Chapter 1

I open my eyes slowly, hoping that this morning my vomiting routing will end but as I feel it coming on I see that it is no use. I quickly throw the covers over me and jump out of bed, not caring if I disturb Sesshoumaru and run into the bathroom and over to knell by a basket.

I use one hand to hold my hair back and another wraps itself around my waist as I start throwing up immediately. For the next 5 minutes I continue it till there is nothing left in my stomach from last nights supper.

I lean back and find a glass of water in front of my face, I take it bring it up to my lips and gulp it down all at once, trying to rid my mouth of the offal taste.

I look up and smile up at my mate, we had our mating ceremony last night and I now hold his mating mark and I am officially the Lady of the West.

"Good morning Sesshoumaru." I say weekly.

"Good morning my beautiful mate." He says.

He picks me up bridal style and carrys me over to our new private hot spring that he had put in. He sets my done and I pull my night gown over my head and throw it on the floor.

I blush, I have no reason when I have been with Sesshoumaru naked many times I still blush. I put my foot in the water to check the water temperature and find it right where I like it and I climb into the water with Sesshoumaru right behind me.

He wraps his arms around me and pulls me to set ontop of his lap. He nuzzles my mating mark as he unwraps a hand from my waist to grab the soap beside him.

I slide out to sit on his knees as he uses the soap to wash my back. I throw my head in contentment, it feels so good to have him wash my back. I let him pull me back against his chest as he moves the soap down my right arm and continues to wash the rest of my body.

Once he is finishes I duck the whole way under water and let the warm water wash the soap from my body. I bring my head up and grab the bottle of soap for my hair and squeeze some of it onto my hand and rub my hair through then duck back under water and wash all the soap out of my hair.

Once we finish bathing we climb out and towel dry before putting our robes on. We walk out of our bathroom and into our room. I go over to my wardrobe and open it, I lay my hand instantly on a blue kimono with silver stars on it and a matching oba.

I grab them and some clean under clothes and walk over behind the changing screan and lay my clothes on the small bench. I take my robe off and slide my clean underclothes on and then the kimono. I pull the oba around my waist and tie it.

I walk out from behind the screen to find Sesshoumaru in his regular outfit. We then walk out of our room and find Rin and Shippo waiting for us in the hall way for us, they take our hands and drag us down the hallway then the stairs.

I stair down at Rin, she is the only one of us that is human and will die sooner then the rest of us. I know it will kill Sesshoumaru to lose here, I want to find someway to turn her into a demon, any kind of demon if it means that her lifespan will be the same as ours.

Without realising it they pull us right into the dinning hall. They let go of our hands and walk over and take their seats at the table. Sesshoumaru and I go over and take our seats as well.

The servants come out of the kitchen with our breakfast and set our plates in front of us, bow to us and leave. I pick up my chopsticks and we then start to eat.

Within The Western Lands

Strangers POV

I trek through the western lands, knowing very well that I should not be here if its Lord found me. I was banned from entering the Western Lands ever again when the great Inu-Taisho ruled these lands but now his eldest son Sesshoumaru does.

I hide my aura and scent so that the young prince will not know what is happening when I sneak into his castle. I heard that he had taken a mate and that she is the princess of the Northern Lands but that is impossible since the Princess, Prince and Lady disappeared a long time ago.

The poor little prince was very small when I was banned, there is no way he is even nearly as powerful as his father once was so that means he will have no choice but to hand over his lands and title to me.

"Watch out Sesshoumaru, your fate is sealed."

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