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Kyoka Suigetsu

When he was younger, he was so innocent, oh so painfully innocent. She was attracted by that innocence, compelled by it.

She may have been only a part of his soul, but the felt that she knew him. Knew him fully and utterly.

She never thought that the sweet boy he had once been could change, could twist... She should have known when he, covered with blood, albeit hollow blood, had laughed so cruelly...

But he was so beautiful... so beautiful... She could never resist him.

Shikai was achieved by him so quickly. She felt so good when she heard her name coming from his lips... She knew, knew so well now, that there was something utterly wrong about her Aizen, but she could not stop herself. He enraptured her, ensnared her with his smile.

When he progressed to third seat, he began to strive towards Bankai. He accepted with a smile the challenge, and when she least expected it, captured her.

He kissed her, then, and she simply melted into his arms, sighing with delight.

Their relationship progressed from there. He pulled her into the depths of desire, knowing full well what it would do to her. Slowly, she became his slave. She could not deny her boy anything.

He was simply using her, she knew, but she couldn't stop him. He held her heart in his hands.

She knew it was wrong, she knew he was bad, but all that really mattered to her now was the feeling of skin on skin, him holding her in his arms, and his velvety voice speaking soft lies into her ear. Each touch was ecstasy. He was her drug, her obsession, and her knew it.

He was dead now. That boy, that boy with the bright orange hair, had melded with his sword to become the ultimate being. That boy with the bright orange hair had killed Aizen. Her boy, who had never given her anything, not his soul, not his heart, not his mind... He had left her alone.

Maybe... It could have been different if he, Kurosaki Ichigo, had been her master. But she could not think now of what could have been.

She tilted her head back, staring at the sky of the human world.

"Aizen..." The boy jolted. He could hear her!

"Aishiteru, Aizen... my boy, my boy, Aizen, Aizen..." She turned her head towards the young orange headed boy. "Gomenasai..."

Turning her head back to the sky, she let out a long, painfilled sigh. "Why? Aizen..."

"Aishiteru..." She broke up into spirit particles, scattering on the four winds.

Moments later, Kurosaki Ichigo collapsed to the ground.

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