"Ready guys?"

They were standing outside the latest of SunHill's crack dens thanks to a tip off from a suspect being held in custody, although he hadn't made it easy for them. It had been like drawing blood from a stone getting him to give up his dealer. They'd been briefed back at the station, both uniform and CID due to it being a joint operation. According to this kid there was a large amount of cocaine in the house which had been emptied months ago due to impending demolition.

"There are only two exits to the building so Smithy, if you take your team round the back and Jo take your team in through the front" Neil Manson shouted, his voice clearly audible above the crackling of radio's and the rustle of stab vests which CID had donned as well.

Max, as always, looked absolutely bored. He obviously didn't feel the need to listen to what the DI had to say, too arrogant to listen to the dangers of walking into a crack house un-armed. Carter was hated in both CID and uniform, no-one knew how Stevie put up with her fellow DS but she seemed to have managed to form some kind of weird friendship with him. The small blond was currently standing in between Jo and Mickey. She looked smaller next to the tall frame of Jo Masters but the whole of SunHill station knew that she made up for it. She'd nicked enough drunken thugs to warn the whole station she was to be avoided at all costs when she was on one of her rampages, which were usually aimed at her obnoxious partner, Carter.

Next to her, Mickey nudged her in the side, subtly pointing out Max's wandering eyes as he checked out the newest member of the SunHill police force, Kirsty Knight. The pair laughed silently as Neil also noticed Max's roving eyes. The pair of them were like mischievous school kids when they were together, often turning CID into a playground. It had only been this morning when Mickey had been placing bets in who Neils date had been last night. He'd turned up to work an hour late with the largest grin to have ever been seen on Neil Manson's face, Mickey had reasoned it could only be the work of a woman. Terry had bet on it being Grace Dasari who been in court with Banksy this morning instead of in the office, Stevie had almost immediately started texting her, determined to get the gossip.

"Somewhere else you'd rather be DS Carter?" Neil's voice commanded authority, making it nearly impossible to ignore the fact he could fire any one of his team.

"Inside with the rest of his fellow crackheads" Mickey could be heard whispering to Stevie who in turn failed to smother the chuckle that escaped her mouth, earning her a glare from the DI, this morning's smile had now vanished and had been replaced with a look so deadly that most of CID would have dropped on the spot, had looks been able to kill of course.

"Course not Guv" Max answered back through gritted teeth, giving Stevie and Mickey his own glare, though the two had already learned their lesson and were now focused soley on the instructions the DI was giving.

"PCs Gayle and Knight, DS Moss and DC Webb go with Inspector Smith round the back. PCs Taylor, Roberts and Valentine will go through the front witn Sergeant Masters, DS Carter and myself will follow. Be careful guys, beware of needles especially." Stevie seemed to freeze at the mention of needles, Neil was aware of Mickey's hand which had gripped hers in comfort. She, of all people, knew the danger of entering a crack den. She'd been there when DS Stuart Turner had found himself with a needle stuck in his neck and she'd stayed with him through the next few months, in the hospital when he had the tests and then again when he got the good news but always feeling guilty that she hadn't been able to stop it. The whole of CID knew that she'd never really believe Stuart when he said it wasn't her fault. "DS Moss? Stevie? You OK to go in?" Neil's gentle side seem to shine through as he spoke to the small blond, lowering his voice so that only Jo, Mickey and Smithy, who was standing ready to get into position, heard.

"Course Guv." She smiled brightly up at him, almost too brightly. Yet they all fell for the fake smile, Neil gave the go ahead to assume positions and the team split up, only Smithy seemed to have his doubts though as he raised his eyebrow at her in question, no words needed to tell her that he wasn't falling for the act.

"Don't even think of pulling rank on me Smithy" she quipped as she passed him, already heading for the back of the house.

OK, so i know i haven't updated any of my other stories in a while but this idea wouldn't leave me alone! And yes, it os another Stevie/Smithy fic however i wanted to kind of add the friednships with Mickey and Max in there too, and the little bit of Stuart who i might mention later in the story too.
Thanks for reading :)