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"Bumblebee get away from him" Optimus shouted at the yellow robot.

"No Optimus" Bumblebee turned to face Barricade "You can count me in."

The Black Decepticon nodded with a smile on his face before jumping off of the roof with the yellow robot in tow, both transformed into their alt mode. Upon reaching the ground they grind-ed their engines before racing down the town to start their journey towards the Decepticon base. Optimus slammed his fist against the edge of one of the surrounding walls while Jazz just stood feeling puzzled and betrayed by what had just happened in front of his optics.

"What exactly just happened?" Optimus asked still in shock.

"Bumbles chose to join the Decepticons" Jazz muttered, he was surprised that the yellow bot would even think about ditching them like that, let alone actually going through with it. "I'm sorry Optimus if any ones to blame it's me. I pushed him away so he thought he had no one to re-lie on any more."

"You cant honestly blame yourself for this, you weren't to know he'd turn against us" Jazz had never seen Optimus so annoyed about any one of the team leaving before.

"Yeah but he did get really annoyed earlier when i mentioned Barricade." Optimus didn't reply to this he just turned around and started walking away, leaving Jazz to look over the city roof tops alone. "Why bee?" He muttered to himself.

"So why did you choose this BeeBee?" Barricade asked as they carried on their long drive.

"It's easier than keeping them all in the dark about everything." Bumblebee explained trying to not tell him the exact details.

"Well it's good to be with you again. Your like a painkiller" Barricade joked.

"I couldn't exactly sit and watch you disappear from my life again now, could I?" Bumblebee smiled as he recited it.

"If you say so" Barricade acted as if he wasn't phased but inside he was overjoyed. "Oh and beware of Starscreen, he isn't exactly pleased that your going to be around especially since it was Megatron's offer."

"Am I really that threatening to him?" Bumblebee laughed "Though saying that hes never happy."

"Just don't get on his bad side. I can't protect you like I used to. Here it's every bot for himself." It was clear in Barricade's voice that he wanted to protect Bumblebee but he sure didn't want to face Meatron's rath.

"Dont worry I won't give him any ammunition."

"You better not Bee-bee. Its best to avoid starting world war 3." Barricade chuckled at the thought and with that the two Cybertronians remained silent for the remainder of the journey.

Over at the Auto-bots HQ, Jazz had found a note addressed to everyone, lying on the Kitchen table. He recognised the hand writing as the extremely messy scribbles that belonged to Bumblebee. Jazz took a deep breath before opening it, hoping that it would contain the reasons as to why he had left.

Dear Autobots,

Barricade has given me a message about an offer that Megatron is willing to do. In order to fur-fill it I must leave you. So this will be my goodbye.

Ratchet you are the best medical examiner I know, you have saved my life so many times, all of which I can not thank you enough. Im sorry that i can not ever repay you in the same way. If it wasn't for you I would have been offline and in a scrapyard a very long time ago. Thank you.

Ironhide, big guy you are so much fun I will always remember the numerous pranks we played on you. Though you never used to mind that much, you were just so laid back about everything and anything. I'm glad to have known such a skilled and courageous weapon master and I'm so glad that I met you. Thanks.

Optimus you are a great leader for the Auto bots, I'm glad to have called you my leader. Keep up the good work as no one should take away your leadership. You were wrong I am not the person who makes us fit together like puzzle pieces, that is you my friend. Thanks a lot for everything.

And finally Jazz. You have been my best friend ever since I arrived here, you have helped me through thick and thin. You may be loud mouthed but you are also one of the most thoughtful robots that I know. I am not afraid to admit this as it's probably the last chance I will have to tell you but i love you Jazz, not as a brother or a best friend but more than that. I love you as if yoou were mine. I left last time as I was afraid to tell you. I'm sorry Jazz.

If you guys ever see me again it will be fighting along side the Decepticons. I'm doing it so I can see 'Cade again but also to get rid of Megatron from the inside. I understand that this is a risky decision and will be hard to pull off but I have to do it. It's my destiny to protect you guys like this and there is nothing you can do to change my mind. I hope you can forgive me for this someday soon.
Sorry for Everything
Bumbles xxx

Jazz clenched his fist, still annoyed that he hadn't done anything to stop his best friend from leaving the Auto-bots to join the Decepticons, but he finally knew the reason why Bumblebee had been so off with him. He felt saddened that he couldn't realise the reason before it was printed in black and white for him.

"Are you ok?" Ironhide asked, scaring Jazz as he hadn't seen the weapons specialist enter the room. Jazz passed him the note not bothering to utter a word. "He's going to get himself destroyed. How can he believe he could take out Megatron from the inside? Has Optimus seen this?" Ironhide muttered.

Jazz just shook his head as Ironhide sped out of the room to find Optimus. Jazz was changing his emotions fast as all he could feel now was love fore the yellow mech and sorrow for the fact that Bumblebee was trying to help them out by risking his life. He sure was a brave little bot.

`Oh Bee. You are so stupid sometimes but I am stupider for not realising how you felt sooner. I love you too Bee more than you will ever know and I wont ever get the chance to tell you` He thought to himself wishing Bee was right here, right now but he knew that was asking way to much.

Optimus had been sat silently in the study when Ironhide had barge through the doors.

"Optimus you have to see this" Ironhide panted shoving the piece of paper in front of his leaders eyes.

Within seconds Optimus' optics had scanned over the while letter before he spotted the part where Bumblebee had written his plans. "Where did you get this?" Optimus asked.

"Jazz found it on the kitchen table" Ironhide explained backing away a few steps.

"Keep an eye out for any Decepticon that makes a show of themselves as we can use them to locate their hide out and get Bee out of there before he does anything stupid. Get Jazz to drive around the city on pro-troll."

Ironhide nodded before walking off. Optimus sat rereading the note trying to find something else that stood out but nothing did. After a bit he came to the conclusion of waiting until something was spotted as there was nothing else the team could do.