Author's Note: Decided to write a short story that I thought of when listening to a song. There's going to be probably three or four chapters, and it's definitely going to be sad. This is my first Eric-centric fic, and it's a little weird, but I've always wanted to write one. I actually have a bunch of ideas for E/D. Chapters are also going to be short- probably between 1,000-3,000 words each. So I hope you don't mind that, either :)

Disclaimer: This story, all of it, is going to be extremely dark. There is character death. It takes place in January of 1983. Be warned.



The telephone shrieked throughout the silent night of the newly-wed Forman household. Eric was rudely awakened by the shrill ring and yawned loudly. He stretched his slightly muscle-toned arms as he stumbled out of his warm king sized bed that he shared with the love of his life, Donna. Who wasn't in bed. He sighed, remembering that she had to stay late at the office working on a paper for the opening of a race track in Kenosha.

Shivering in the chilly room, Eric wriggled into his navy blue robe over his boxers before dragging his exhausted body to the hallway where the phone was. It was 1:30 in the morning; he had to work in five hours. If this was Hyde or Kelso calling again, he was going to be extremely angry. Turning on the hall light, he cautiously stepped on the carpeted floor, passed the railing to the open space near the stairs. He rubbed his eyes to adjust to the bright lights that suddenly blinded him as he wobbled sluggishly to the telephone.

"Hello?" He asked, voice hoarse from sleep.

"Eric," the 22 year old groaned in annoyance when hearing Kelso over the other line.

"Kelso, what the hell, man?" Eric barked angrily, "it's 1:30 in the friggin' morning, we have to work in like five hours!" He heard Kelso sigh heavily, and… sniffle?

"Eric, I really need to talk to you, man." Kelso sounded dead, there was no life in his voice. Eric sighed softly and decided to listen to the friend he had since first grade. If he was calling to tell him Brooke left him and took Betsy, then he probably deserved it.

"Fine, hurry up," Eric spat, resting against the pale yellow wall, holding the phone up with his right shoulder. He had his eyes closed and heard Kelso sigh shakily.

"Eric, I was called about a half hour ago about an accident down on Highway 73," Kelso began, Eric opened his eyes, and waited for Kelso to finish the story. "So, being a cop… I went down to investigate with forensics and… I threw up man. I cried and couldn't do it, I just…"

"What?" Eric asked, worry looming over his heart. Was it Brooke? Or Betsy? "Kelso, Brooke's okay, right?" he asked, voice full of worry. He heard Kelso laugh sadly, and choke back a sob.

"Yeah, they're fine… Eric, Donna was driving home, and the road was really icy-"

"No." Eric murmured, feeling a blade pierce his heart. His body turned to stone and his head swam dizzily.

"Hyde and Jackie are one the way to your house, man… Eric, I'm sorry but Donna didn't make it." Eric's throat tightened as nausea twisted within his stomach. He couldn't breathe, he was suffocating. Eric shook violently as he held the phone, his breathing loud and erratic in the mouth piece. He felt his eyes sting, yet there were no tears. "Eric, are you there?"

He couldn't respond, there was no voice. There was no voice without Donna. Kelso had to be lying; if this was some fucked up prank day he made up, he was seriously going to beat the shit out of him like never before. But Kelso wouldn't lie about this; he knew all of the problems the two of them had trying to get back together, and then, now, they finally were. Two months happily married and expecting their first child; the reason they got married, secretly. But now all of that was taken from him, by the stroke of midnight all his beauty, his perfect life was gone.

"Are you sure, Kelso?" Eric whimpered, feeling the sadness consuming him as he spoke.

"Eric…" Kelso's voice cracked. There it was. There was the truth. Kelso wouldn't be crying if he was joking; Kelso was never good at acting. The truth was in one of his closest friend's voice; Donna Pinciotti-Forman was gone forever.

Eric couldn't take it. He slammed the phone on the wall with rage, his body shaking with an unknown fury. Like he had seen Hyde do so long ago when his world was altered for the rest of his life, Eric picked up the entire phone and ripped it from the wall, then smashed it on the light brown carpeted floor.

Balling his fist, Eric pounded angrily on the wall as he screamed in agony and fury. "HOW COULD YOU?" He screamed, talking to the God he thought he believed in; yet didn't anymore. God wouldn't have taken his life from him. God wouldn't have taken Donna who had more to live for than him. She had a child within her; their child. They were going to be a family, they were going to be okay. Now all of that was torn away from him, and here he was, completely disconnected and shattered, just like the beige phone on the floor.

His vision blurred and he couldn't fight the tears anymore. Eric sank down on the floor, curled up in a tiny ball as he sobbed with anguish. His body rocked violently as he wrapped his arms tightly around his legs. How could Donna be gone? She was going to come walking through that door in ten minutes, and wake him with a "I'm sorry I'm late, love, tomorrow I'll make it up to you." And he'd hold her close in his arms and kiss her nose and tell her it was all okay, as long as he got to hold her.

But he wasn't going to be able to hold her ever again. He wasn't going to wake up with her warm, beautiful body next to his, or hear her heavy breathing as she slept. He wasn't going to see her flaming red hair or her beautiful brown eyes glittering happily as she rubbed her barely swollen stomach. Or feel her lips upon his as she kissed him feverishly when she felt frisky. Eric was never going to speak to his wife ever again. The girl he loved since he was a child. He was never going to see her alive again.