I was watching Eclipse and when that scene popped up I kept yelling, "Just let him go you idiot!"... and a bunch of other expletives and then I was like, "Wait, what if she did?"

And so this story was born.

"Because you're too important."

"Its still not good enough."

"Ja-" But his name died in her throat. So what if she called him to turn back? Then what? If she admitted that she did indeed love him, it would make no difference in the end because her love for Edward was so- so much... more than what she realized she felt for Jacob. She could explain what she felt for Jacob in words. But what she felt for Edward left her breathless and unable to comprehend how someone could love someone else so much.

So even though it was killing her, Bella swallowed her words. Her heart hammering in her chest but she ignored it for two seconds, willing herself to remember how much the pack cared for one another and that the pack wouldn't let him do that. Plus, Jacob believed that life was too much of a precious thing to do something as stupid as get himself killed.

Rational thinking kicking in, it calmed her almost panicked filled adrenaline rush, and managed to breathe.

And then he was gone, into the forest, into a battle with Newborns.

Bella hoped she hadn't made a mistake.