A/N: Edited. The reason it is bolded is because most of the story is a flashback. The bolded parts are the present.

This story contains some very graphic scenes. Warnings for violence and sex. This story is also mpreg so if you don't like that sort of thing, please don't complain to me about it.

Chapter 1


Grimmjow looked upon the entrance to the forest and shuddered. Here was the place where he had been born into this world. Somewhere, in another life, he had become a souless human, wretched and unloved enough to the point where he could not be saved.

And so he became a hollow. He slowly moved up the ranks, eating his way to menos grande, and from there, adjuchas. Joining Aizen's arrancar army had been the next logical step.

But this place...

It brought back so many memories, most of them horrifying, most of them nightmare inducing. In the hollow forest it was a constant fight for survival, governed by the most basic laws of nature. You kill, or you die. It was that simple.

Grimmjow was here to look for a defector. One of the strongest espada ever to roam this dimension had been missing for many moon cycles. Grimmjow had made it his mission to find him. If he had managed to survive, it was Grimmjow's job to either win him over...

or eliminate him.

Grimmjow was in his released state as he jumped with the grace of a feline from tree to tree. Anything could be lurking in here. The world was against him, as it was against everyone else. He would not be taking any chances.

He spotted a group of adjunchas loafing around. They were a meaningless existence now that the chain of command had been broken. Violent, destructive, and dangerous in great numbers, with nothing better to do they could only wreck havoc. Unfortunately, they were the only intelligent life Grimmjow had come across so far.

He landed feet from them, causing them to jump out of their skins and bare their fangs and claws.

"This is our territory, arrancar," one of the things growled, "You'd best be leaving before we all tear you to shreds."

Grimmjow flared his reiatsu. He would show these insolent beasts who was truly superior. They backed away in fright after feeling his full strength. This wasn't just any arrancar. He was powerful enough to be an espada...perhaps even more. In these months of idleness, it seemed they had forgotten their place. Grimmjow smirked.

The group of adjuncas reluctantly sunk into bows. The leader approached, "What is it, O noble espada, that you require of us?"

"I am looking for someone. Perhaps you have seen him in these parts. A small arrancar with a mask covering half his head, black hair...bat-like..."

"Ahh…" purred the adjunchas while his cronies snickered behind him, "That one. Yes he lives in that cave up in the cliffs. I wouldn't go near, he gets awful protective"

"And angry," another chipped in, "Former espada can never quite accept their place once they are back in the forest. It's only a matter of time before he is de-evolves."

Grimmjow turned around and the others noticed the scar on his back.

"There has been a disturbance in the ranks of the espada, hasn't there?" the adjuncas leader said. "We can feel it. We know something big has happened."

"...ch," Grimmjow brushed him off and took off back into the trees.


Rocks tumbled as Grimmjow climbed the steep cliffs. He pushed his matted blue hair out of his face and looked down. It was a long way…a long, long way to the canopy of barren trees below. Ahead was a cave, dark and foreboding, not at all welcoming. The very atmosphere sent chills down Grimmjow's spine. He entered cautiously, mentally preparing for what he may meet inside.

He fought through the darkness. Tiny hollows scampered out of sight, alarmed at the sudden intrusion. Grimmjow continued onward.

Grimmjow couldn't see but he could feel...he could sense that he was unwelcome by the cave's inhabitant. He waited for the darkness to speak.

"Who. Are. You." hissed a slow, deadly voice. The hairs on Grimmjows neck were raised, as they always did when he felt threatened. The voice continued, "You've come to take my sword, haven't you? Know that I will not surrender it without a fight. Step into the light where I can see you."

There was an opening in the rock ceiling where moonlight was spilling through. Grimmjow stepped in and light flooded his features. There was a gasp from Grimmjow's dark assailant. "Sexta, is that you?"

There was a moment of hesitation, "Aye," Grimmjow answered, "As you remember." He left the circle of light, stepping away from his captor. "You're right. I've come for you. You've been formally dismissed from the ranks of the espada, Ulquiorra."

Ulquiorra snarled. "What has happened to cause such a thing? I am the fourth espada! I have always been in Aizen's good graces!"

"I'm afraid…Aizen is dead."

"Dead?" Ulquiorra hissed, "Impossible!"

"It's very possible, and you know it. There's a new order now, Ulquiorra, and you're not part of it. We can't have anyone still loyal to Aizen roaming free in this, or any other world. Ulquiorra, I have come to take your life." Grimmjow stood tall.

There was a flutter of wings as Ulquiorra returned to the ground from his upside-down perch. Grimmjow felt his presence from behind as he let Ulquiorra examine him.

"I never thought I would see you again..." the fourth espada breathed, "I never thought you would succeed...never thought you would have the gall to face me. How can you live with yourself, knowing what you've done? I see how things are now and I'm not the type to live in a world of filthy traitors. Kill me, Sexta, that is, if you can…"

Grimmjow faced him. This was it. This was the end. They had been through so much together and now everything was to be forgotten.

"Before I forget…" began Ulquiorra, "There is one last thing I must show you." He slowly unfurled his wings from around his body. Revealing what he had been hiding from Grimmjow.

Grimmjow stood speechless.

"What's the matter, Sexta? Kill me."

In his arms, Uquiorra held a tiny baby. Grimmjow stared at the blue fuzz on his head and the small fangs in his mouth. The little thing yawned, undisturbed by Grimmjow's presence in the cave, and continued to look at Grimmjow with curious, blue eyes.

"Is he…"Grimmjow hesitated, "Is he…mine?"

"I certainly don't remember mating with anyone else, Sexta," said Ulquiorra with narrowed eyes.

After a moment of silence, Grimmjow took a step forward. His eyes had softened and he held out his arms.

"May I?" he asked. Ulquiorra shrank back into the darkness, folding his wings around himself once more and hiding the sleepy child from view.

"Had you not betrayed and abandoned me, perhaps I would let you hold the result of our breeding," He snarled.

"Ulquiorra…" growled Grimmjow. He grabbed the other man and, for a moment, it was a battle of strength. Then, Ulquiorra lost his will to fight. He fell back against the cave wall, panting. He glared up at Grimmjow with as much hate as his eyes would allow.

"I…am weak," he admitted quietly, "Hurry and finish it, Grimmjow."

"You know I would…" began Grimmjow. He looked once more at his tiny son in Uquiorra's arms. "But right now it seems you are needed." He turned and began to walk away.

"I warn you, Sexta. Let us go now, and the next time you set foot in this cave I will make sure you become dinner."

"So be it."