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Chapter 4

Blood trickled down from Shadow's jaw as he licked Amy's neck. His blood red eyes seemed to glow in the dark as his hands wrapped around her body softly to keep her from moving. "N-No..." She tried to speak. She couldn't find the strength. His arms only seemed to tighten around her and pull her closer and closer as he began to move toward her neck once more. "S-Stop..." He didn't seem to hear her as he placed his lips to her neck again. Suddenly she felt as if something sharp was against her skin. It felt strange. He...He was biting her!

"NO!" Suddenly Amy's eyes snapped open. She was sitting up in her bed. Her body was in a cold sweat as she put her hand to her neck and pulled it way to see if she was bleeding. Then she quickly put it back to her neck as if looking for bit marks. "A dream..." She trembled. "It was just a dream..." She shook.

"Amy, Amy." Rouge poked the pink hedgehog. "What's with you? You've been spacing out all day." It was Monday and Amy hadn't slept hardly at all over the weekend. "Sorry Rouge. I'm just tired."

"You don't look like you've gotten much sleep."

"I'll be fine." Amy sighed as she rested her cheek in her hand and her mind drifted again. Images from Friday night kept flashing through her thoughts. She couldn't make up her mind as to what she had saw. She just couldn't make sense out of it.

"How did Friday night go by the way?" It was as if Rouge had read her mind.

"Fine." Was the only word she could muster.

"Oh come on. How was Tails? Did he act any different outside of school? "

"No. He was still just as nice and just as much a kid outside of school." She said thinking back to earlier that night. "He was really excited about the research."

"I wonder why." Rouge leaned on her desk.

"I don't really know." Amy's thoughts were drifting back to the end of that evening.

"Oh here they come now."

Amy looked up from her desk and saw the three brothers entering the room. Amy looked at them a little closer and saw that they seemed gloomier than usual, even Tails. Shadow's eyes cast suddenly against Amy and her heart seemed to stop beating when she met his cold crimson eyes and the image of blood running down his chin flared in her mind. She suddenly had to look away. She turned to the side and put her hand on her heart to make sure it was still beating. "W-Why do I feel so...scared..." She whispered.

"Amy." Rouge leaned back looking at her. "Are you alright? "

"Yeah I'm fine." Amy sat up straight again.

"Why do they look so ominous today even Tails looks gloomy."

Amy suddenly looked at Tails. She remembered how he had always seem much happier than his brothers, but that wasn't the case today. Most of the time when they were inside, the three wore their sunglasses pushed back on their heads. She noticed that only Tails was wearing them over his eyes this morning. Amy watched them all carefully throughout the class. Something in particular caught her eye. Tails was writing in the notebook she had tried to return. She recalled how she had dropped it when she fell and she hadn't picked it up before she ran away. Had he come across it himself or had Shadow found it when he saw her? She was puzzled. Had Shadow really seen her or had he simply looked in her direction? She felt the piercing of his eyes in her heart as she remembered the incident. 'It felt as if he were looking right at me that night.'

The bell rang and Amy approached Tails right away. "Tails,"

"Oh hey Amy." He tried to perk up a bit and he smiled a bit weakly. "What's up?"

"I was just wondering..." She looked to the side slightly.


"How did you get your notebook back?"

"What do you mean?" He blinked.

"Well I accidently had it in my book bag and I returned it Friday night."

"What are you talking about Amy?" Tails tilted his head to the side. "I had my notebook with me when I left the zoo."

"No you couldn't have. I walked all the way to your house to return it to you."

"Amy you went home after the Zoo remember? I walked you home myself." he removed his sunglasses and stared up at her.

"What?" Amy put her hands on the desk. "Tails what are you trying to..." Suddenly Amy felt like her will to argue was fading as she found herself looking into Tails blue eyes. "Wha..." Then images flashed into her head. She saw herself walking through the fog with Tails at her side. She tripped and fell then Tails had helped her up. They continued on until he dropped her off at her house. Amy shook her head as she tried to clear her mind.

"Remember?" He said again.

"Remember..." She repeated. "Yeah...I do." She thought as she saw the memories again.

Tails smiled. "Well I've got to go Amy. We can talk in fourth period about what to do next for the project."

"Okay." Amy watched him leave as she plopped down in an empty seat. "Wha...what was that just now?" She put her hands to her head and closed her eyes. The more she thought about it the more the memories of Tails walking her home came to life. She felt like she was remembering more and more details about it. He had walked her home hadn't he? What did that mean for the rest of her memories? Had she really made them up? Had they simply all been a dream? Both memories couldn't both be true. No something was a lie.