AUTHORS NOTE : Hi everyone, this will be the first fanfic I will write and it's featuring my obsessed cute whatever couple: Ragamuffin and Lenore! Uh yes, I do love the cuteness. They both kill things so... yes. This might be quite spoilerish and AU at the same time. Let's say that yes, Ragamuffin is a human in this fiction. Human-vampire-cannibal blah, of course. Since Lenore doesn't have the right blood to change Ragamuffin back to his old self, I'll write that she did get some human blood, though not considering it as a cure for Ragamuffin's damn doll self curse thingy, :D

The first chapter will be a prologue and so on and so forth with the oneshots together. I'll also like to thank for being a peach for telling me her first idea for this story. Since Lenore is 110 years old and Ragamuffin is 400 years, that would be 310 years in difference thus making about like... 3.1 years if both hadn't died/or blah blah sickness. And they say Ragamuffin's too old to have a little girl! D:

You know what, Aqua? You're terribly sweet the candy in your stories make my throat sour with goodness.

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A Matter of Resurrection

"The icky sticky red thing can go here..."

Lenore climbed down the ladder and hopped back to the floor with ease. She turned around to look at her shelf: it was filled with jars or unknown red and black stuff and cages of cute animals, presumably dead. However, there was a small painting - the size of a book - that featured a small little cherry perched at the top of a bright red hill. Another picture also stood out in par with the first - a red mailbox poster filled with letter chunked out of it. Her eyes were dead but glinted with excitement whilst admiring her work. It was her first few paintings although the items she used to 'paint' her pictures smelled like death cookies. Still, Lenore loved her painting. She intended to paint some more the next day, probably four more for her friends.

Skipping into the hallway, the closet door slammed behind her. She passed the big grandfather clock. It read 1:00 in the morning and she was getting ready to go to bed. Four hours of scavenging for painting tools and especially painting gave her a real beat of tiredness. Yawning, Lenore opened the creaky door to her bedroom. She leaped into her magnificent four-poster bead, not wanting to change into her bunny pajamas as she had already drifted into a lovely slumber.

Meanwhile, Ragamuffin stepped out of the bathroom and stretched out his doll arms with a groan. He planned to have a good drink of tea from the kitchen. The hallway was quiet and dark, adding much to his allure. He didn't care about the creepiness that occupied the darkness of the old house. In fact, he liked it.

While walking slowly to the kitchen as he was too tired to move his polyester limbs properly, he chanced upon the closet where Lenore had placed her two paintings. He was suspicious after observing Lenore who was more happy than ever before. Jumping up and grabbing the door knob, he twisted it and opened up the closet. He saw the ordinary things: boxes, unused toys, electrical appliances and not to mention Lenore's special collection of gore.

"The hell is that?" Ragamuffin raised an eyebrow. He could chuckle at Lenore's skills of art but there was something strange about the paintings. It was as though Lenore had traveled to the past to collect materials from the Stone Age. He smelled a sort of odor that not only disgusted him but attracted him at the same time. The scent was so familiar he couldn't even remember what it was.

Climbing up the ladder that Lenore didn't bother to put away, he took the painting with the cherry and jumped down from a certain height he could manage. Studying the art, he pulled a smug look.

Now the cherry in the picture was making him hungry. He sniffed the painting for a while, which gave him a sense of overwhelming goodness. Did Lenore use food stuff to color her painting? Ketchup, perhaps?

Taking a small paw he stuck it at the painting before letting a small amount of 'paint' stick to the material. He then stuck his hand in his mouth, before he felt a pinch in his body. He then felt something more different as though a curse had been lifted. Looking down at himself, he gasped and twitched.


It was bright morning. The sun was high. The bright white clouds gathered in a trance. And the crows escaped, from a bloodcurdling scream.

"EEKK!" Lenore cried, upon seeing Ragamuffin who was just as surprised as she was. She couldn't help but hide her curiosity but stare at the man before her. She only found him fixing up a cup of coffee for himself in the kitchen. Lenore gulped even though Ragamuffin was no taller than Taxidermy. He was only a head taller than her.

His eyes were normal except from the black darkness that swirled in his iris. Raven black hair reached until his neck and shoulders and several spikes stuck out. Ragamuffin was quite neat in a sleek black suit, with a tie that wasn't properly tied. With trousers and black shoes, his attire looked deceiving. Lenore expected more of a savage uniform but she liked his design. A scar appeared at Ragamuffin's left cheek. It was big and it looked quite deep. Five stitches marked his injury. The wound appeared to be long healed though it seemed creepy. Lenore couldn't help but point a meek finger at Ragamuffin, "Where's dolly?"

Ragamuffin bit his lip. He backed away, "Err... You could say that he's standing right in front of you right now." Lenore's lips curved to a wide smile. She had never seen her little dolly in his vampire self at all. This was her first time and she only felt speechless. Ragamuffin just averted his eyes from the restless Lenore and sat at the breakfast table, sinking his face into his arms. He couldn't do anything with this girl staring at him. It was scary.

"I'll go to the kitchen to give you some more coffee. Wait here," Lenore said so quickly that in the next second she was already in the kitchen. She came back with another cup and set it down in front of the depressed Ragamuffin. She then questioned, "Why so sad?"

"Your idiocy is the cause," Ragamuffin sighed, taking the cup and sipping a small amount of black coffee. Lenore's smile didn't seem to cease. Her loving nature for her best friend wasn't going to let her down either. She took his arm and pushed it aside, used both hands to raise his head and then push back his arm to allow his chin to rest on it.

To put it in simpler terms he wanted her to look at him. The vampire thought she did it for no absolute reason. "What." Ragamuffin asked.

Lenore replied, "Why is there a big scar on your face?"

"A small accident, that's all. The damn witch bitch slapped me," He muttered. Lenore giggled. Ragamuffin was known for his vulgar behavior. Not all the time around her, considering that Lenore was only young - yet old at the same time. Ragamuffin pushed his long fringe behind his ear and pointed at his scar. He said, "Ya see this string at my scar? Pull it."

The young embalmed girl was baffled. "Pull? Wouldn't it hurt?" She asked. Ragamuffin shook his head. A thin, black string was indeed sticking out from the long-healed wound. Lenore hesitated, but she let her small pale hand grab hold of the string. Still uncertain, she slowly pulled the string. It became longer and something shiny dangled. A silver, stainless needle hung from the needle as though it came out from under Ragamuffin's skin. The needle hung from the string at its hole. Lenore gasped with glee. "Neat!"

Before Lenore could say anything else, the string quickly disappeared, pulling itself back into the wound. It was a split second and Lenore missed it. She wondered how a needle - the size of her finger - could fit into that small opening. She wasn't sure if the wound opened or not; it looked perfectly and securely sealed. She smiled with bewilderment, "How did you do that?"

"I'm a vampire, silly." A smirk formed at Ragamuffin's lips.

Perhaps this would be the start of a new relationship in a new level.