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Chapter 1

Jenna and Karlie were best friends since school the two were inseparable they always agreed on everything apart from one thing which was the hottest Winchester from there favourite TV show supernatural.

Jenna was a devoted Sam girl while Karlie was a Dean girl. They had just finished watching the season 2 premier.

"So what do you want to do now?" Karlie asked "How about we start that new supernatural story that we were talking about and make the boys fall in love with us?" Jenna sugested.

Karlie looked over at her friend "Oh you so read my mind" they both giggled, Karlie booted her laptop up when Jenna walked over to the kitchen, she reached the refrigerator and pulled open the door.

Reaching in she grabbed a six pack and then moved to the freezer and grabbed a tub of Ben and Jerry's out. She then walked back into the front room and sat next to Karlie.

The girls posted their story on fan fiction, and then the girls went to bed. A few hours later they were woken by a noise coming from down stairs.

Karlie reached over to her bag and got her can of mace while Jenna got the base ball bat from underneath her bed and the two of them quietly walked down the stairs.

Karlie was ready to mace who ever was moving around in Jenna's house when they both saw a figure standing in the middle of the room ,Karlie sprayed the mace in the guys face.

"Oww Fuck, what the hell was that" Jenna flicked on the light switch "Jordan?" the girls looked at each other and then back to Jenna's older brother, who was now trying to open his eyes.

Karlie and Jenna walked over to him "Oh god Jord i'm sorry, I didn't mean to spray you, are you ok?" Karlie asked as she was trying to see the damage she had done.

Jenna and Karlie brought Jordan into the kitchen to rinse his eyes out with cold water they handed him a towel to dry his face

"What the hell you shouldn't be sneaking around in the middle of the night, did Kelly kick your ass out again?" asked Jenna.

"Maybe, anyway what is it to you?" She stood up and threw the towel at him "Well seeing as your in my house and you just got sprayed with mace it is my business"

She looked across at Karlie for some support "Oh yeah totally you jackass, I mean you could have called Jordan"

"Look I'm going to bed, you can sleep on the sofa" said Jenna. The girls walked ou,t Karlie said goodnight to Jordan, it didn't take long for the girls to fall into a deep sleep, dreaming of the Winchester brothers.