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January 18th… 11:09 AMNew Orleans...

"Mama mama mama mama mama…" Farfalla Greegertson babbled, the year-and-a-half old little girl sitting in her playpen in the kitchen of her home as her mother, Nadynka Greegertson, worked on lunch.

"I'm right here, my sunshine." Nadynka said over her shoulder, her daughter giving her a grin before plopping down and grabbing her nearby stuffed squirrel toy.

"Mmmm-mama." Farfalla babbled, happy in her own little world as she stared at her squirrel. God only knows what she was thinking.

Nadynka smiled as she peeled another carrot before someone knocked on the backdoor just feet away from her. "That's probably Daddy, home for lunch." She whispered to her little girl, drying her hands before heading over to the door and opening it. "Hi hun-" She stopped as she saw the two uniformed men standing there. "Officers? What- What is it? Did something happen to..." She had to force herself to stop as one of the officer's nodded slightly. "Oh dear Lord in Heaven no!" She gasped, one hand covering her mouth as she backed away, falling on her rear.

Her worst nightmare was coming true. Her husband, Hiwa Greegertson... Something had happened to him.

"Wh- what?" Nadynka asked around tears as Farfalla looked up at the officers.

The older officer entered the house and knelt next to Nadynka as Farfalla's lower lip started to tremble.

"Maaaama?" Farfalla asked, her voice wavering. "Maaaaama!" She screamed, bursting into tears.

Stranger danger. At that age. It was plain obvious she was going into law enforcement someday.

Cheesecake, the family's dog- Sorry, the family's Boston Terrier (the dog was nasty enough it would consider harming the fic just to have proper recognization.)- Ran into the kitchen as Nadynka cried, Farfalla screamed, and the two police officers tried to figure out what the hell they should do.

Finally, the younger less-experienced one stepped forward and knelt next to Nadynka too as she kept her face buried into her knees. "There was a bank robbery..." He whispered. "He got in the way..."

Nadynka's wail caused Cheesecake to step forward and growl, as if to say, "Watch it, Mister. I may be small, but I'm mighty angry right now."

"Nadynka." The older officer, a friend of her husband's. "Nadynka, you can't let this torture you."

Not like Nadynka was listening. Her world had just fallen apart.

"No. No, Hiwa. No!" She cried, a sinking feeling in her heart.

January 30th... 2:40 PM...

It was a dreary day for Hiwa Greegertson to be buried, but it's not like he had any say in the matter. Many people had shown up, all mourning his loss and looking forward to the wake afterwards.

All except Nadynka.

"We are here today to remember the life of Hiwa L. Greegertson, father, son, brother, and husband." The pastor said as Boulet sighed.

Ayana looked at him with one of her, "Behave yourself, Marlin Boulet" looks before turning back to the service, Greegertson's whimpering widow at the front of the church with her baby and mother-in-law, who looked like she had just bitten her tongue.

Greegertson had been a local DEA agent who had grown up in Maui, moved to Baton Rouge, and then met his wife while in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. The local PD wasn't exactly Greegertson's family, but he had been a respected man amongst the law enforcement circles, so they mourned his death today.

There was quiet movement behind Marlin's pew before Trevor Cobb sat next to him on the very end of the pew. Ayana leaned around her husband and gave Trevor the exact same look she had given Marlin moments before while their daughter quietly colored in a notebook. It was a boring service, to say the least.

"Now, if Mrs. Greegertson will please step forward..." The pastor said, looking at the senior Mrs. Greegertson, who gave him a tight-lipped nod before taking the cooing baby from her daughter-in-law.

"How did her husband die again?" Trevor whispered to Marlin.

"Bank heist- Bad timing." Marlin whispered before the man in front of them turned and glared. Both men glared back before the man turned around again.

Mrs. Nadynka Greegertson stood from her pew, her head lowered, as she stepped onto the little stage at the front of the church and turned to face the congregation.

"For a DEA agent, he certainly had a gorgeous wife." Trevor muttered, transfixed by the woman.

Understating the truth there, Trevor.

Nadynka was a 5'7" ash-blonde wisp of a woman, with light brown eyes and hair that fell to the middle of her back. She could've been a model, Trevor thought, if she was a little taller.

Her eyes searched the congregation for someone before she looked back at her mother-in-law. With a sigh, she looked ahead again. "Hiwa was my soul mate. When I first met him, all I saw was a cop with a chip on his shoulder with unruly curly black hair." She smiled a watery smile, a few tears streaming down her face. "Then he showed his true colors. His love of baseball, chili cheese fries, Hawaii, and justice became a focal point in our conversations when we were first dating..."

She faltered as she looked down, presumably at the bulletin displaying her husband's smiling face. Trevor shifted in his seat, studying her. Something about her behavior bothered him, as if she was calculating her next few words very carefully.

Marlin noticed too, as one of her hands gripped the side of the pulpit in a death-grip.

Just when the pastor started to move to help Nadynka down, her hat-covered head snapped up, her tears barely hiding her confusion.

"My husband's murderer is in this very room." She blurted out.

There was a cacophony of gasps and curses as Marlin and Trevor exchanged looks, Ayana covering her daughter's ears for fear of more details being told... And the curses weren't helping either.

Mrs. Greegertson, not Nadynka, stood up and glared at her daughter-in-law. Nadynka's wide eyes, meanwhile, were searching the crowd again. When her gaze met Trevor's, his spine stiffened. He knew that look- Most females had that look. The ones who didn't were like Love Tap.

Help me, her silent plea called.

"Well, this is not the usual funeral for a cop." Trevor muttered, leaning back and crossing his arms.

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