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The City of Angel Groove

While technically a state more than a city since each of the districts are big enough to be cities by themselves, Angel Groove remains a peaceful place where poverty is less than 1%, Education is top ranked in the world, and everyone has a chance to make their mark on this grove of angels.

Even now, a little girl was making her mark on her doting father and mother as they strolled through the Angel Groove park with their elder butler nearby playing a game of golf.

"It's a really pretty park daddy!" The little girl said with delightful excitement and started staring at a frog that just stared back.

"Careful dear Annie...that could be a hypno toad." Annie's mother playfully warned while the girl just watched the frog hop across their path and back into the woods.

"Why can't we just live in this place?" She excitedly asked much to her father's amusement, "Look Daddy! A diamond!" The little girl shouted bringing her parents attention to the massive perfectly geommetrical crystal diamond that hovered over the forest, "And it sings!" Indeed it was singing as it floated, though the parents were just puzzled as to why a singing diamond was in their city.

"Yes honey...the diamond looks really-" Annie's father was suddenly less enthusiastic when he saw the diamond reform itself into a star-shaped entity and fire a massive energy beam into the city. Judging from the explosion he saw and felt, he was sure that an entire district was just wiped out, "Annie go with your mother."

"But I want to play with the-" She stopped when she noted how all of the animals and fish started hiding as soon as the diamond starting firing into the city and figured that they knew something was wrong. Annie may be an eight year old little girl, but she was in no way stupid.

"It's a giant diamond that shoots laser beams, Annie." The father explained to his surprisingly unafraid daughter, "Do you want to play with something that shoots laser beams?" Annie thought for a little bit and then shook her head to say no, "Didn't think so." The man hugged his daughter and let his wife take to their car while he found his suit and got ready to bring this monstrosity to terms.

"I suppose you'll be late for dinner then?" The man's butler asked though he already knew the answer, "I should really look into this Domino's everyone talks so much about."


She read while he swung.

As she turned a page, he turned on a parry.

She pondered while he focused.

She envisioned a sweeping epic with a dashing hero, great adventures, and a princess in disguise who helps the unknowing prince.

He was envisioning a desperate battle where the fate of his loved ones hinged on his strength and skill where defeat was not an option.

When she closed the pages of her book, he sheathed his sword.

They turned to each other and she waved while he smiled.

When they heard an explosion she worriedly frowned while he turned to the explosions source. Something was attacking their new home.

She knew that he would go out to fight it and wouldn't be alone. He knew that part of her didn't want him to go, but he would have to.

The King of Fanelia gently pecked his fiancee on her forehead before she too his face into her hands and locked her lips with his.

They released before the city was destroyed amidst their passion. He turned and ran for the edge of their home's roof and leapt from its edge. She walked to the railing of that edge and watched a great creature of the sky soar through the air bearing wings of majestic size and beauty...



One would think that this is the last thing that he would ever want to do since its something he's done all his life.

But he liked digging.

Or to be specific, drilling.

That's why he had no problem with drilling holes in the soft soil so that his friends could plant a garden. It was hard at first, he had to be careful not to dig down too far or else the seeds might fall off into the other side of the world.

If that was actually possible.

His Older Bro did it at least once.

With the last hole made, the boy jumped back to look on his handiwork. Five blocks of soil covered with perfectly symmetrical holes for his friends to start their garden. One block would have plants that you could make bread from, another had one that you could make medicine from, the third was for something called a Mustard Seed that grows into very tasty fruit called Mangos and the last two were for whatever flowers that they wanted to grow.

One of his friends promised to find a seed for a cake that she promised him, but could never get around to making.

Just when he thought about that delicious cake, the ground shook, sending dirt into the holes that he had made as the ground vibrated from an explosion not far from his district. The boy didn't move, his face reflected determination and strength while he threw his shovel into the air, when it came back down, Simon caught a small miniature drill that glowed with green luster.

Time to fight the Powah.


"Been a long road hasn't it?"

Having just woken up way past noon, the young man yawned and decided to look on the single cloud in the sky.

To think that his folks named him after that puffy thing in the sky.

Knowing how his dad was, he thought that it was a great name and while his mom was much more sensible, she gave in just to make his father happy and the name stuck.

