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Mythomaniac - Prologue

About Me:

I don't know how to start this, so I suppose I should tell you a little about myself.


I, Rachel Berry, am a pathological liar.

The thing is I'm not really sure why. Most compulsive liars lie because of their upbringing—they must lie in order for the situation to appropriately suit their needs—it was necessary. My life is not like that. My lies are not necessary; though I will lie in order to make a situation suit my needs. I choose to lie, I choose to cheat, and I choose to play the game of deception.

Only I've been playing the game so long I'm not sure how to stop; or how my life will be once the truth comes out. Will my life go back to normal? Then again, what is normal if what seemed to be normal was not normal at all? How will I stop lying if lying is all I know—will I even be able to discern fact from fiction?


I, Rachel Berry, have histrionic personality disorder.

I am dramatic, emotional, and I do things in order to get attention. Do you really think it bothers me that I get a slushy thrown at me every other day? No. I wear argyle, short skirts, knee socks, Mary Janes and I act obnoxious because it makes you see me. These things separate me from the invisible you. And I know, for a fact, that I am not invisible.

Do you want to know why? You know what, don't bother answering; I have decided to bestow this knowledge upon you, free of charge. But first, I must ask a few questions.

Who does the popular crowd spend more time making up insults for? Who continues to have money used on them for a drink that will not be drank? Who has a freakish stalker that continuously writes about them on their blog? (On second thought, I could actually live without that last one) And lastly, who dated the star quarterback and was, single-handedly, able to make the top three cheerleaders join one of the lowest clubs in William McKinley High School existence? (The club being the Glee club if you are extremely obtuse) That is correct, it was all me.

I do all this in order to get my way, because this is my world and all of you are simply paying rent. Sooner or later you will see what I mean… unless, of course, you can see the real me.


I am Rachel Berry, and everything you know about me is a lie.

Or is that me just saying another thing that is untrue?