Every now and then, Ariadne would look up from her studying to watch Arthur sleep. He looked so flawless. He always did. She had to stay focused but part of her wanted to see what he was dreaming about. She did this for a few minutes and finally she gave in. While she hooked herself up, she wondered what Arthur's dreams were like. She'd find out soon enough...

When she opened her eyes she was in a whole new setting. She was lying on the pavement of an unfamiliar road. It was raining slightly and the only building in sight was a night club. She got up and dusted herself off then padded towards the night club. A neon sign was lit right above the building that read "A Bum's Rush.". She walked in and closed the door behind her. The room was clouded with smoke and people. Swing music boomed and it looked straight out of the 1920's. Ladies were dressed elegantly with pearls hanging off their necks and white gloves hugging their hands. The men were dashing, either in uniform as military men or classy business men nestling cigars and glasses of scotch. There, at the bar she spotted Arthur. A smile escaped her lips when she saw the way he was dressed. Brown pinstripe slacks with a cream colored dress shirt and suspenders topped off with a fedora. Everything about Arthur was classy, including his dreams. Suddenly a few people turned and looked at her. She looked around to see what had changed when she realized it was her attire. She was now decked in a red flapper dress with white gloves and a long pearl necklace. Arthur must have seen her. When she looked up she saw him making his way over.

"I'm surprised!"He called over the loud music. He was now in front of her.

"That I came?"

"No. That you look so stunning in the outfit I chose." He grinned. Ariadne blushed and looked to her feet. He's such a charmer.

"Ophelia?" Ariadne looked up to see the perky new extractor at the entrance. Her eyes darted back to Arthur who was as shocked as she was. He drifted towards Ophelia leaving Ariadne by herself. Ariadne felt a lump form in her throat. Was this what it was like watching her and Arthur a week ago? Was she being replaced by a gorgeous woman he just met? Ariadne panicked. She needed to leave some how. The bar was several feet away. She started walking towards it when felt a tug on her arm.

"Oh Ariadne you look so precious!" The voice was like nails on a chalkboard. She spun around to see Ophelia attached to her. The biggest smile spread across Ophelia's delicate face. If she wasn't trying move in on Arthur, she could actually picture being friends with her. Ariadne forced a smile even though the word precious made her want to vomit.

"I didn't do all of" She paused to gesture to her outfit. "this. It sort of appeared." She finished with a nervous laugh. Arthur had returned to Ariadne's side. His arm wrapped around her waist securely. Ophelia's cat like eyes flickered to Arthur. "Where's my dress?" She asked flatly. Arthur just shrugged. "Sorry. Architect's only. Besides." He turned and looked down at Ariadne. "I wanted to see what she looked like in a dress."

Ariadne blushed and bit her lip. Maybe he wasn't totally abandoning her. Suddenly Ophelia grabbed his free hand.

"The least you can do is dance with me!"Before he could answer, she pulled him away from Ariadne and onto the dance floor. Well that was her cue. She approached the bar and waited to be served. The bartender turn around and grinned. "How my I help you?" He looked familiar. She'd seen that smile before. She studied his features and realized he looked like an older version of Arthur.

"A glass of water please." She said, letting herself smile. He must be Arthur's father. Within moments she had her water ready to leave. "I saw you with my son." He said flatly. Ariadne shifted in her seat. Yes, he was a projection but it's still weird meeting Arthur's dad. "Nice boy right?" He added. She gave him a weak smile before sliding off the barstool. When he looked away she sneaked off to the bathroom. She poured the water out and broke the glass. She got to her knees to find the sharpest shard of glass. When she found it the door swung open. "Ariadne don't-" The words cut off as she stabbed herself in the stomach.

When she woke up she was gasping for air. Okay so maybe next time she wont stab herself. She yanked all the wires off and shook her head. He got the message she was sure of it. Yes, it was rude of her not to acknowledge him in the bathroom but the deed was already done. She glanced at his limp body laying next to her. She knelt down next to him and stroked his cheek. It was hard to imagine them being together. Ophelia was close to his age while Ariadne was something like 6-7 years younger. He would never love a young architect like herself. As she drew her hand away she saw Ophelia's laying on the other side of Arthur. What she was about to do was very childish but she couldn't help herself. Ariadne carefully slid off Ophelia's satin stilettos. The label read Prada but it screamed knock off. She Walked over and tucked them away in the mini fridge next to Yusef's mixes. She gathered her stuff and glanced at Ophelia's bare feet once more. A wide grin spread across her face. So Ariadne had the first strike. She knew by doing this, she was starting a war and sucking Arthur into it all was mean and not like her. Still, the first strike felt good. She glided towards the door and left without a sound. Game on.