"Bit!" That was his girlfriend for the past year and a half, probably ticked because he used her toothbrush, "Stay right where you are so I can kick your ass!"

He loved her so much.

"Some days I really hate you Bit Cloud-" The girl stopped just behind him, noticing something on the ground level that made her grab her boyfriend's head and steer it's gaze from the sky to the city, "What is that?"

"A diamond." The zoids warrior casually answered while the levitating diamond fired a moving laser at the source of the explosions that occurred away from it's body, "And it's attacking the city..."

"Aren't you going something about it?"

"How come there's only one cloud right now-"


"Alright...I'll go..." The warrior gave in with hands raised above his head, "How come you're not coming with me?"

"Why is my gun-sniper under repairs?"

"And we'll come back to this after the singing diamond is gone."


The boy lost track of which song he was playing now.

He'd been on his violin for so long that he lost track of how many movements and themes that he'd even gone through by now.

He was probably on Bach's Suite No. 1 Prelude in G major, but it didn't matter. The boy would keep playing regardless of the song.

He had played this violin since he was five years old and kept going because no one told him to stop. An irony of sorts though, people passing him on the sidewalk would always say that he played really well and should apply for a professional symphony.

But, he was master of nothing.

As much as he had supposedly mastered this violin, he was no different from it in some respects. As soon as he was done with the violin, he would put it away in a a case until he felt like coming back just to make the instrument work to his whims and desires before putting it away to be neglected again.

So why bother toying with the violin? Why not just bash it against the wall of his small room and throw it away to the trash instead of giving it any false hope? The sounds and songs of this violin would not attributed to the violin, but to the man playing the song. The true master who knows how to pull the strings to make the violin do exactly what it wanted-

The boy was rocked from his chair by a violent shake.

He stood up quickly and went to the window to see a UC 80 GM lying on its back...or at least most of was missing its head after all. Off to the distance, the boy's eyes widened when he saw a levitating diamond emit a powerful beam and fire into another section of the city.

Was it an angel? The same one that he'd killed over a month ago?

Angel Groove Kaiba Corperation Command Center

"Seto! The city's being attacked again!" Mokuba cried as the alarm sounded in the complex and everyone scambled to their positions.

"Shut up Mokuba. Its only the third time this whole week." Kaiba coldly said while the rest of the room panicked like headless chickens, "I spend ten percent of my company's multi-billion income to fund this rabble and they can barely put up a ten minute fight. I knew I shouldn't have cut the boot camp program."

"Seto! Assemble the team!" The Head of Optimus Prime commanded from an oversized Fish Jar (Seto decided to be mean)

"You know they'll get f*&!ed within five minutes right?" Kaiba asked, knowing full well what was being demanded.

"The angel's must be matter the cost." Optimus warned in such a way that no one could argue with.

"Fine. Mokuba call the pansies over here." Kaiba relented, knowing that the damage would be increased with their arrival.

"Got it bro!" Mokuba agreed, happy to feel important.

"If anyone needs me, I'll be in my Grade S bunker buying rival company assets and then selling them back for 50 times the original." Kaiba called out as he went to the elevator, "And stay out of my chair Mokuba."

"Darn it!" Mokuba cried out in disappointment, until he went ahead and sat in the Command Chair with his brother absent, "I own this city too you little-"

"Little what?" Mokuba jumped when an projection of his brother appeared above the Command Crew, "And are you in my chair?"

"What if I was?"

"I'd put you into Death-T and make you watch the Phantom Menace."

"But I actually liked that movie-"

"IN 3D!" The entire room grew chill from the very notion of watching such a boring movie in three dimensions, "So are you in my chair?"

"No..." Mokuba quietly slipped out of the chair and quickly stood at an empty console, "See bro?"

"Good call the damn rangers!"

Angel Groove District 6

"Commander Armada!" Terry Sanders called out from his heavily FUBAR'ed mobile suit, the battle had taken a toll on him. Especially since his arm was now litterly hanging on by a thread of flesh.

"Terry! What's the current status?" Shiro Armada inquired from his Ez-08 as Defense Force reinforcements shored up the gaps in the battered perimeter.

