Continuing my must-have-2-for-every-anime-that-i've-written-for thing.



Today is a special day.

Tamaki paced back and forth.

Soon... soon...soon.. I remembered when she first came... It was so sweet...

He snapped back to reality when a soft knocking was at his door.

"H-Haruhi I love you!" Tamaki yelled grabbing onto the person who just wen through the door.

"TaMAkI..." A low voice growled. Tamaki popped open his eyes in surprise. Kyoya glared at him.

"GeT OfF OF mE.." Tamaki hurled himself onto his bed. Haruhi laughed behind the other hosts.

"What a way to confess." She said blushing and laughing at the same time.

Tamaki's eyes watered. Haruhi laughed some more. Then she hurled herself at Kyoya too. And holding back laughs she yelled.

"I like you too."

Kyoya went home and took 7 showers.

Love is such a filthy smell.. Like puppies or roses..