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...:Chapter 4:...
Gosh, Not Another Error (PART ONE)

"Should I dare come in...?"

Mr. Gosh looked left and right, gazing at the windows for a while if anybody was checking on him. He wanted to intrude- er, visit Lenore's house to meet his love. Realizing that nobody - or at least he thought so - was spying on him, he contentedly grabbed the squeaky knob of the door. As he twisted it, he never felt that chilling alarm that failed to travel down his spine.

"God dammit..." Ragamuffin muttered in a whisper, glaring at Lenore. Lenore only glared back but both wore complete shock and annoyance on their faces. In their hands were all the odd weapons - 8-inch blades, a tazer, a cleaver, a full pistol and a metal pipe. There was chair just in case they were unsuccessful. Lenore, her dead gleaming eyes filled with horror, gulped in multiple balls of air. She could feel the same as Ragamuffin who dreaded coming to their house. Mr. Gosh was never invited to their house, ever. Just thinking about him breaking in was just about any other crime the vampire would last want to deal with. Doesn't that guy have any sense of wrong? Ragamuffin would think otherwise.

Lenore said softly, "On my mark." She held her large cleaver in a confident hand, biting her lip with anticipation. She saw a small crack of light seep into the hallway and braced herself. She took up three fingers, mouthing, "Three..."

She moved behind a small table in the corner, so as to be camouflaged with her black figure."Two..."

The crack became bigger as the door was opening. The more its size increased, the more like Ragamuffin had for the dead son-of-a-bitch decreased rapidly like swindles. He couldn't wait to beat the crap out of that stalker. "One..."

"Lenore, my love!~"


"Hello, my sweet- AAAAAGGHHH!" Mr. Gosh's petite voice then turned into a bloodcurdling scream. Ragamuffin quickly shoved the sharp ends of his tazer into the masked man's neck, flipping the switch to give an electric shock into the stunned Mr. Gosh. As Mr. Gosh's mask started smoking, the vampire kicked him into the wall, forcing him against it with his hands tied behind his back.

Mr. Gosh tried to struggle but Lenore had swung the metal pipe at his head, feeling his skull cracking at the same time. His tension on the grip of his fists softened for a while.

Lenore demanded, "What are you doing here?"

"Ragamuffin? Why, you look quite dashing in that suit-" Mr. Gosh with a surprised look started, despite the fact his head was crushed in. Ragamuffin twisted the poor man's wrists, keeping a firm hold of the captured. He also held a gun up to Mr. Gosh's head, threatening him with a, "Answer the freaking question."

"I thought you were already dead after I threw you into the wood chipper!" Lenore cried out, her voice marking no mercy for her admirer. She absolutely hated his behavior. At first, she liked him but now she regretted it. All those memories were already blackened for her twisted mind; the mind she chose to have.

"Well... in the ground I thought that you made a mistake about throwing in the logs and- I personally think that it was an accident!" Mr. Gosh answered with a smile, not noticing the flinch Lenore made. He continued, "I saw that little flower growing in that log that might be perfect to give to Lenore and-"

Ragamuffin interrupted with disgust, "Wait a minute: you saw a flower growing... in a log?"

Mr. Gosh calmly replied, "Yes, I did. As crawling into the log to get the flower was the only option, I did just that. I didn't know Lenore had already taken the log I was in and unknowingly threw it into the wood chipper with me in it. I think you also helped her too so the both of you did an accident. Nevertheless, I forgive you."

Lenore and Ragamuffin exchanged glances, thinking that the man had gone crazy. They did that on purpose yet they were forgiven? How was that even possible in the book? That was never possible in the book!

"You know what? I think you deserve to shut up," Ragamuffin then said, not wanting to look at that hideous mask once again. Lenore nodded firmly, taking her bloody pipe and pressing it at Mr. Gosh's face. She added, "I think it's time to play a game~"

Mr. Gosh thought this as a pleasant thought. "What game?"

"It's called: Tack the Button. You find any button, a clothes button or a press button and try to shoot it with this toy gun!" Lenore reached for Ragamuffin's pistol, showing it to Mr. Gosh. She knew it was a lie though; she didn't do guilt. She then said, "Let go of Mr. Gosh, Ragamuffin. He plays an important part of the game."

Ragamuffin let go reluctantly, surprised about what Lenore had said. However, when he saw her wink secretly at him, he only smirked. Mr. Gosh brushed off the dust from him and straightened his sleeves. "So who will start first?"

"I will do a demonstration. Take this gun and find a button," Lenore faked her cute accent, darting her eyes everywhere for a button. She then laid her eyes on Mr. Gosh with an 'Aha!' It was quite amusing but it was part of the plan. She then aimed at the button - supposed the one used an eye for Mr. Gosh's head - and lamely shut one eye, a tongue sticking up from the right side of her mouth.

"You'll do the honors," Ragamuffin allowed, moving away from Mr. Gosh. He still couldn't hide that smirk from his face. What he was about to see was going to be the best part of his life.

"Okay...So...I guess that my button is the target?"

"Yes and... I'll pull the toy trigger." She pulled it straight away, regardless of her strength. In fact, she pulled it quite hard.


"MY EYE!" Mr. Gosh screamed, falling to the ground as he clutched his face in his gloved hands. Dark blood seeped out from the hole in the button, followed the painful moans and groans Mr. Gosh had. Ragamuffin and Lenore both stared at the bleeding man expressionlessly. Lenore let out her hand where Ragamuffin handed in an 8-inch blade. Lenore expectantly threw it at Mr. Gosh, targeting his arms, back and especially the backside after a throw. ...Hard to say she was equally amused with each blade she threw.

The vampire then sighed, "I think I should go get the shovel."

They ignored the cries of Mr. Gosh as his laments slowly faded away, turning into a faint breath until it disappeared. There was a pool of blood waiting on the floor.

"No, I'll get them. You'll have to help me bury him," Lenore poked Ragamuffin's arm hard, displaying a grateful smile. "Thank you for your help, Ragamuffin." Her cheeks were warm and her eyes twinkled with light. Ragamuffin only looked slightly away, unaware of the lump that formed in his throat and the shades he left in his cheeks. Lenore giggled then skipped down the hallway before turning at a corner. The vampire only watched her small body dance away.

Ragamuffin sat on a chair he didn't use to beat Mr. Gosh up. Although the dead man was already down, he could talk. He lifted his sore head and smiled, "I guess she's gone now-"

"Oh shit!- you're still alive?" Ragamuffin almost had a heart attack from Mr. Gosh's sudden reflex. He glared irritatedly at Mr. Gosh, taking out his pistol from his pocket. They could both hear Lenore shouting, "I think I need some help with this thing! Stupid kitty!"

Silence. "We have to bury Kitty #25 too! I think it's dead."

Mr. Gosh laughed, "Lenore can be quite the klutz."

"Shut up."

"I think you like her," Mr. Gosh then gazed at Ragamuffin who flinched. Ragamuffin didn't want to argue as he didn't like Mr. Gosh's smile. It was relatively creepy. "I have competition now, do I? I can't accept somebody else taking my Lenore!"

So what if he had competition? "Yeah? Well, you're being more of a stalker there, buddy. The competition's gonna end with one of us dead." His eyes shone with revengeful crimson, revealing the true nature he was unwilling to show to anybody else, even Lenore. Mr. Gosh could understand Ragamuffin's position and he huffed, "You better watch your words, Ragamuffin. Lenore is-"


"I totally forgot I had this gun. Oh well."