"Bad...we hit it with everything we had," Terry started while trying to put his arm back onto its socket, "Tanks, artillery, air strike, naval bombardment, orbital bombardment, Freeze Ray, Shrink Ray, Haki, N2 Mine, H2 Mine, Napalm, Dresden, Tear gas, Chicken Flu, giving it Aids-"

"Okay I get the point!" Shiro barely kept from puking, "Let's set a perimeter with the remaining forces to keep it contained."

"Yes sir!" Terry and the rest of the remaining squad declared.

"Wait...wheres the rest of your unit?" Shiro suddenly noted the lack of comlinks and saw that the enemy Diamond was standing in the middle of town unopposed.

"Us." Shiro looked around to find that the only ones left were Terry, an unconcious Eleanor, Michael who was making out with Kikki, and that crazy ass ace from the White Fang, Milliondo? Milliardo?...yeah, Shiro didn't argue with the hopelessness of the situation.

"Shiro! It's them!" A before thought dead pilot wearing a red-shirt cried while everyone else cheered since this was a practical que to skidu.

"Bout damn time!" Shiro didn't need to sound a retreat, the others had already started running when he turned around. Not much for stupidity, he followed after them without much problem.

Angel Groove District 15

"Seventy percent of the entire Angel Grove Defense force was defeated by a singing diamond named Ramiel," Roger Smith reported while overlooking the city with his reluctant teammates while Simon the Digger epically stared down the Levitating Diamond in question.

"Singing diamond? Whats so bad about-" Bit Cloud's question was silenced when the Singing Diamond fired a blast that destroyed the bunkers housing 4'Kids executives in the mountains...destroying the mountains in the process, "...Did it just level an entire mountain range?" Shinji Ikari, had just pissed himself upon remembering a similar incident he had a while ago.

"We need mecha zord power now!" Van cried while the others followed suit and lightning started striking the sky despite the fact that it was a clear day and initiated the following sequence:

Roger took out his watch and called into it, "Big O! Its show time!" In response, Big O shots out of the city street with Roger standing on its raised fist.

Shinji's clenched his teeth and cried at the top of his wimpy voice, "Evangelion Unit 01 ready to launch!" Nearby, an Energy Cross shot out of lake and split apart show a levitating Evangelion Unit 01.

Bit smiled and yelled out, "Lets go Liger Zero!" At once, Liger Zero jumped out of a hanger in another far away mountain range and roared when it landed behind Bit.

Van held his sword and called out, "Escaflowne lets do this!" A giant rock appears out of nowhere and Escaflowne breaks out of the giant rock and kneels down behind Van.

Simon stomped onto the ground and commanded, "Drill through, Gunman Lagann!" Simon didn't have to wait long as Lagann drilled to the surface and epically posed behind Simon.

"Ultra Mecha Lord Syncronization Initiated." A computerized voice called as the transformation sequence initiated. Big O expanded out and formed over Evangelion as a chest piece, heavy pauldrons and upper arms before fitting firmly onto the purple Mecha's form.

Escaflowne transformed into a draconic looking torso and lower spine before Eva leapt into the openings and allowed the guymelef to screw on.

Liger leapt up, brought its hind legs up to it's stomach and split apart to form legs for Eva while the front legs detached and fit onto the upper shoulder's as gauntlets. The boasters of Jaeger also formed into Mecha Lord's

Finally, Lagann formed into it's drill form except without a point on the drill and slammed onto Eva's head, causing the sides of it's head to resemble a red helmet and protrude a crescent shaped fin, completing the transformation.

"Ultra-Mecha Lord! Activated!" The pilots cried from their consoles while the Ultra-Mecha Lord stood formidably on the battlefield.

On each console screen, a message scrolled across that read: Cast in the name of God, yee not guilty. "Alright, Ultra-Mecha Lord, lets go!"

While the others accepted it, Shinji was not as happy with his message: Cast in the name of God, yee a pussy. "Damn it all..." But before the Ultra-Mecha Lord could do anything else, the Singing Diamond fired its laser...with no time to anything else after just assembling...lets just say it wasn't pretty.

District 33 Emergency Bunker

"Sounds bad up there."

"I've heard worse happen," The Class Representative assured her roommate while they sat with a large group of younger children taking shelter underneath their academy. Most were quiet, but a few wimpered or cried in fear before an older student, teacher, adult or parent came to comfort them. What chilled the Class Representative was how calm most of the children were.

As if they'd been through this before.

