"Do you want me to stay with you?" Jesse said anxiously as Kurt curled up in his bed. "Until your dad gets home at least?"

"Please do." he held out his hand and Jesse took it as he sat down on the bed beside him. It was like a comfort to both of them, having something to hold on to. "You can meet him then if you want."

He smiled. "Really?"

"Our conversation today made me realise you should. And you should be involved in every aspect of my life… because you're right, this is…it. I love you and you're the only person I could ever see myself loving so much…and we've only been together two months."

"Just goes to show." he murmured as he lay on his side, facing his boyfriend, his arm securely around him. "Sometimes you just know."

"Jesse…how do I look? I mean, injury wise, how bad is it?"

He surveyed his boyfriends appearance for a moment, and smiled sadly. "Your face is practically black and blue, your hair is sticky, there are scratches all over your neck, your foot is about 10 times its size, your clothes are ripped…" he gently began to remove his tattered $100 shirt, exposing his also very badly bruised chest "…jesus, they should have sent you to hospital with all this!"

"And get all the enquiries that go with it? Get real, Jess."

"I know, but this…this isnt right. It's just…sad."

"Am I a fright to look at?"

"You're still the most beautiful person in the world to me, apart from myself."


"Fact of life, really."

"I'm starting to doubt whether there is room for your massive ego in this relationship."

"I'm sure you could make room for it, you'll probably agree with what it says most of the time. Just don't go marrying my ego, it's big enough."

Kurt hesitated. "Well…what about marrying you?"


"I mean, I know same sex marriages arent legal in Ohio yet but… but would it be a possibility, if we're still together in five, ten years, is it something you would…want?"

"Nothing," Jesse kissed his forehead "would make me happier than to marry you someday. Although I would assume we'd disagree on a lot of the planning."

"We'd definitely hire a fabulous wedding planner."

"We'd provide the music ourselves though, considering we're so talented and will probably be Tony Award Winning Broadway Stars."

"Goes without saying."

That conversation they had that afternoon made Kurt feel happier than he had ever felt, and distracted him from the pain he felt all over his body. It was an hour later when he finally heard Burt Hummel arrive home.

"Kurt?" he was calling out.

"I'm down here, dad!"

His fathers footsteps were loud as he ran down into his basement bedroom.

"Oh my god." he said as he saw the injuries. "I only just got a call from the school…I didn't think it was this bad…" he rushed over to his bedside. "And…who are you?" he said, finally noticing Jesse.

"Mr Hummel, it's so good to meet you." Jesse said in his most charming voice, sitting up and shaking his hand. "My name is Jesse St James. I'm Kurt's boyfriend. I was keeping him company until you arrived."

"You're the boyfriend, then? How long has this been going on? I thought you had someone, Kurt…" but Burt shook all such thoughts from his mind as he reminded himself that his son was seriously injured. "Why didn't they take you to hospital?"

"Because they don't like acknowledging theres homophobic bullying at school, because they don't like acknowledging there are LGTB students at McKinley." Kurt said in monotone. "Dad, I'm fine. I really am. I think I need to go to sleep, so if you both…"

Jesse was surprised, but stood up and leaned down to kiss him and tell him he loved him, before saying his goodbye to Burt and walking out the door. There had been something strange about that, but maybe Kurt had thought it was a bit too much - he'd call him later that night.

Kurt just needed some alone time. When he was sure his dad was no longer so worried and engrossed in some kind of match on the television and there was no danger of Jesse walking in unannounced, he reached out under his bed and pulled out his razor.

It wasn't something he did often - it was just something to release all his emotions.

He ran the device down his arm, and felt heaven wash over him. Every cut was a beautiful release.

As much as he loved Jesse and knew he loved him too, there was nothing else good in his life.