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So in this chapter, we kind of get a little more insight to James' horrible antics subsequently leading to Elizabeth's fear of parks, which will play a role later on. I particularly like the ending of this chapter and I like having a double kind of romance love triangle going on. One being Chris, Kat, and Lance (which you guys will see later on) and the other being James, Elizabeth+her demons, and another person who only the keen people will have caught mentioned in a previous chapter. So...yup, that's all I have to say about this chapter. Please enjoy and don't hate me too much if it takes a bit more time for me to update this story; I'm trying my best, honest!

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Chapter 3- Nightmares

"Loser, loser, loser," the voice taunted, sending the young Elizabeth down into the never-ending spiraled abyss her confused mind had created. "Why do you even bother coming here? Bet your parents make you come here because they can't stand you either!" the voice laughed and she curled up, knees hugged to her chest, rocking back and forth. The body came close to touch her and with skilled expertise, the hands pushed her over and sent her sprawling to the ground. Two tears fell out of her eyes and dampened her cheeks as the merciless laughing continued, making her ears ring.


She woke up with sweat plastered all over her forehead, dampening her black hair and causing it to stick onto her equally sticky neck. Heart pounding, eyes wide, lips pale, she gripped the cotton sheets firmly between her palms and fingers and took deep breathes, darting her eyes from side to side. The demon inside her was growing strong, threatening to consume her from the inside out. Feeling bile rise in her throat she conjured up a bucket and retched, using all her energy to remain quiet, in fear of attracting unwanted attention. In the dead silence of the night, the clock up above her head rest ticked slowly, its rhythmic beat helping to slow down the fast pace of her heart. Glancing up, she realized that it was only three am and no one would be awake to help her or make her feel better.

There was a shift and a small groan heard from the lump that was across from her and she closed her eyes and lay down on her bed, hoping that the momentary lapse of noise would just pass. As expected, it did and she sat right back up in her bed, trying to claw the images out of her head. Tattered, bruised, and hurt- she choked back an oncoming sob. There was a painful wrench in her heart like something had been tore out and scattered into oblivion, never to be seen again. The dark moving object below scared her, the evil creature copying her every movement and seemingly making the emotions worse as it somehow found its way into her body, casting an eclipse over her tattered heart. Clenching her fists, she lay back down on her side, curling up into a fetal position, hoping that the insomnia would just pass and that one day, her nightmares would disappear.

Wrapping her arms around the boy, she buried her face in his chest, hoping all the pain would somehow just disappear; allowing everyone to act as if it never existed. He quietly stroked her hair, wishing that all the sadness would go away, for it was casting a looming shadow on everyone, foretelling misfortune. The fourth year sighed; she hate being weak like this. If she was like this, how could she protect her cousin? How could she act like the responsible, older sibling if she couldn't take care of herself in the first place? Shaking her head, she withdrew from her haven and gazed at him, affection apparent in her blue-green eyes. He gazed right back, happy that she was at least feeling a bit better.

"Chris?" One word broke the silence and the whole atmosphere eased up. Her voice seemed hoarse in the morning and they were sitting together, cuddling, and enjoying each others' presence. He flicked his golden hair back and leaned towards his counterpart, causing her to flush and lean backwards.

His right hand found its way to the back of the nape of her neck. His left hand gently grasped his shoulder as he leaned in and his lips found their soulmates. She giggled into his mouth, both of them enjoying the moment of happiness. It was as if the world was slowly dissipating, taking their troubles and insecurities along with them. Lips in synchronization, it was as if the angels were singing and a thousand violins were playing their romantic tune. Slowly and reluctantly, they broke apart and she got up, pecking his lips once more before going to find her cousin. "I'll see you later Chris- love you," she smiled and stalked out of the room, the boy staring after her.

"See you later Kat. Love you too..."

Elizabeth yawned and rubbed her dark rimmed eyes as she desperately tried to stay awake. She had had another sleepless night and this time, it was taking its toll on her. Katherine sat by her side, her presence enough to soothe the startled and shaken black haired beauty. Leaning back on the couch, she thanked the Lord that it was a Saturday and the only thing she really had to worry about was finishing her homework, half of which she had already done.

The nightmares were really getting to her. Ever since James had shoved his ugly head into her business, the horrible childhood memories had resurfaced, causing her to be afraid of even closing her eyes, even it was just for a second. Getting up and stretching, Elizabeth made her way down to the Great Hall where the possessed cups and plates were arranging themselves and the food had already begun to appear. Elizabeth caught the eye of Lily who was sitting next to Lysander, sitting next to Lorcan who was next to Simone, her sister. She smiled, noticing the content grin on her sister's face. She sat herself in the far corner and felt the atmosphere around her grow cold as a person approached her. Glaring, she turned around and saw James Potter looming over her.

"Can I help you?" she asked but was interrupted by an oncoming yawn. James looked over, and was worried as soon as he saw the dark circled under her eyelids.

"Are you ok?" he blurted out and she turned around looking surprised.

"Um, yea...I'm ok, why?" she asked, feeling extremely awkward. James looked around and took a seat next to her.

"Well you look really tired and I'm worried," he admitted and Elizabeth smiled slightly, feeling oddly touched.

"I'm fine, don't worry. Besides, don't you have some other girl to flirt with?" she patronized him, though this time it was less harsh. James let out a faint sigh.

"Not in the mood. Can I sit with you?" he asked and Elizabeth raised her eyebrows.

"The great James Potter wants to sit with a mere civilian like me?" she mock-gasped and smirked as James sheepishly smiled.

"Ah...the way you talk about me makes me sound like a horrible person," he admitted and Elizabeth rolled her eyes, moving aside to give him a place to sit.