"Are we going to die Miss Representative?"

"Nokami, you don't have to call me that. Just call me Miss Horaki," The representative assured the girl with a single pig-tail, "And no, we are not going to die."

"Then we are we underground again? Isn't that where people go to wait to die?"

"We're not here to wait to die, we're waiting for the defense force to stop the monster," Hikari's roommate confidently corrected the child, "You hear all that noise? That's the sound of our boys beating that crystal from one side of Angel Groove to the other! You'll be back in school in less than an hour!"

To that, many children grumbled.

"No buts! And you still have to turn those reports in!" The class representative smirked when the children became lively with noise and complaint. She probably would give them an extension due to the damage that was being done above them, but she wasn't going to tell them that.


"Hey!" One of the older students called from a balcony a level up from most of the kids, "I've got a live feed from the surface! Who wants to watch some asskicking in the making!"

"Watch your language!" The representative quickly found her own voice drowned out by the numerous cheers for the live feed, "Where did you get this feed?"

"My dad works in the AGIB," The student answered while linking his phone into a usb port, "And here we go!" Once done, a nearby screen began to project what was happening in the city's fifteenth district. Most of the district was in ruins with buildings destroyed and pieces of DF mobile suits thrown across the landscape.

In the center, was Mecha Lord.

It stood smoked and scorched in a burnt out crater with a single sword in it's hand as it faced off with the levitating diamond in front of it. Just it took a single step, the diamond reformed itself into a spiked chaotic form before charging a screaming spark of energy that erupted and fired a swift beam of energy that consumed Mecha Lord where it stood.

"You okay Hikari?"

"I've...seen that thing before..." The class representative managed, "Kids...I'm giving you another week."

The children may not have been listening, they were too glued to the screen as Mecha Lord slashed through the beam and seemingly cut the diamond in half. The diamond practically glued itself back together and formed into a pentagonal shape that fired five smaller beams that converged into a greater one that struck down Mecha Lord again.

"This is gonna be a long night."

Angel Groove District 15

"Great...we're losing."

"No we're not! Mecha Lord is still standing!"

"Don't deceive yourself. Murphy's Law is in action."

"Murphy doesn't have shit on-" Ramiel's barrage continued as smaller beams punctured through Mecha Lord at it's joints and chest and caused it to erupt blood from it's mouth. "The mecha is bleeding."

"Everyone has a bad day." Shiro muttered to himself, he really did not want to go back into the fray. But he owed the rangers, so what else was he supposed to do? "Deploy I-Field barriers!" At Shiro's command, several small emitters emerged around Mecha Lord and created an I-Field force field that warded off the Diamond's assault.

"I-Field barriers deployed." But the diamond merely reformed itself and continued to assault the barrier. Which would not hold for any longer than ten minutes. "What now sir?"

"Tell Command that Mecha Lord needs an immediate extraction! Double time!"

"Understood. By the way, why isn't Judau out there-"

"His Gundam ran out of energy from the last attack." Shiro explained, wishing that he had the ZZ's head cannon about now. "Guntank platoon 54, unleash a salvo to get the Diamond's attention!"

The commander received silence from his men.

"Set the Guntanks on autopilot and bail out."

"Oh...okay!" The platoon said in relief, "For a minute I thought that you were giving us suicidal orders..."

"No...that's my job." Surrounded by a squad of Hizacks, Zakus, GMS, Ground-type Gundams and Leos, the Commander had the Ez-8 ready it's weaponry for the charge. "If anyone wants to opt out of this now, you can still flee now and no one will care."

"We're with you sir." The squad reported back, as it included members from his old 8th MS team.

"COVERING FIRE!" Ez8 fired it's Type 09 artillery cannon at the diamond at the same time that his squad and the guntank platoon unleashed their own assault. As hoped for, the Singing Diamond relinquished it's pressure on the I-Field barrier and reformed itself to assault it's new target.

The Ez-8.

"Of course. It's shooting in my direction." Shiro chuckled and addressed his squad, "Spread out!" His squad obliged just as Ramiel fired it's beam and unfortunately caught 3 leos and half of a ground gundam in it's path. "Karen!"

"It's hot...but, I'm fine sir."

"Get out of here Karen! You're no good in a downed gundam. Everyone else! Keep moving, it won't be able to hit you as well if you're not a standing target!"

