I have always found that if you give a hero, who has never had powers before, powers...well, they are able to soar higher than they ever could before. And the mantle of green lantern seemed to fit Sokka like glove. start the fic




Sokka rode happily on his eelhound, he was going to see Suki and what's more he was going to ask her to marry him. Ever since the war had ended they had been seeing a lot of each other, good thing too, otherwise he'd be bored out of his mind with all the peace.

He had also been meaning to go on a quest to find his space sword and boomerang but Suki was always such a lovely distraction that he ended up forgetting all about it by the time he crawled into his sleeping sac. Not that his sister and Aang would help, they were too busy getting up in each other's faces and being...flirterers! He didn't want to see his little sister and best friend doing that kind of stuff! Toph probably would have been helpful but he didn't want to have her duck her parents forever, now every month she and her parents attend some family therapy. But not by Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe, oh no, they all listened to Dr. Fire, Dr. Wang Fire. Toph always fought back the giggles when he came with his beard on.

Zuko was naturally too busy running the Fire Nation and bringing the Earth Kingdom colonies home. Iroh could not help him search but did do something helpful, he fully inducted him into the order of the white lotus, there were a lot of Pi Sho strategies and techniques that were so fun he just couldn't stop playing until he learned them all. His first mission however, was a failure...He was supposed to find and retrieve Combustion Man's body but all he found was his metal arm and leg. Combustion Man was alive somewhere but as long as he kept quiet and to himself there was no REAL need to go after him.

Speaking of baddies past, Azula the demented pyscho princess who had finally snapped, had oddly enough disappeared. Azula, unlike Combustion Man, could not be left uncheck; Sokka would have gladly volunteered to lead a search but Zuko said it was unnecassary as he had an entire army to hunt after her. Sokka wanted to protest but Zuko seemed pretty determined to capture her his way so he let it go.

As Sokka and his eelhound trodded through the beach sand of Kyoshi Island to pull out the necklace he made for Suki, yes he was talking about his engagement...puddle.

"Awwwwwwwwww..." moaned Sokka in disappointment as he stared at the completely soaked band of seal leather in his hand. The climate change must have melted the piece of ice he had carved for her when he left the Southern Water tribe. He could use the special space oar to make her a metal necklace because he had used it up making armor for Appa for the invasion.

Suki wiped some sweat away from the top of her brow. "Good work today, warriors. Clean yourselves off and we'll call it a day."

Suki stood with her hands on her hips as she proudly watched her warriors rub sore shoulders from their workout. But when she saw Ty Lee she almost ran to her.

"Ty Lee! Do you think you could hold up for a moment? I need to talk to you for a moment."

"Oh." she stopped in her tracks but gave her a cheerful smile. "Sure thing. What do you want to talk about? How are you and that hunky Sokka doing?"

Suki lowered her eyes halfway, she never did like hearing Ty lee talk about Sokka that way, even if she did say she was going to be supportive of them. "Fine. Thanks. Anyways Ty Lee, there are some people here to see you."

She blinked in confusion. "People? Who?"

Suki walked over to the sliding wall that lead to the garden and pulled it open. Ty Lee stood in a shocked stupor as several other Ty Lee look alikes stood on the other side.

"It's your sisters."

With a war cry of "Eeeeeeeek!" Ty Lee was swarmed by her twin sisters, still stuck in her shocked stupor.

The sound of a door opening caught Suki's ears. Needless to say she was surprised to see Sokka coming into the room from the visitor entrance.


"Well Helloooooooo...Hey!"

Suki pushing him back out the door was NOT the welcome he had in mind.

"Suki! Why are you doing this to me?"

"I barely trust one Ty Lee alone in a room with you. There is NO way how I'm letting a whole family of them know about you. I'll meet you outside, soon enough okay?"

Sokka stared at the pendantless neckless in his hand. He turned to his eelhound "Do you think she might say 'yes' without a pendant?"

The eelhound sniffed at his necklace and then licked Sokka's face with his forked tongue making him laugh. Sokka scratched the reptile under the neck much to it's delight. "Affectionate thing aren't you?"

"He's not the only one you know?"

Sokka quickly tuned around to see Suki with only some of her make up still on, just the way he liked it. She kept the Kyoshi lipstick but the eye shadow was from a simple make up kit.

He gave her a coy smirk. "That's what I'm hoping for." the flirtation that was always between him and Suki was one of the many fun things about his relationship with her.

He let out a surprise yelp as Suki suddenly yanked him in her a deep passionate kiss on the lips. Sokka slowly started to lean into it a bit more, he hands starting to travel down her back.

When they finally broke the kiss both seemed to be (happily) panting.

"So, come here for any reason other than trying to woo me?" smirked Suki.

Sokka reached for the necklace when suddenly two blurs, one saphire and one green, sped over there heads.

Sokka held Suki protectively, both startled by what they saw "WHAT IN THE NAME OF SPIRITS IS GOING ON?"

Sokka wasn't sure what they were but they were still somewhat visible and... exchanging laser beams?

But the saphire one must have gotten a lucky hit or something because the green started to crash down on an island.

Sokka immediately hopped onto his eelhound. "Suki, I'm going to go investigate that thing. You stay here and round up with warriors just in case."

"Be careful!" Suki called as Sokka and his eelhound started to speed off into the water.

Zuko ran into his war room following the noise of a crash.

There he found Azula sitting on his fire throne in a relaxed position. On her head was a crown with a rather large glowing Saphire in the center of it, and she was wearing...pink? Why his insane evil sister wearing pink? Well saphire if you wanted to get technical, but he just called it pink. It didn't make sense, but what did it matter.

"Azula!" snarled Zuko. "I don't know how you got past my guards and I don't care! I think it's about time for you to answer for your crimes in the past."

Zuko got into a fire bender stance ready to strike, unsurprisingly Azula only threw back her head and laughed.

There was a flash of something pink and before Zuko knew it he was on his back.

Azula wearing pink was one thing but Azula was now GLOWING pink. Not only that but she was rising into the air, floating even.

"Oh but I'm not just Azula anymore, dear Zuzu. From now on, you can call me STAR SAPHIRE!"

She started to cackle insanely as she started to sped towards him in a pink blur.

Yes the pairing is Sukka, I'm not going to budge on this. I like Sukka because they act like a married couple. If you ship something else that's fine, but please respect my decision. Why did I make her Star Saphire on not a female equivalent of Sinestro? I plan on having that little yellow ring go to somebody else. You'll have to wait to see who