Hi everyone! Another author's note here. I know I've been neglecting you all by not updating Bequest but I promise it was for a good cause! I have been working on an original novel with a setting much like the hueco mundo and two main characters much like Ulquiorra and Grimmjow.

It makes me feel shitty for making such a blatant plug, but if you liked this story, or any other fantasy-type mpreg, go check out my novel Eternal Shadow by my newpseudonym Nicole Cambridge. The url to the amazon page is in my profile along with a summary.

I priced it as low as i could and still keep max royalties, but if you absolutely can't spend 3.99 on it then know that it will be available for 99 cents from March 29- April 8 2014. Tell all your yaoi buddies. I shall be updating Bequest soon now that I have more time. Thank you all for your continued love and support. Without you I never would have learned how to write and you will find that Eternal Shadow has been dedicated to you, my lovely reviewers.