Flash: Next! . . . . from Agent Time Stream.

Nudge: do you like pizza? I wish we could go get pizza. But I bet Iggy and Gazzy would blow up the resturaunt. Can I look at fanfiction? Oh, hi! Who are you?

Katniss: where am I?

Me: my mind

Katniss: that doesn't make sense

Angel: our prison. We're never getting out.

Me: but Nudge will keep you entertained!

Nudge: who are you?

Katniss: Katniss Everdeen of District 12

Nudge: where's that? Is it in New York?

Katniss: What's New York?

Me: *groans* and here she goes...

Nudge: you've never heard of New York? It's the coolest place ever! I've been there before, they sell everthing right on the streets and *continues to talk*

A few hours later...

Katniss: I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! *pulls out duct tape*

Nudge: *eyes widen*

The screen goes black with "Please Stand By" printed in red letter. You can hear the sounds of Nudge yelling, then there is a loud thump, Nudge's yelling gets louder, followed by the sound of duct tape being used and a sudden silence.

*The black screen disappears. Nudge's arms and legs have been taped rogether, there is also a strip of duct tape covering her mouth*

Me: yes! With Katniss, Nudge, and Angel, no one can stop me from takeing over the universe! Mwahahaha!

Katniss: I'm going to kill you! *since she doesn't have a bow, she charges me, right before she reaches me, a silver flsh slams into her and sends her sprawling*

Me: and I can't forget Silva, but she and Hawk are very close companions and secret weapons.

Angel: do you have any dares or questions?

Angel: so you mean this long review was for nothing?


*A few hours later*


Angel: *facepalm*

Me: Long review is long. XD

Max: Next one up is from Fiona.

lol good chapter xxxxxxxx

anyway questions and dares

1) Raven what is your favourite song?... [if you won't/can't answer, then you have to kiss bb XD]


3) Jinx + Kid flash are you two dating, or just 'close friends'?

4) STARFIRE LOVE YOU AND ALSO RAVEN TOO! anyway, you're all going to a fashion show XD and all the boys are welcomed to come [which means bikinis, jumpsuits, school wear etc]


5) Speedy can you tell us all, if you would rather spend time combing your hair, or rescue Beebee or some other girl from trouble?

that's it people xxx

Raven: Haunted by Evanescence.

Beast Boy: . . . . she answered. :(

Robin: -points to other review- I already have my mask off. -_-

Kid Flash: Of course me and Jinxs are dating. :D

Jinx: ;D

Speedy: I would save Bumble Bee, just cause she's giving me a death glare right now. :P

Starfire: -drags Raven to fashion show-

Aqualad: Next up, is from Snow and Lyoko.

Snow:Actually no

Lyoko:It was "the phrase that pais" The girl couldn't even spell mad right...It hurt my eyes and the only words that she COULD spell right was sexual and swear words

Snow:...I'll look that up now...

-10 minutes later-


Me: I know right? I gave her some critique, but she PMed me a day later basically saying that my stories were crap. :P

Max: -laughs her ass off- Her story is such a fail!

Beast Boy: I know right? Well, next is from Sofia and Artemis.

Max: My series pwns yours Artemis! XD

Me: . . . .

OMGAWD Sorry! I forgot! I've been having a real bad case of amnesia these days.

Artemis: She's also updating her story right now.

Me:'re ending the story? *sniff* The surprise better be good...*sniff*

Artemis: She still has that cold.

Me: And I'm sad!

Artemis: Questions -

Michelle - Have you heard Caramelldansen yet? If not, Sofia says to look it up on youtube and put Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix)

Max - Do you have any idea when you're going to be freed?

Artemis: I hope I'm going to be freed soon. I have business to attend to.

Me: Aw, but I WUVS you Arty. *puppy dog face*

Artemis: -_-

Me: And Michelle, who's your sempai? Mine's Kazekage-sama!

Artemis: It all started with lunch break at school...

Me: It's just that me and friends made up that we would have teachers, one friend has Syaoran from Tsubusa, another has Gilbert from Pandora Hearts, the other has this dude from Mew Mew Power (don't remember which), and me and my best friend fought over Gaara-sempai until I won, so she has Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. XD

Artemis: She gets crazier everytime...

Me: XD XD XD XD And what's Angles? Where's it at? Who's the author? I wanna flame!

Artemis: *with a little sign that says help me*

Me: *ahem* Anyways, it's been fun reading this story, hope you'll still review on mine. ^-^ And did you know that today as I am typing right now is the coldest day in Ciudad Juarez? My feet are freezing right now.

~ From Sofia and Artemis.

Me: Yes, I finally looked up the song, and let's just say I have it on my iPod now. :)

Max: I have know idea. Probably untill Michelle quits fanfiction, but that would most likely never happen.

Me: My sempai is England. :D -huggles England-

England: . . . .

Max: Wait a minute, why are you still here?

England: I forgot something. -_-

Me: The fail of a story I was talking about is "Angels" by gothicgirldarkness666. If you do read it, just be prepare to lose a couple thousand of your brain cells. :P

Max: Lastly, a review from Ghost.



minions: (look at each other, before rushing to excape to secret base, with weapons, tech, and cemicals)

(turn's to camera)why? now i have to distroy this bace.

(rases gun and shots camera guy) but now one lase question.

raven, do you truly, and abislutly love beast boy?

i will not be here to find out.

goodbye. (flips swich)


(ghost disapperes into fog)




Raven: . . . . yes.

Beast Boy: Yeah! :D -huggles Raven-

Me: -fangirlness comes out- AWWWWWWWW! And not to worry Ghost. If you're interested, you can ask the Hetalia characters in the sequel. I'm gonna miss you guys! I hope some of you will review the sequel.

Max: The sequel is called "Michelle&Max's Q&A Corner." You can really miss it. XD

England: So be sure to ask me or anyone questions in the story. You can even ask Michelle, Max, and Michelle's OC Colombia.

Colombia: Si! :D

America: You forgot to say the Hero. D:

Prussia: Or the awesome me!

Me: -shoves the countries-

Max: Well, I guess this is good bye. :)

Me: Bye!