But why do I have to clean the toilets? It ain't fair." Grim said complaining.

"Quit your yapping and get cleaning." Mandy said, flipping through tv channels.

"MAANDY!" Billy knocked the door down and tackled her to the ground.

"Get Off me you twit." Mandy said, punching the side of his head, making him go flying against the wall."I'm out of here."

Later That Day

Mandy walked up the dirt path dragging Grim's Scythe alongside her, she reached the top of her destination to reveal a large scary-looking cave. She bent down and grabbed an unusually shaped rock and knocked once. A red lever came out and she pulled down on it.

"Finally, away from those to babbling idiots and back to my plans on world domination." She sighed.

She walked over to a table where her creation laid in a Frankenstein sort of scene.

"Today will be the day, I'll get the respect and loyalty from these pathetic people I have to put up with." Mandy said.

She lowered the table and stuck Grim's scythe through and portal within a purple device which shook violently and stopped. Removing the scythe the shape through the sheets did nothing.

Aggravated, she sighed and said "Another wasted day."

She exited her lair, and walked back to her house to where her parents would be tempted in fear.

Meanwhile at the lab; I took in a large breather and shot upwards. I looked at my surroundings taking everything in, with the urge of destroying it all. I smiled and winced, what the heck? I felt something running down my lips.

Did I just bite myself? Oops.

I got of the bed-like desk and walked around until I found a large mirror, I looked at my reflection.

Dark black hair with a bright pink headband, the top of my hair which seemed to be in the form of a moon. I was wearing a black almost grey dress with a pink and yellow flower in the middle. Whose fourth petal and been torn off its other half laying just under it.

I looked up from my dress, and examined my facial features, my eyes had no pupils, nor that white part of the eye that's name escapes me.

Instead, 2 pairs of glowing red eyes stared back at me, their color in the image of flaming lava. My teeth were slightly sharp and I touched my bleeding lip, seeing as this was the cause of my bleeding lip.

I smiled, but was soon replace with a puzzled frown.

"What do I do?" I asked myself. "And where in the world am I?"