"James, you may not know it, but you are like that. And I hate people like that which is exactly why I refuse to give you the time of day. I'm not stupid you know. I know you go around school, sacking girls everywhere you go, taking pride like it's some kind of sport. And frankly, to be honest, it's sick," Elizabeth replied, shocking James.

"Is that really my reputation?" he incredulously asked and Elizabeth nodded, picking at her food. "Ah, my mum and dad would freak if they found out about it," James laughed slightly sighing.

"James Potter? You've got some nerve coming over here after what you've said to Elizabeth these past few days. What in the world are you doing here?" a voice demanded. The two fourth years turned around to see Katherine Belle staring at the boy with a livid expression on her face.

"I-uh-come in peace?" James offered and Katherine huffed, making her way around to the other side and taking her place, her glance warily shifting from her little cousin to James. "Listen, I've already apologized but I'll say it again. I'm sorry for treating your cousin like that; it was wrong and stupid. I was acting like a pig and I hope you can forgive me," he smiled and Katherine rolled her eyes, menacingly rolling up her sleeves. James audibly gulped.

"Kat!" Elizabeth hissed and the older girl childishly stuck out her tongue. Elizabeth rolled her eyes at her cousin's antics. "Sorry about cousin dearest James," Elizabeth scoffed and James nodded his head, his confidence dissolving little by little.

"James, yo, mate!" another voice called and Katherine growled under her breath.

"What is this, the social gathering of the year?" she snapped as the rusty haired boy approached the table, a wide grin on his face. "Like I asked this rat a few moments ago...what the bloody Barron are you doing here Lance? Are you and James glued to each other that one follows wherever the other goes?"

"Oh don't get your panties tied up into a knot Katherine. Just calm down and give us a chance." Lance rolled his eyes and the two boys sent angelic grins towards the brunette who merely hmphed and turned away seething. Those boys were up to something and she made it her personal mission to find out what.

"Don't get my panties in a knot? Tch, now I know you boys are up to something. I've got my eyes on you...and Crysithium has her eyes on you too; let's not forget her head can rotate so she can see everything that goes on," Katherine snarled, referring to her owl that she loved dearly. Lance rolled his eyes, slumping forward onto the table.

"I'm tired. I don't want to go to potions. It's boring," he whined and Elizabeth kicked his legs under the table.

"Will you stop complaining? Honestly, I don't know what it is about you boys," she glowered. "Anyway, come one Katherine; let's get to class. I really don't feel like dealing with guys like you," Elizabeth stuck out her tongue and the two girls walked away. Lance turned towards James, a smirk evident on his face. James' face imitated his, although the Potter boy's was a bit strained.

"You're really getting to her. The great Elizabeth is finally cracking for Potty," Lance chuckled as James rolled his eyes. "And if I'm not mistaken, it seems like you're falling in love with her too," Lance's smirk grew wider as he noted the faint blush on his best mate's friend.

"So no true; I'm just doing this for the money. You know just as well as I do that I'm only trying to get closer to her so I can sack her before the end of the year comes around," James retorted and Lance shook his head, leaning on his right elbow.

"Whatever you say mate, whatever you say. But heed my words; don't fall for a girl like her. Your status will be ruined and besides, if she ever found out about our little bet, no doubt she'll hate your guts once more. And poof- all of Jamey's hard work will be wasted," Lance replied and James swallowed his annoyance down.

"I know Lance; no need to tell me. And trust me, I'll never fall in love with her," James rolled his eyes as he gathered his books. "Now come on, we're going to be late to class,"

"Ooh, look at you. Now you actually care about getting to class on time. Is Elizabeth Wood changing James for the better?" Lance mockingly gasped as James angrily shoved him. "Whoa, Potter, calm down!" Lance called after the enraged James who had angrily walked away.

It wasn't until later that night that James saw Elizabeth once more. And she was working on her homework. James sighed as he watched her from a distance. It was the first time he actually saw her. Not for her looks, but just for who she was. She was a feisty girl who, frankly, was a freaking enigma. She was also a beautiful person, not just on the outside. He felt something gnawing at him and he started to ponder about the girl who was only a few couches away. She was kind and sweet when no other guy was present. She was definitely loyal, as he had seen her with her cousin, Katherine. She had a sense of humor and he knew that she was strong as hell. She wasn't afraid to defend herself and she had an aura about herself that was unmatchable by anyone. James shook his head.

He shouldn't be thinking about her like this. This, the two of them, would never work out. Elizabeth was much too innocent and would never fall for someone like him. And James...James was just a sex whore. That was all he wanted. That was the only reason he was trying to befriend Elizabeth in the first place. Her body was amazing. She may not have thought it to be true, but Merlin's pants, her body was amazing. Her ass was tight and perfectly shaped and her chest was another level. It was wrong of him, and quite disgusting, but he couldn't help it. He was Hogwarts' player and he was one who loved to keep his status. And although he was a sex pig, he was actually on top of his class, even topping the great Elizabeth. Something was gnawing at his stomach again, but this time it was more painful. Almost as a reflex, James clutched his stomach and breathed in deeply, earning some stares by the other inhabitants of the common room.

It kept running through his mind. What would happen if Elizabeth found out? She already didn't trust him. If she found out now, all her thoughts would be confirmed, and all his hard work would be put to waste. In the midst of all, Elizabeth had caught his eye and she smiled at him, the brightest smile he had ever seen on her face. That thought almost brought him to tears. To think, that in less than four months, that bright smile would be ripped from her face. James suddenly realized what was clawing his stomach and filling him with a sense of dread- it was guilt.