I had just moved to Waco, Texas to begin my life as a farmer. It was spring the perfect time to start to go crops and trees.I hadn't thought much of the welcoming gifts or anything like that but, since I had finished the numerous chores and I was alone I looked through them. Candy, Flowers, Meatloaf, a card here and there...All the same. I brought them all into the kitchen setting them on the yellow counter.. I began to stuff the meatloaf and candies into the fridge. Then I ran some water into a clear vase in which I places the few flowers. I placed the flowers on my old table.

The doorbell rang, echoing through the entire house. I slowly made my way to the door.. It was probably just another neighbor.. A guy stood there, he had dirty blonde hair that shimmered slightly in the sun, his eyes were a gorgeous shade of ocean blue, and his cheeks were slightly dotted with freckles, he was probably in his mid 20s..

"Hey I'm Matt Fisher, I live next door.. and I wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood" he said with a small grin.

"Nice to meet you Matt..I'm Kristin Mills.." I said smiling..

"Anytime," he said turning and stepping down the three stairs onto the path that led to the road..

I shut the door and went into the living room where I picked up the phone that was on the side table next to my green couch that looked awkward aginist the light blue walls..I dialed my mom's number but It went straight to voice mail..

"Hey mom, just wanted to let you know I moved in, The neighbors are really nice, Well...Call me" I put the phone back on the charger. I sat for a moment on the couch waiting for her to maybe call right back..She didn't.. I decided to go milk the cow so I slipped on my outside shoes, and walked out the front door, leaving it unlocked...Who would steal in the country?...

There was a slight breeze which made the grass sway and the wind howl..The old red building, came into veiw after I passed my house.. I walked in and milked the cow breifly.. I stuck the milk in the shipping box.. I made my way up the hill which I found harder to climb up then down..

After struggling up the hill and making my way to my house, I noticed my door was wide open..Running up the steps getting tripped up by the last one, but catching myself, I got inside... The room was empty.. I went into my kitchen which was completely torn apart..Flour was spread all through-out the place, dishes were knocked out of the pantries and the fridge was wide open with most of the food on the floorboards.. I reached on top of the pantry looking for my golden watch.. I came back empty-handed.. That watch was a family heirloom passed to my mother and then to me..

A mix of anger and adrenaline raced through my veins. I rushed out the door to see a person unning off my property..

"You Thief!" I hollered after him.. He turned for a second so I could see his cold, ridged face, marked with a smirk. It didn't take him long before he was off my property and outta my life...or so I thought..