Bumblebee and Jazz had been best friends since as long as the yellow robot could remember. They were inseparable and Ironhide had often made jokes about the two being joined together, but they just laughed it off.

Bumblebee laid on his yellow bed. to which he blended in with, and stared up at the ceiling which was also yellow. Recently he had started to distance himself from Jazz and no one knew why. Only he knew and he wasn't planning to announce it anytime soon.

`Why did this have to happen. He's my best friend I can't love him. It's just not right.' He thought to himself as he thumped his fist down hard on the bed.

There was a knock at the door and Jazz poked his head around it to see whether Bumblebee was in his room. Jazz was the only Auto-bot who could tell when Bumblebee was lying on his bed where as the others couldn't tell as he was camouflaged into the bed sheets. Spotting Bumblebee on the bed he called out to him.

"Hey Bumbles. Do you want to join me and 'hide in the woods for a game of baseball?" Jazz asked joy echoed in his voice.

"No Jazz. I'd rather stay here" Bumblebee replied not even looking at Jazz.

"But you love to play baseball. Come on Bee you hardly ever leave you room any more. Anything the matter buddy?" Jazz asked but Bumblebee just shook his head. Jazz opened the door wide enough so he could squeeze through before sitting on the edge of the yellow bed. "Are you sure nothings wrong Bee? You've changed so much recently and you hardly ever talk to anyone. What happened to the overjoyed funny obnoxious Auto- bot that we all know and love" Jazz had started to worry about his best friend, he had never seen him like this.

"Jazz just leave it. It has nothing to do with you" Bumble announced still trying to avoid looking at Jazz.

Jazz placed his hands on Bumblebees face so he had no choice but to face Jazz "I've known you long enough to know when something is wrong with you."

"You don't know anything about me" Bumblebee replied venom in his voice.

Jazz took this as a hint and walked towards the door before turning on his heels "I will find out whats with you, sooner or later." He had to dodge as a pillow came hurdling towards him before he walked out of the door and into the corridor.

`I've never seen him like that. Why wont he tell me whats wrong? We never used to keep secretsfrom each other.' Jazz thought to himself as he walked off to find Ironhide. `if only there was a way to read hiss mind' A smile appeared on his face as he raced down the corridor to start his plan.

`Why won't Jazz just get the hint. I don't want to see him. If it ever came out about me loving him, I don't think i could ever face him so it's easier if I distance myself now rather than go through the pain later' Bumblebee thought, still lying on the bed. Rolling over onto his side he slowly pulled himself off the bed before exiting the room to find Optimus. As he entered the kitchen, he found Jazz sat talking to Ironhide but no sign of Optimus anywhere. Quickly he walked out of the room hoping that neither of them had spotted him but as he started to walk back down the corridor he felt Jazz's stern hand place itself on his arm.

"Oh Damn" Bumblebee muttered trying to break free fom Jazz's strong grip.

"Bumbles, What is with you?" Jazz asked.

"Do you know where Optimus is?" Bumblebee said trying to avoid answering the previous question.

"Answer my question."

"Not until i've spoken to Optimus. Do you know where he is or not?" Bumblebee was still fighting to to get free from Jazz.

"He's in his room" Jazz let go before heading back to see Ironhide who was still sat in the kitchen. Bumblebee let out a sigh of relief before heading towards Optimus' room.

Opening the door Bumblebee saw the red and blue stripped pattern that was all over the walls and carpets. Over in the Corner Optimus was sat reading one of his books `wind in the Willows'. Optimus looked up to see who had entered his room and was shocked to see the youngest Auto-bot.

"Is something bothering you Bumblebee?" Optimus always knew when something was wrong with the yellow bot. They had bonded as if they were father and son. Optimus signalled for Bumblebee to sit in the chair next to him.

"I... Its just Jazz" Bumblebee stuttered.

"What about Jazz is bothering you?"

"I... I think i love him" Bumblebee replied, his voice barely above a whisper. He had tears falling from his optics. He didnt look up at Optimus in fear of being rejected.

"Theres something else on your mind. Care to share?" Optimus asked sensing someting else was up.

"I want to leave here. I don't know how much longer I can deal with seeing him."

"Are you sure that's what you want?" Optimus stammered shocked at what Bumblebee wanted.

"I've thought about it none stop for days. Please let me go it's for the best." Bumblebee looked up and into Optimus' optics hoping that he would understand.

"If that's what you want then i guess that's fine by me" Optimus struggled to reply.

"Thanks Optimus. I'm really going to miss you" Bumblebee wrapped his arms around Optimus' large neck, tears streaming down his cheek. A tear even managed to fall from Optimus' optics.

"Im going to miss you too, little Bee."

"Can i ask a favour please?"

"Anything Bee just name it."

"Could you please tell Jazz and the others about my leaving. I don't think i could face telling them all myself."

""I'll call a meeting with them tommorrow."

"Thanks. I better go and start packing i want to be out of here as soon as possible. See you around Optimus." And with that Bumblebee pulled back from the hug and walked towards his room. The teas had stopped falling from his optics but inside he felt like carrying on crying. He was going to walk out on everyone he had ever loved or cared about.

After about an hour of packing, he had all of his stuff placed in boxes, labelled and ready to be moved. Looking back at the yellow room one last time before closing the door an walked off down the hallway until he got to the main entrance. He took a deep breath before opening the door and headed down the street. While he was walking he couldn't help but feel like someone was watching him but as he turned around no one was around.

"I will have you soon" A mysterious figure said from a nearby roof top before disappearing into thin air.