"Thanks for telling us something that we already know Commander!" One of the hizacks yelled sarcastically as the Diamond grew more spiky, "Is that good?"

"I don't think so." Shiro then watched in shock as smaller beams appeared to pinpoint each and every single guntank in the adjacent district and melt them down to the ceramic metal that they were made of. "That's not fair."

"Who said that life was fair sir?"

"That's still not fair." Before the Diamond could melt his squad down to liquid metal, the entire ground erupted as the entire block where Mecha Lord stood was lowered down out of the Diamond's sight. "That's one less regret before I die."

Right afterwards, the block where Shiro's squad was taking cover also clipped off from the rest of the district and was lowered down.

"Take a breath men...we're alive." Shiro exhaled and patted his automail leg with a laugh. "Here I thought Kaiba didn't give a damn about his men."

Two Hours later...In the Kaiba Corp Command Center

Kaiba could care less about how injured his rangers were.

That Singing Diamond was racking up billions in damages while they cried over their scabs and boo-boos.

To say that Seto Kaiba was not happy would be a bit of an understatement, "Can one of you explain what the f*%$ just happened today?" He tapped his foot waiting for one of the heavily bandaged pilots to answer.

"We got our asses kicked?" Bit asked despite his broken jaw.

"How the hell did anyone find you competent?" Kaiba said to himself when Shinji dropped a cup of hot chocolate onto his broken knee.

"Well they did get shot while-"

"Shut up Mokuba." Kaiba commanded as he continued "I will not tolerate excuses when the billions I invested in your little toys amounts to another pile of scrap."

"This coming from the man who runs a company based on a children's card game and flies around in a jet shaped like a blue eyed white dragon." Smith, the least injured, stated, "Which is also based on the children's card game."

"I'm sorry, were you saying something Mr. Smith?" Kaiba responded with annoyance, "Or is your memory problem acting up?"

"Your getting a bit testy why don't you go cry to your mother," An offended Roger shot back, "Or thats right, you don't have one do you?"

"Look, I respect that all of you made a difficult decision-"

"You bought from the pirates who kidnapped me and then threatened to bomb my school if i didn't come," Shinji pointed out, "Don't think I had much of a choice."

"You had me thrown into prison for the bulls&%^ charge of molesting a whole class of underage boys and killing a litter of puppies!" A pissed Bit added

"You threatened to sell the weaknesses of Fanelia's defenses to the highest bidder!" Van yelled while pointing his sword at Kaiba's throat

"To be honest, you hired me to negotiate a company merger." Roger calmly stated as he brought out a contract "Nothing in the contract about this job."

"You promised that there would be cake!" Everyone paused and uniformarly stared at Simon's epic outburst, "What? People die for a cookie where I'm from."

"In other words, don't blackmail and draft us as your personal swat team and expect the best results!" Bit yelled while the other pilots nodded with pain.

"Fine! You can all quit and go home for all I care," Kaiba yelled with apparent frustration, "But will you truly be able to go back to your lives after turning your backs on millions who are being butchered as we speak?" To add to his point, Kaiba activated the view-screen to show Remiel, AKA the Singing Diamond, reeking havoc on the city. The screen then focused on a little girl and her puppy who had been horribly maimed and burned by the attack as they were slowly crushed by debris.

"Damn it! I'm not supposed to run away!" Shinji resolved/whined with fisted hands.

"I better get paid for this!" Bit warned with his hand clutching his face.

"Man...Hitomi's gonna throw me into the dog house!" Van complained, "Which means no poll dancing..."

"Guess I'll have to put off dinner." Roger brought his cell to tell Norman about his tardiness.

"Hope Yoko and Kamina won't get worried about me." Simon muttered as he recalled Kamina beating him senseless for being a minute past curfew last week.

An Epic Walk on the Beach

Meanwhile, Kamina and Yokko were on a date on a beach...with Yoko in swimwear that makes her normal outfit look conservative...and that says a lot...

Yoko was feeling...moody and decided to take a chance, "So...Simon's still out you want to-"

"Do five hundred push ups while being weighed down by a two ton barbell?" Kamina asked while holding up a two ton barbell with one finger.

