A/N: Don't hate me for this story. It's for the sake of fiction.

The pain existed, but he barely felt it anymore.

The prick in his arm was small. At one time, it was a sharp pain, but now it was just a dull hum. Another day, another drag.

He pressed down on the syringe, forcing the heroin to course through his veins. He felt the cool temperature of the blood flow up his arm and through the rest of his body. He didn't use much, though. He had a match in a few minutes, and he only used enough drugs to allow himself to be able to look at his own reflection, something he couldn't bare to do sober.

The slight buzz from the heroin allowed him to stand up and walk over to the mirror in the locker room. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his facepaint, specifically the type that glowed under a black light. He dipped his fingers in the paint and dragged them across his face, leaving bright blue paint in their wake.

It was something he rarely did sober.

Painting other things was a different story. He could paint the most beautiful pictures and transform anything into something wonderful. He never needed any drugs to do that.

Jeff Hardy needed to be pretty jacked up to alter himself.

Don't fuck this up.

The little voice inside Ella's head often repeated those words. Did she listen? She heard the voice but never listened to it, never followed its instructions. The little voice inside her head had become somewhat of a nuisance. It was like an annoying fly that kept buzzing in her ear, but she just couldn't kill it.

Every time the voice gave her words of warning, Ella was reminded of what her mother had told her before she left home for good. If you ever get that little voice in the back of your mind telling you something, listen to it.

Ella's response? What do you know, bitch? She never said those words out loud, of course, but she thought them.

Ella adjusted the rear view mirror of her busted blue 2007 Ford Edge so she could clearly see herself instead of the concrete behind her. It was once a nice car, but Ella bought it cheap. It had been through some rough spots. The front passenger door was replaced, and since the shop couldn't find a blue replacement door, it was green. Ella smiled as she paid more attention to her reflection than the road she was driving on, her foot slowly applying more pressure to the gas pedal. Her brown eyes were hidden behind huge sunglasses. Her reddish brown hair was messy from the wind whipping through her open windows. Her thin lips were painted scarlet. One strap of her tank top was falling off her shoulder, and her thighs were cold from using them to hold steady her Coke she bought from the drive-thru at McDonald's.

"In two miles, exit right," her GPS chimed, snapping Ella back into reality, her eyes turning back to the road.

She adjusted her rear view mirror so she could once again see the road, but her eyes were instead met with red and blue flashing lights. Ella pulled over and rolled her eyes as the cop made his way to her window. She rolled down her window and gave the cop a fliratious smile.

"License and registration, please."

Don't fuck this up...