New adventure! This starts about 2 months after Ken's Story. If you never read it, you might want to.

Deep inside the forest of Mushroom Kingdom was a mansion where the sorcerer Ken lived...and he was bored. Luigi and Mario were going to a Tennis Tournament, Waluigi went somewhere, Daisy had taken Blockette and Peach to some island to relax on, so he was lonely and bored in the depressing mansion. All he could do was train and read from his books...which after 3 days got very boring. Suddenly, Ken heard a snapping sound coming from his kitchen.

"Stupid mouse." Ken laughed because the snapping sound was a mouse trap for the mice the occasionally snuck in...but their wasn't the yelping sound of said creature's painful capture. Ken got from the chair he was sitting on and got a fire ball ready in his hand. Obviously, whatever it was, was far more intelligent than a common mouse. "Ok my fuzzy adversary. I am Ken! And if you put 1 paw on my cheese, you're tail is mine!" Ken shouted, trying to squeeze as much action as possible from simply hunting a mouse...or whatever was in his kitchen.

When he got their, nobody was their. The kitchen was how it always was, burn marks on the floor and walls, dishes cleaned, but Ken sensed his fridge. "Now you've entered the lion's den! Kiss you whiskers good-bye!" Ken shouted as he opened the door and automatically, something sprang out. "What the hell?" Ken asked, quite annoyed as to what just jumped out.

The thing that jumped out was about Ken's size and age (by appearance) but he had pale really pale skin, black eyes, green short hair, and had a toothy smile at him. He was wearing a red jacket that said 'Dead' and gold and wore black pants with a bunch of patches sown onto it.

"Ok...who are you, how did you get into my kitchen, and why are you here?" Ken asked the mystery person.

"Ok...uh...I'm Shadow, I phased through the walls, and I'm here looking for someone to help me...and find food." he answered, leaving a very cursious Ken.

"How did you phase through walls?" Ken asked.

"I was born in a mansion of Boos. Or died. The point is I'm dead. And I need help getting an item that was stolen from me." Shadow explained.

"What item and why is it so important?" Ken asked the ghost...or Boo person, whatever he was.

"My Boo Staff! It makes my Ghost Magic stronger. In the hands of someone else, it gives them Ghost Magic. That's why I need it back. I tried to get it back from him before, but he keeps beating me!" he shouted urgently.

"Who? Bowser? Midbus? King Boo?"

"Popple the Shadow Thief!" Shadow screamed, only to see an annoyed look on Ken's face. "What?"

"That guy is no threat! I can understand how he stole it, but how does he keep beating you?" Ken asked him.

"He has 2 goons with him. So it's 3 against 1. Will you help me?" Shadow asked him.

"No way! This isn't my business!" Ken shouted, still having a grudge against ghost. When he turned back to Shadow, he had really big puppy-dog eyes on his face. "No way! That doesn't work!" Ken shouted. Shadow still looked at Ken the way he did for 2 hours. "Alright! I'll help!" Ken shouted, defeated. "But where are they?"

"They said something about Diamond City. So..." Shadow quickly grabbed Ken's arm. "That's where we go!" he shouted as he flew out of Ken's mansion and flew off into the night.

(What did I get myself into?) Ken thought as he flew away.

The creation of Shadow was not me. He technically belongs to a friend of mine. But since I cannot see him at the moment, I decided to put his OC into the story. I hope you will enjoy the Chronicles of Ken and Shadow's adventure. If my friend ever gets an account on this, I'll tell you it.