"No...we could get more comfortable" Yoko suggested with a suggestive stare and bending over to show Kamina a glimse of her goods.

"Okay...By laying waste to that whole platoon of Shinra Soldiers!" Kamina stated while pointing at the hundreds of Shinra soldiers who were foolishly trying to ambush them.

"YOU'RE AN IDIOT YOU KNOW THAT?" Yoko yelled while pulling out her gun and firing a Spiral Shot that killed 3/4's of the soldiers and scared the rest into hiding, "I...want to have...SEX...WITH YOU!"

At first Kamina just stared blankly and then asked, "Honey? Why didn't you just say so?" He then grabbed Yoko and gave her the fiercist kiss any man could give.

"Wait...the Shinra Soldiers...they'll see us." She said amidst their increasingly hot make-out, but Kamina pushed her down into the sand.

"Let em watch!" Kamina yelled as he leapt down and took their session to epic levels while the Shinra soldiers hid in man-made pools of their own cowardice...

Wait that isn't cowardice!

"KAMINA! CITY IS UNDER ATTACK!" Rossiu roared from out of Kamina's phone. "Simon needs you! Get over there and help him-"


"Hello? Are you even listening to me?" Rossiu groaned while waiting for a response from the Dai-Gurren Brigade's leader. "Half of the brigade is in the repair shop thanks to a singing diamond! I am quite certain that fondling Yoko is a lower priority compared to-"

"I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO CREATES MY OWN PRIORITIES PUNCH!" Kamina roared when his top-half appeared out of the phone and punched Rossiu across the room before disappearing back into the phone.

"How...How does that?" A barely conscious Rossiu asked in utter disbelief despite everything that he'd seen the man do already.

"I told that wouldn't work." Leeron chided while the two Brigade kids playfully poked Rossiu's forehead with a stick. "Besides, Simon insisted that nothing got in Kamina's way for this date."

"I guess..." Rossiu knew why Yoko didn't want to wait any longer, a reason that Simon was blissfully unaware of unlike the rest of the Brigade. "Besides. Simon and his new friends should be able to handle this."

Back to the Team

"I'm not convinced that we can handle this-"

"Too bad. Get back into Mecha-Lord!" Kaiba commanded to interrupt Bit. "Heh heh! I knew those lessons in Mental Inception would pay off."

"Before we do that, we need to work out who's who." Roger pointed out, realizing that formal positions would be the best way to help out their shaky team formation.

"You mean...who's the leader? Who's the white ranger? Blah blah?" Bit asked while shaking his hair.

"I thought that we already agreed on that." Van brought up, "I'm the Green Ranger, Shinji's Purple, Roger's Black, Bit's White, and Simon's Red."

"Actually...can I be the blue ranger?" Shinij meekly asked.

"Sure why not." The others agreed, color wouldn't change that he was a pussy after all.

"Hang on!" Van complained while taking off his bandages, "Why can't I change my color? Why is Bit the white ranger?"

"Cause Liger is white!" Bit argued.

"So is Escaflowne!" Van pointed out.

"You have green crystals in its shoulders!" Bit brought up, pointing to a fanart of Escaflowne in the backdrop of SasuNaru Yaoi that made Shinji and Simon cringe in horror, "That counts as green!"

"Oh yeah? What about that slow-ass Panzer armor?" Van mocked while showing a video of Liger Zero fail horribly at jumping a canyon in the Panzer armor.

"Shut the hell up!" Kaiba commanded, obviously tired of this pointless bickering, "Alright! Simon's Red, Shinji's Blue, Bit's Green, Van is Pink, and Roger's Black and the leader!"

"Why the hell am I pink?" Van complained with good reason.

"Why does Roger get to be the leader?" Simon demanded with epic rage.

"Because a robot from the future said so!" Everyone went quiet after Kaiba's statement which made him reply, "What? It's more believable the bulls#*& backstories all of you have."

"Card Games on motorcycles!" Shinji burst out to all, but the pilot's horror.

"CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES! JUST F*$ THIS WORLD AND EVERYONE IN IT! Kaiba cried as he sprouted white dragon wings and started shooting blasts throughout the command center. Ironically causing no property damage, but killing a fourth of the staff present.

But since Kaiba can't turn into a dragon, he fumed further that he couldn't bring his imagination to life.

Unlike his eternal leather wearing rival.

