She did not know what to make of herself when she awoke.

She attempted to stretch her arms, but found that they were bound to the sleek, cool plates that jutted from the post she was knotted to like a pair of demon's wings.

She attempted to move her legs, but found that they were chained around the knees and ankles, frozen to the device she was attached to.

She attempted to remain collected, but found out that that, too, was hopeless.

Underworld Icicle glanced frantically about, trying to make light of where she was. All she saw was the towering, swirling metals of the coliseum that surrounded her from all sides, twisting together to form some sort of huge cage dappled in lavender light. The cracked floor was abandoned, save for the occasional weapon or two. A ball and chain here, a knife there, a gun at her feet that she could not reach. She did not, however, see her great black sword or her katana. Without them, she felt completely naked and alone.

Horribly, terribly alone.

Fear was beginning to cripple her mind, despite that every ounce of training she had screamed at her to keep it together. But it was no good – she was human, after all, and humans were easily frightened creatures.

"I see you have awaken," a voice as sweet as sugar wafted in from her side. Underworld Icicle tried to turn her head to see the newcomer, but was rewarded with a sharp pain coming from her neck. That too was immovable. "Aha, it's not use. You can only see what I want you to see, see? I control you now, little Sword."

That voice. That voice was the same as she had heard in the desert what felt like ages ago. Underworld Icicle tried to scream at the villain, but her mouth was gagged and all it did was make the horrible rag seep deeper into her throat. She coughed wildly, trying to jam it out with her tongue, but to no avail.

Dragon Slayer pranced into view, swinging her own sword by her side with a sick sense of glee. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," she advised with a grin. "The more the struggle, the further back it lodges into your throat. You'll suffocate if you keep thrashing about like that… not to mention cut through your legs and arms. Stop it, you look silly."

Underworld Icicle fought desperately to hold back hot tears. She had been captured… by Dragon Slayer, of all people. The exact person she had traveled all the way to punish – perhaps even kill – was standing in front of her, smirking, winning. She was furious and ashamed.

"Now, now. Don't be sad. If you do exactly what I say, I assure you you'll get out of here in no time. Now…" Dragon Slayer spun around, palms outstretched, gesturing to the crooked dome around them. "Do you know where we are?"

What was she playing at? Was she trying to humiliate her, by asking her questions she could not answer? Underworld Icicle merely glared through her vision that was quickly becoming blurry.

There was a slow giggle. "Oh, silly me, I forgot you can't speak. Very well, I'll just explain it to you then. Listen up, little Sword, because if you make a wrong move, you know as well as I do that I have no qualms about cutting you down to the bone right here." She took a pause. "We are in my personal domain. I, as you are incredibly aware, am a sorceress. Do you know where sorceresses get their power, Sword?" Dragon Slayer looked her over. "You aren't very bright, so I'm guessing that's a no. Sorceresses get their power by stealing and harnessing the energy from other beings in the Otherworld. Naturally, taking other beings' power is a rough and dangerous task… dirty, too. It soils my tile every day. For example, look down."

Underworld Icicle panned her vision down as instructed. Her entire body began to shake as she registered the black, dried splotches that ruined the already dirtied tile. They were crusted and flaky, but by the way Dragon Slayer smirked, she was sure of what they were.

Fear once again began to overwhelm her.

"You see, the device you are hooked up to is a very basic torture device. I'll play around with you for a bit – make you bleed, harness your energy, feast on your screams – and then throw you into the dungeon and have you for breakfast tomorrow." Dragon Slayer tapped her pale chin contemplatively. "But I do have other courses to choose from, you understand. Don't think of yourself as special. I have… oh, I don't know, about three others with me right now? One of them is nearing its expiration date, though…" She wrinkled her nose in disgust.

Underworld Icicle did not move. Her thoughts began to cloud. She had heard horror stories about this sort of thing before – about how greedy, evil sorceresses sucked the soul out of the people they caught. She never, not in a million years, thought it would happen to her.

Dragon Slayer waltzed up to her, black sword raised. Its blade teased her stomach through the torn remains of her black jacket, dancing over the white skin, leaving terrified shivers.

"How adorable," Dragon Slayer whispered so softly it managed to penetrate the victim's every pour. "You're already shaking and crying. People like that have the most soul… the more energy, the more scrumptious the meal. Oh, little Sword, what have you gotten yourself into?"

What indeed.

Underworld Icicle let her tears flow.

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