"Go fight the singing diamond before I hurt you."

"You can't hurt us!" Shinji shouted back. "4'Kids would just censor you-"

"I killed 4'Kids."

"Okay...I'll get into the robot."

"Good and the rest of you should do so as well."

"And what do we get out of this?"

"I will not punch you." Kaiba warned an unimpressed Bit. "Now...get going."

"Where will you be?"

"Swimming in a giant pool of cold hard gold and cash." Kaiba declared and skipped away from the rangers while singing, Singing in the Rain.

"The fate of our world hinges on those six men..." Optimus sadly remarked while Kaiba continued his song and skip, "God help us all."

Angel Groove Defense Force Hanger

"How is everyone?" Shiro didn't expect an answer, after the ass-kicking that the Defense Force had received, the Commander was grateful that anyone had even bothered showing up at all.

"Fine sir." Armada nodded to the bandaged Lieutenant whose unit had been broken across the concrete when they covered the retrieval of the Mecha Rangers.

"Look, I'm not gonna preach out your ears about how we should fight regardless of the odds." Shiro stated, addressing the multiple discouraged pilots in the room, "But this city is our home..."

"Oh here we go!" Eleanor grumbled while several others followed. Since this wasn't an official military, Shiro didn't technically have any authority to keep these pilots from ever complaining about how much of a thankless job they had.

"We used to be many things before we came here." Shiro continued as he regained the assembled member's attentions, "Federation MS pilots, Former Zeon members, Terrorists, Rebels, ODST, Marines, Secret Service, Mafia, Triads, Axe Gang, Bouncers, and a lot of shit that I've never even heard of. We left all of that behind us when we came here."

"Strip all of that aside, what are we?" The former 8th MS commander asked, "We are men and women; parents and siblings; friends and rivals; allies and adversaries; a band of misfitted outcasts who have to somehow work together to protect this city that got scrapped together."

"But this city is our home, and the home of our children." He reminded the pilots as he felt their spirits rise with hope and determination. "And if we won't fight for it, who will? Well boys!" The Defense Force roared back in answer, ready to take the fight to this diamond even if it meant death.

But if they were going to die, they'd give hell before they did.

"The Mecha Rangers are redeploying sir." Hearing the message, Shiro gulped and readdressed his team.

"In that case, stand down men." Shiro commanded as the Defense Force calmed down though they were still puzzled and a few were disappointed that they wouldn't get another crack at the diamond.

"Aren't we still going out sir-"

"Hell no!" Sargeant Foley called out to one of the complaining pilots while Shiro just sat down and relaxed.

"I thought we were ready to fight the Diamond-"

"You kidding maggot?" Foley asked as if the private was an idiot, "If we deploy alongside the Mecha Rangers, we'll more likely die in the crossfire! Hell, they'll probably kill us while losing track of the real enemy!"

"But what about all that talk about protecting our home?"

"If we go up too then we'll cause more damage than they'll cause by themselves..." Karan noted while reading through the reports from the last attack, "Especially with Ikari's kid on board."

"Don't get me started!" A former Intelligence agent laughed, "That boy needs therapy."

"Nah...he just needs to get laid." Michael optimistically assured, likely drawing from his own experience...

"Now ya see why we're not going out there?" Terry asked as he tightened the bandaged on his reattached arm, "Just sit back and enjoy the fireworks."

"I know I am." Foley said before looking around for his favorite doormat, "Ramirez! Grab me a beer!"

"You're not supposed to drink while on duty sir-"

"But we're not on duty private! Now get me my drink!"

What used to be Angel Groove District 5

"Mecha Lord! Action!" Rogers called as Mecha Lord confronted the unmoving Singing Diamond who actually has a cool Jewish name that no one can remember for some reason. It marched ahead while the Diamond started to reform itself to fire the laser that almost totaled Mecha Lord last time.

When the laser fired, Mecha Lord brought back it's arm and formed an energy drill that it punched into the incoming laser. At first, the laser and drill strove against each other equally, until a before pushed out piston punched into Mecha Lord's shoulder and caused the drill to fire through the laser and crash through the Diamond's upper portion.

"Alright! Who knew that Spiral Power and an AT field could be so deadly." Simon noted as the Ultra-Mecha Lord threw another AT Piston Drill out of it's arm that crashed through the Diamond's barrier and struck it in it's lower area. It then formed it's hands into claws and started dashing for the motionless diamond and slashed through it's AT field with little effort as it popped out it's pistons.

Just before the claws hit their marks, the pistons shot back into place to increase the velocity of the claws and literally carve chunks out of the Diamond. It shrieked in pain as Mecha Lord drew out a sword and delivered a Piston empowered downward slash that almost cut the diamond in half and shot it across the district.

"Yeah! And that Strike Piston Claw was awesome!" Bit remarked while smoke steamed from Mecha Lord's arms.

"That Piston Sword Slash was my favorite!" Van boasted while the Diamond reformed itself and cried as if in challenge to Mecha Lord.

"Okay guys...lets end this!" Simon decided while everyone prepared to end the battle. The Singing Diamond fired one more laser to try and save itself, but it was no match for the force that was emitted from the following attack:

"BERSERK A.T. STRIKE LASER DRAGON BLADE PISTON GIGAAAA DRILLLLL PUNNNNCCCHHHH!" Then the Singing Diamond was utterly erased from all existence when Ultra-Mecha Lord struck. It then crossed its arms over its chest in pride while the rest of the city remained more ruined than before.

Afterall, 4,000 people were killed in the crossfire between the two behemoths and some of them were puppies. But that didn't stop the people from cheering while they watched the battle from wherever they happened to be, be it the shelters, basements, top of buildings, or in Tokyo.

"Well that went well." Roger breathed as the team celebrated.

"Alright! That was Great Liger!" Bit told the machine while patting his console.

" was all Escaflowne." Van's disagreement led to a close-quarters fistfight between him and Bit while the rest of the team ignored them.

"Bulls^%&, Eva was the backbone of this whole...whatever it was it!" Shinji's argument, got him pulled into the fight and was too much of a wimp to do anything except act as a punching bag.

"Lagann's the one that channeled our hot blooded manliness!" Simon shouted as he jumped into the dogpile and proceeded to kick ass while Smith took a nap in his seat.

Angel Groove Command Center

"...Kids..." Optimus reflected with a tone of embarrassment, "Where are all of their parents?"

"Abandoned by father after mother died in freak accident involving a purple mecha," Kaiba began while reading the background reports of the pilots, "...Doesn't remember parents, parents horribly crushed in horrible underground collapse, Implied to be an orphen, and parents died at a young age."

"Bit's an orphen...just like us." Mokuba sadly realized as he and his brother watched the Rangers on the view-screen.

"Shut up Mokuba." Kaiba coldly commanded as he reviewed the unedited forgery of the Pilot's wills and focused on a particular line, "Who would name their son Bulgus?"

Lunar Cathedral

"Silly, silly humans." Tabris, messenger of Free Will sat upon the surface of the earth's moon. He often enjoyed this view, watching the epicenter of humanity rotate without a care in the world.

Unlike it's inhabitants...unlike those frightened creatures who were practically afraid of standing still. He did not blame them, he pitied them. They were so afraid of the end that they could not understand what a blessing it was to even have an end.

Around him were many white spears that were embedded within the landscape of the area. One had been thrown in order to revive a previously fallen brother, but he had already failed yet again.

He would not give the same priviledge to any others amongst the messengers to come.

"My red baroness awaits me," Tabris mused as he sat up and walked over to one of the lances and lightly ran his hand down the pale white shaft. Power and hunger resonated from within it, begging to be released, "Patience my friend, soon the angel's grove shall be ours and with it...ascension."


"Tabris." Tabris raised his gaze to the newcomer who stood upon the entryway of the abandoned cathedrel, "You should not be here."

"It's you Lillith." Tabris smiled though stern frown of the blue-haired deserved a similar feature, "Concerned that I intend to harm Shinji-kun? I don't...I was...curious."

"Your actions probe my curiosity as well." The holder of Lillith's soul replied, "Curiosity as to whether or not you would put up a struggle if I choose to end you."

"End me? It is unwise of us to conflict before my appointed time." Tabris stated, still smiling despite the aggressive undertone of Lillith's monotone voice, "Did you come here of your own will Lillith? Or did he send you?"

"Who do you mean?"

"That answer should be obvious...but it is not."

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